Wheel of Fortune Prize Wheel

From the TV straight to your event, our Wheel of Fortune rental is a miniature version of what you’ve seen on the silver screen! Our 3.5’-diameter prize wheel is elevated four feet above the ground, so it occupies minimal space in trade show booths and product activations, two especially popular Wheel of Fortune use settings that can both be limited on square footage. You can also customize the wheel’s numbered circles to display special prize types or your company branding, and you can use a dry-erase marker to write or draw on the wheel’s blank white center.

  • Wheel of Fortune prize wheel rental goes straight from the small screen to your event!
  • Prize wheel 3.5 feet in diameter elevated four feet from ground level
  • Simple rules for game rental use – guests just spin to win prizes
  • Customize prize wheel numbers to display company logo or unique prize options
  • Circular whiteboard in prize wheel center for on-the-fly modifications with dry-erase markers
  • Customize background to display visuals relevant to your event or company
  • Especially useful at trade show booths and product activations to reel in passersby while engaging patrons via prizes, branding on prize wheel, and more
  • DIMENSIONS: 34” L x 44” W x 4’ H
  • WEIGHT: 75 lbs

Pairs well with other trade show games, customizable games, and event accessories



  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    34” L x 44” W x 4’ H
  • Weight

    75 lbs


Even if you can’t quite get Pat Sajak and Vanna White out to your event, you can bring their game-time spirit to your affair with our Wheel of Fortune prize wheel rental. Our prize wheel for rent stands four feet above the ground and measures just 3.5 feet in diameter – in other words, it’s just as fun as TV-style Wheel of Fortune, but it takes up a mere fraction of the space. Rent this prize wheel to build crowds of guests, passersby, and patrons – whether your colleagues or potential new clients and customers – in a wide variety of settings!

Prize wheel rentals such as Wheel of Fortune are especially popular for use at trade show booths and product activations. At these events, you can use our prize wheel for rent to increase the chances that passersby will stop by your station to potentially win something – many people will jump at the chance to spin a prize wheel. After patrons finish spinning your prize wheel rental, you can easily and naturally transition into introducing them to your business, its products, and its services. Our Wheel of Fortune rental can be an astonishing trojan horse for your brand engagement push!

This Wheel of Fortune prize wheel rental is especially potent for driving brand engagement if you customize it to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other branding visuals. You can replace the standard numbers included on the wheel with your logo, unique prize options, or anything else that comes to mind. You’ll have to specify these customizations before your event, but you can make on-the-fly modifications too since the blank white space in the center is a whiteboard – just don’t forget your dry-erase  markers! You  can also customize the wheel background ahead of time to create exactly the product push you need.

Our Wheel of Fortune rental pairs excellently with our Custom Branded Prize Cube Claw Machine, our Custom Grab N Go Claw Machine Rental, and our Love Tester rental. Try it alongside virtually any other trade show game, customizable or not, to boost your product engagement in patron-heavy settings!

  • SPIN THE WHEEL: Just as contestants on the legendary TV show Wheel of Fortune spin a wheel and earn prizes, so too can guests at your next event spin this prize wheel rental and win! This is one of the simplest, most self-explanatory games you can rent for an event.
  • COMPACT PRIZE WHEEL: TV’s Wheel of Fortune is massive. This prize wheel rental version is just 3.5 feet in diameter and stands four feet above the ground – in other words, it’s way more compact and versatile for use pretty much anywhere you might want it.
  • DRAW PASSERSBY: Prize wheel rentals are especially useful at trade shows and product activations. The opportunity to win prizes is well-known to draw passersby to trade show booths and product stations, and prize wheel spins can easily lower the barrier to introducing potential new customers to your products. Our Prize Wheel also has the “clapper” noise that entices more to you!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Once your guests have spun your prize wheel, it’s just a matter of pitching your products to them, right? Sure, but if you customize your prize wheel to display your logo, slogan, or other company visuals, the wheel itself can quickly make that intro for you. This prize wheel also includes a center whiteboard so you can make on-the-fly adjustments too!

 Trade Show Games or Product Activations

 Trade shows and product activations can get hectic. Not only do patrons abound, but so too do competitors. Rent trade show games to stand out from the crowd while facilitating easy introductions between patrons and your company.

Our Wheel of Fortune prize wheel is a great example of how trade show games can drive patron engagement with your brand. Step into the shoes of a trade show attendee: There are so many booths to visit, but how can you choose the right one when you don’t know that much about any of the brands showcasing? If you see a trade show booth with a prize wheel, you might start there because the prospect of winning a prize is always alluring. As you spin the wheel, you notice that not only is the wheel branded with the company’s logo, but there are tons of product samples and informational materials you can take with you too.

Now step back into your business shoes. You’ll notice that your trade show game rental has boosted your engagement with patrons. You can rent plenty of other trade show games to do the same, including prize cubes and compact arcade games, and many of these rentals can be customized to display your company’s logo or anything else you think is relevant for the occasion. Not only do these games attract guests at trade shows and product activations, but they start the conversation for you too! Contact Phoenix Amusements, located in Atlanta but delivering anywhere in the continental U.S., to learn even more about trade show games and rent them for your next event.


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