Fun Trade Show Games to Rent in 2023

Custom Claw Machine in Trade Show Booth

Step right up and generate tons of buzz at your next trade show with fun and memorable games! Jazz up a booth that may otherwise be repetitive by offering attendees the opportunity to break away from the hand-shaking and business card-swapping. With these game ideas, you’ll outshine competitors by drawing all the attention to your .

Why should you have fun trade show games at your booth?

The key to having an awesome trade show booth is capturing attendees’ attention. Games are a great way to encourage conversation between you and the customers. Providing a unique experience also helps attendees remember you later down the line when they are in need of your services.

These fun trade show games provide a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere, no matter what the circumstances. Even in the “new normal,” where trade show booths are set up to accommodate social distancing, event attendees can safely play these games at distance. While things may look a little different right now, you can still bring the fun and enjoyment of games to your booth.


Simple reasons to rent Fun Trade Show Games

Here are some reasons why having entertainment at your booth can help you close the deal:

  • Increases engagement: Fun trade show games allow event attendees to engage with your brand in a unique way, making your booth -- and your brand -- highly desirable by patrons. Prospective customers will want to stay and play to break free from the hum-drum convention, giving you plenty of opportunity to pitch your product or service after attendees play.
  • Brings more guests to your booth: As attendees walk around the convention center, they will no doubt be drawn to the excitement coming from your booth. With sound effects, lights, and prizes, your games will definitely draw a crowd. And bigger crowds mean more opportunities to sell!
  • Stand out from competitors: With so many companies trying to entice the same people over as you are, it can be hard not to blend in. Fun trade show games may just be the sensational piece of the puzzle you’re missing to attract the most attention. Your booth will generate a different feel due to the playful environment- visitors will remember your brand even when the event comes to an end.
  • Have your guests take home branded swag: Don’t just hand out giveaways -- make your guests play a game to bring something home! Winning a prize after a challenging game of Skee-Ball or the claw machine not only excites your potential new customer but leaves them walking away with something to remember your brand’s name by. Give away branded products such as T-shirts, magnets, water bottles, drawstring bags, and more. You could even rent customizable games that will show off your company’s logo, slogan, and name for even more brand awareness. Visitors will appreciate the extra merchandise and you’ll benefit from the extra brand exposure.
  • More face-to-face conversations: At any trade show, your main goal is to gain booth traffic to raise awareness and make sales. A fun booth game will put event attendees in a great mood; after playing, you can start a conversation with them and use the game as an icebreaker. Having that face-to-face conversation shows prospective customers that there is a human behind the brand name. Connections are everything and you can do your best to leave a good impression.
Fun Trade Show Game Ideas

Fun trade show games to rent for your next event

Don’t wait to bring the entertainment to your booth! Check out these arcade game rentals that will be perfect for turning your booth into the ultimate and unforgettable trade show event:

Photo booths: Guests walk away with a unique souvenir when you add a photo booth to your exhibition area. With the option to customize the outside of the booth, you can display your company’s logo, name, or slogan to really get your brand name out there. If you’re looking for an updated version from the classic vintage photo booth machine, the film strip photo booth is a great option with its touchscreen and lights.

Prize cube claw machine: Win a prize (or two or three) with a classic claw machine. Visitors can walk away feeling like winners with your branded merchandise in their hands. Not only can this fully customizable cube claw showcase your brand on the machine itself, but you can fill it with t-shirts, plush toys, stress balls, and more all with your company’s name or logo on them.  Just watch as guests line up for a turn to win.

Whac A Mole: Speed is the name of the game! Event attendees can put their reaction time skills to the test with this timeless arcade game. You could even rent two machines and turn it into a mini competition to see who is the speediest at whacking- consider giving away company swag to the high scorer. Don’t stop at moles, either! Customize your whac-a-mole machine to show off your brand name and logo. You can even choose what is being whacked- ships, crabs, lobsters, and more.

Basketball games: Connect and chat over sports! Hoop Fever offers a fast paced game where players race against the clock for the high score. If bright lights are what you’re going for, NBA Hoops offers LED lights while players swoosh and score their way to the top. Remember to rent multiple units of each for some head-to-head competition.

Strike A Light: Event attendees try to keep up with this super fast, quick thinking game. Going head-to-head, players watch as flashing colors rapidly change on the tabletop board, quickly hitting each button as it lights up. Prospective customers will spot the lights and sounds from rows away and will make their way over to get in on the action.

Plinko: The rules are simple: drop a chip at the top of the board and watch as it falls to the bottom. Customize the header or the entire background to match your brand. With quick play time, everyone gets a chance to try their luck. Give your visitors the feeling of being contestants on The Price is Right!

Prize wheel: Everyone knows that familiar sounds of the clapper- waiting for the ticker to land on a panel and claim their prize. Make giveaways fun and exciting by bringing this classic prize wheel to your both. With panels you can customize yourself, you could add gifts such as gift cards, store credit, company swag, and more. It’s small design makes it perfect for your info table- have guests exchange their contact information for a chance to spin the wheel!

Skee-Ball: Turn your booth into an exhilarating arcade with the beloved Skee-Ball. Customize the lanes on their sides, headbase, header, lane-side panels, and bottom-front lane area to increase brand awareness while guests roll their way up on the scoreboard.

Football Pass: Guests can become quarterbacks in this interactive football challenge that is perfect for outdoor conventions. Football is America’s favorite sport- once patrons spot this game, they won’t want to miss out in tossing the ball. Your booth will be a crowd pleaser while giving prospective customers an insight into with whom they’ll be conducting business.

Portable Mini Golf: If you have a particularly large space, VIP lounge area, or your trade show is outdoors, mini golf offers a unique and relaxing opportunity to play and chat with prospective customers. With this customizable course, you can change the color of the turf to green or red, and even redesign and reshape the course to display initials. Shake things up a bit by seeing who can get a hole-in-one first by setting up one hole putting at your booth, or set up all nine holes for your VIP guests.

Giant Digi E Sketch: Remember the old favorite Etch A Sketch®?  We’ve got the Giant version with our Giant Digi E Sketch.  With a massive screen of 65-inches, you can host a competition in your booth that will definitely draw a crowd to your expo stand. Since it’s narrow, you can place against a wall, giving you plenty of space to display your products and engage your guests.

Remove Stress in Renting Games

Get more from your trade show booth with Phoenix Amusements

At Phoenix Amusements, we want you to put your best foot forward. Trade show game rentals help you do just that, drawing event attendees in and keeping them there so they can learn more about your product or service. Renting these games are the perfect way to show off the type of brand you are and what your business values. We understand how stressful these exhibitions can be and want to make them go as smoothly as possible- for that, we will take care of set-up and breakdown so you can focus on building strong company relationships and giving visitors something positive to talk about once they leave your booth.

If you’re exploring your options and want some help to find the perfect fit, contact Phoenix Amusements’ helpful customer service agents to ask any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you! Customer service is our top priority; we value your feedback and take it to heart.