Popcorn Machine Rental

Looking for a Popcorn Machine Rental to handle a large crowd?  And I mean a large crowd at your corporate event, marketing activation,  school fair or festival?  You found the right place to rent your popcorn machine!  This 16 ounce Popcorn Machine Rental can produce from 240-320 1-ounce servings per hour! And as an added plus, this popcorn machine has a small footprint AND only uses 15 amps of power.

Nothing attracts a crowd like the smell of freshly popped popcorn. That distinctive  smell and soooo yummy flavor will have people lined up for a bag or a unique box.


Each popcorn machine rental includes heated freshener deck for the the popcorn and to keep it warm after it pops. In addition, the bottom of the machine has a heating element that will warm the popcorn and heat the cabinet. The popcorn kettle is easy to clean and heats up quickly so you can make batch after batch of popcorn.

We include instructions for our popcorn machine rental but you will need table/stand or cart. We do provide a stainless steel cart for rental  (umbrella also available!)

Electricity:120AC, 15 amps

Dimensions:20"l x 20"w x 37"h

Weight:200 lbs

Will it smell and taste like movie theater popcorn? The answer is  an enthusiastic “YES”.  Our popcorn machine rental along with it’s supplies produces that familiar movie theater smell and taste. “How” and “Why”, you may ask? Well, this Popcorn Machine rental IS the commercial popcorn machines used in theaters and stadiums! The real magic however is in the popcorn, oil and salt.  And this magic is included in the Popcorn Kernel Packets!

Supplies Included in your Popcorn Machine Rental:
– Popcorn Bags (1 ounce size popcorn servings)
– Popcorn Portion Packs (Pre-Portioned Popcorn & Oil)
– Popcorn Scooper
– Basket to place popped popcorn in bags

Additional Supplies You May want to consider in your Popcorn Machine Rental:
– Popcorn Boxes instead of bags; or larger bags/boxes
– Popcorn Flavored Salt or Carmel Flavoring
– Stainless Steel Cart
– Attendants
– Branding or Customization Options

We’ll work with you to fit your needs and if any customization requested.