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What are arcade games? It depends on your source for the definition. Arcade games usually are the coin-op arcade machines you see in public places like bars, malls, restaurants, and Family Entertainment Centers (FECs). In these environments, you’d have to pay to play.

However, Phoenix Amusements offers arcade games for rent, which are set to free play. Arcade game rentals are hugely effective in any social setting, be it parties, events, or special venues. Rent an arcade game in Atlanta to make your event a hit!

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Types of Events That Can Benefit From Arcade Game Rentals

Any corporate or social event in which the attendees get bored due to inactivity or lack of interaction is a nightmare for the organizers, as it defeats the purpose of the event. The best way to avoid this is by adding interesting interactive elements like arcade games, which encourage guests to participate, mingle, and have fun, making it worth their while.

With their ability to draw huge crowds wherever they’re placed, arcade game rentals can be an asset in any event, big or small, social or corporate. Whether it’s for birthdays, festivals, carnivals, fairs, anniversaries, charity galas, or showers, arcade party rentals will not only give your guests something fun and exciting to do but also ensure they enjoy the event.

Even in corporate events such as pre- and post-holiday company parties, annual gatherings, and client networking, rental arcade machines keep the attendees well-occupied and entertained, making them linger longer at the venue.

These games also help lighten the tense mood and stiff environment of business events as clients and hosts engage in competitive sports and interact with each other in a light-hearted way. No matter what the objective of your event, arcade games for rent can increase participation and fun, guaranteeing that it’s a smash success.

Besides events, rental arcade games are also the perfect additions in corporate breakrooms, as they offer your employees fun recreational opportunities, helping them release pent-up stress and rejuvenate. In addition, the interactive elements of some arcade games boost communication between co-workers and help them bond, which substantially improves the team dynamic.

Browse Phoenix Amusement’s Atlanta Arcade Rentals

In this section, you’ll find arcade games for rent outside the Classic Arcade Game category such as Street Fighter or Big Buck Hunter. These arcade machines for rent are the upright cabinet style games. If you’re worried that your attendees won’t network as naturally and as easily as you’d like, lining a corner or wall with a series of competitive sports or arcade game rentals can draw crowds, foster low-stakes social environments, and make your event unforgettable.

Rent an arcade game for a corporate sales meeting or opt for video game rentals for parties to more naturally introduce potential new clients to your team, or use them at holiday parties to help longtime coworkers get to know each other better and in a relaxed and easy manner. With hundreds of options of arcade machine rentals in Atlanta, GA available through Phoenix Amusements, we can help you make the very best of your next event!

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