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Beetles Pinball MachineNew Pinball
House of the Dead Shooting Zombie Arcade
Out of stock
Whac A Mole at WeddingWhac A Mole at Wedding
Single Player Whac A Mole
Golf Ideas - Employee AppreciationGolf Ideas - Employee Appreciation
Big Buck Hunter HD WildBig Buck HD Wild Flyer
Classic Arcade Retro Games2018 Golden Tee Golf Arcade Game
Asteriods Retro Game AsteroidsAsteriods Retro Game Asteroids
Booth Flooring - Basketball Carpet
Retro Game CentipedeRetro Game Centipede
3 Games in One Centipede Millipede Mission Command3 Games in One Centipede Millipede Mission Command
Cruis'n USA UprightCruis'n USA Upright
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Classics and Retro games
Retro Games at Street Fair

Providing arcade game rentals to Atlanta and nationwide since 1959.  A leader and technical expert in video arcade game game rentals for parties, corporate events or trade shows.  Phoenix Amusements is the “go to” for those 80s Retro or 90s Arcade movie shoots or themed events.  We offer a large variety of retro arcade games, including classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, Pacman and Galaga. Our classic arcades are the original versions! We also have some of the all time favorite fighting games too! We have the largest selection of classic arcade games for rent in Atlanta and Georgia!