Hoop Fever Basketball Hoops

Hoop Fever Basketball Hoops

Big Arcade for An Awesome Basketball Hoop Rental

Unlike FULL COURT FEVER and STREET FEVER, HOOP FEVER utilizes a 9″ basketball and a stationary basket in this basketball hoop rental. One to four players at a time can play this basketball game rental. Players race against each other and the clock to score the most points. Points of each player are displayed on the LED sign on the front of the machine. We are able to customize the surface areas of Hoop Fever Basketball Hoops for your event with your favorite NBA team colors, your company logo or marketing message.  Whether you want a complete game wrap or just a couple of areas like the backboard or the sides, we can work with you to create an unique game for your event. Call today to find out more if looking to rent a basketball hoop!

  • Electricity

    120AC, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 30"w x 108"h
  • Weight

    600 lbs


Look no further for your basketball hoop rental! Don’t be mislead with the lower level Pop A Shot or Double Shot basketball games. Hoop Fever Basketball is one of the bigger impressive basketball games on the market when renting basketball hoops. Do you like shooting hoops or love to compete?

Hoop Fever basketball game awards each shot 2 points to the player. Once 10 seconds is left in the game, 3 points are awarded for each shot in the throwing session. Each Hoop Fever basketball game can be programmed from 20 to 99 seconds per game session. We recommend a basketball throwing session of 40 seconds. Compete against each other with multiple basketball hoop rental units of our Hoop Fever for top winner of the hoops session.

Multiple games can be linked for “Head to Head” competition.
Looking for a basketball game rental with a moving backboard? Check out our Super Shot Basketball.

Requires 10 feet ceiling clearance for onsite assembly.


Hoop Fever Basketball arcade game is another of the most sought after pop-a-shot basketball games and one of the most sought after for serious basketball events.

The arcade machine allows up to four players to play on one unit. They do take turns to shoot. Each player shoots as many basketballs through the hoop until their time is up. You’re awarded 2 points for each made shot but when the game gets to 10 seconds left, you’re awarded 3 points.

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