Cruisin USA Upright Street Racing Simulator

Cruis'n USA Upright
Cruis'n USA Upright
Cruis'n USA Upright

Cruisin USA Upright Street Racing Simulator

Street race your friends and colleagues on Cruis’n USA! Players can choose the car, truck, or specialty vehicle they want to race with through twelve different street tracks from around the world.  Just like the sit-down version but in a smaller footprint.  Great for tradeshow booths looking for a driving game to win a great prize giveaway!

  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    38"l x 36"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    287 lbs


CRUIS’N USA Upright-Rarity!

This racing simulator was produced by Midway in 1999 – the upright version is extremely rare! This is the original release in the very popular Cruis’n series of driving games. Gameplay involves racing through various tracks throughout the USA. This is the upright version of the popular Cruis’n series streetcar racing simulators.


One person can race a course on their own to beat the units top score. Or you can link units or seats of our street racing simulator to compete against each other on the race track.

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