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Thanks to the arcade industry, there is an alternative to the dangers of actual car, motorcycle, plane or powerboat racing – racing simulators. Racing simulators are driving arcade games in which you sit in front of the arcade game’s monitor and race!

Being as close as they are experientially to the heart-pounding sports car races in the real world, racing simulator arcade games are the next best thing or even a practical substitute to actual car or powerboat racing. It helps participants experience the thrill of the race with arcade simulators without any of the risks on the real race course! No wonder racing simulator arcade machines are a popular choice in our arcades. 


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Benefits of Racing Simulator Arcade Games

It’s common knowledge that arcade racing simulators can be fun, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping for the real sports car or powerboat racing junkies. But did you know they can be beneficial too?

Build or Enhance Driving Skills

For one, they help build basic driving skills for new drivers. Beginners can experience firsthand how to respond to emergency circumstances or how to control a difficult situation from getting out of hand. For instance, they can learn how to accelerate, swerve, or hit the brakes at the right moment before it’s too late. The ability to develop presence of mind or to make quick decisions is a valuable skill.

Curb Dangerous Driving

Most arcade racing simulators encourage reasonably good driving practices and prohibit risky behavior that may pose a risk to self or other players by way of imposing penalties for rash driving on the gamer.

Develop a Competitive Spirit

Some racing simulators you can link for head to head competition or you can just race against the game.  As with some of the sports games, racing simulators stand out for the competitive nature of the game itself. They’re perfect for team building or contest activations.

Phoenix Amusement Racing Simulators

Our racing simulator rentals feature the games you see at Dave N Busters and other large family entertainment centers or on marketing tours.  We also have racing simulator arcade games in front of which you can stand up to play the game (takes up much less space than the sit-down version).

If you’re looking for custom branding elements, we provide services to custom wrap our games with your corporate logo or graphics.  Visit here for more examples of some of the games we have customized for our clients.

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