Giant Tetris Arcade Game

Giant Tetris Arcade Game is the classic version really big! We use a 65″ high resolution monitor with the brain of the game in the attached pedestal.

Tetris Arcade Game is a puzzle game that will test you awareness and your decision-making skills. This arcade game is a 2-player game. The player has the option to play against the computer or in a 2-player mode against the second player.

We can customize the arcade game base or pedestal too!


Tetris is one of the most known 80's classic arcade games built in the arcade game era.  We just made enlarged the screen and added a pedestal for a big impression!  Giant Tetris Arcade Game rental is a classic puzzle video game in which seven variations of tetriminos. They are geometric shapes composed of four square blocks. Blocks fall in a random sequence from above. The player manipulates their arrangement to make a horizontal line of ten tetriminos without gaps. Completing a line causes it to disappear and the tetriminos above to fall. Completing four rows at once is called a Tetris. When a certain number of lines are cleared, the game enters a new level. At this point the tetriminos gradually picking up speed. Our Tetris Arcade Game ends when the tetriminos reach the top of the playfield and no new tetriminos are able to enter.

Electricity:120AC, 6 amps

Dimensions:65"l x 84"w x 93"h

Weight:150 lbs

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The original Tetris Arcade game was created in 1988.