Cruisin USA Upright Street Racing Simulator

Cruis'n USA Upright
Cruis'n USA Upright
Cruis'n USA Upright

It’s a race to the finish line! With the Cruis’n USA Upright Street Racing Simulator, you can offer guests at your corporate event or visitors to your company’s trade show booth a fun way to spend time and compete against friends and total strangers without renting a machine that occupies too much floor space. Want to round out your arcade? Rent Cruis’n USA for the long term to get your customers pumped for your new addition. This upright unit takes up less room than common seated racing games, so you can bring this to virtually any event without taking up too much space.

  • Rare racing game rental perfect for single-player or competitive mode
  • Build crowds with tall, eye-catching racing simulator that fits easily in crowded rooms
  • Offer prizes – your product – to trade show booth visitors who set record game scores
  • Bring as a visiting attraction to your arcade or carnival
  • DIMENSIONS: 38” L x 36” W x 84” H
  • WEIGHT: 287 lbs
  • Pairs well with other racing simulators and sports games, arcade games, and carnival games!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    38"l x 36"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    287 lbs


The Cruis’n USA Upright Street Racing Simulator is a rare find, and you can have it at your next event for a thrill your event attendees will never forget! At your next themed event, carnival, or other company celebration, rent two of these units and link them so that attendees can go head-to-head in an exciting race. Watch in wonder as crowds rapidly gather around your two racing game rentals in eager anticipation of their own turns. You’ll have people interacting with each other and enjoying themselves in no time!

Since this rare racing game rental is an upright rather than seated unit, you can use it in even the most crowded of spaces. It occupies just under 10 square feet of floor space, so it’s no issue to fit with tables, bars, and other event fixtures at your holiday party. Make it a semi-permanent or visiting attraction at your arcade!

Trade show booths prove especially appropriate for this upright racing game. At seven feet tall, this racing simulator will stand out in even the most crowded of convention centers from rows away, drawing in passersby from far distances. When these passersby arrive at your trade show booth for a game of Cruis’n USA, you can let them know that they’ll win a prize – the product your company is showing at the trade show – if they break a certain score or set a time record. This upright racing game is perfect for engaging eager attendees at chaotic trade shows!

For full effect, rent two Cruis’n USA games, link them, and offer multiplayer functionality, or pair your racing game rental with another simulator such as Fast and Furious or arcade game rentals such as Pacman. Racing game rentals and other additions will help to introduce your product to new customers and keep your guests entertained!

  • RARE RACING GAME: This upright racing game rental is a rare find! The attendees at your next corporate event are unlikely to see this racing game elsewhere, so you can use this upright racing simulator to provide your guests with an experience they’ll have to search high and low to find again.
  • COMPACT BUT TALL: Since this Cruis’n USA racing simulator is upright rather than seated, it’s easy to fit in crowded, packed rooms. It comes in at just under 10 square feet of floor space, but that’s not to say it’s small. At seven feet tall, it can be seen from far away, drawing in crowds from a remarkable distance.
  • BUILD TRAFFIC: Use this racing simulator to attract passersby to your trade show booth from several rows away. Trade show attendees will be eager to navigate the vast crowds of the convention center to head to your booth and play Cruis’n USA. Offer your product as a prize to winners to maximize engagement with your company!


Arcade Racing Games for Rent

 Your co-workers and employees might drive to and from work every day, but it’s not often that they get to go absolutely crazy in the driver’s seat. Racing simulators give them this option in a safe, fun environment that provides a welcome gameplay addition in all manner of events, arcades, corporate events, and much more.

Racing simulators put all the fun in the driver’s hands without the risk of a real racetrack. Guide your vehicle along the simulated track, dodging obstacles while hanging all kinds of crazy twists and turns. With many racing simulators, you can link more than one unit to pit your guests in head-to-head competition, and the more racing seats you offer, the larger the crowds that your simulators will draw.

Racing simulators are also great for building traffic at trade show booths. Upright racing games occupy minimal floor space, so you can use them to attract passersby without making your trade show booth feel claustrophobic. You can even offer people who break game records or complete the race in a certain timeframe your products as a free prize! Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to learn how you can rent racing games for your next event.

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