Custom Whack A Mole Game

Usually, Whack a Mole means whack a mole, but with the Custom Whack a Mole Game, guests at your next corporate event can whack ships, crabs, ships, beer bottles, lobsters, and additional whackable objects customized with your event’s logo, slogan, or other branding items! You can also customize this classic carnival game rental’s backlit panel and cabinet side art to display whatever visuals you want. If you need a fun, easy game that’s both super popular and easy to custom-brand for your next big event, look no further!

  • Customize gameplay shapes: beer bottles, ships, crabs, lobsters, and more available
  • Display event theme or company branding on additional customized whackable objects
  • Further customization available via backlist panel and machine side art
  • Bright colors, odd shapes, and customized whackable objects draw in event attendees
  • Compact carnival game occupies minimal floor space, so great for crowded settings
  • Customized game rental ideal for trade show booths, themed events, product activations, and so many more corporate occasions
  • DIMENSIONS: 30.25″ L x 28″ W x 69″ H
  • WEIGHT: 250 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic and customizable carnival and arcade games as well as trade show games and interactive games!
  • Electricity

    120V AC, 3A
  • Dimensions

    30.25″ L x 28″ W x 69″ H
  • Weight

    250 lbs


Why – and where – you should use customized game rentals

The next time you’re connecting new customers or business contacts with your products and services at a corporate event, you can count on customized game rentals to vitally assist you. A custom-branded carnival, arcade, or sports game is a great trojan horse for your marketing push: As your event guests whack customized moles or go fishing for customized prizes in a heavily branded claw cube, they’ll see your logo, slogan, and any other visual branding items you share. These items can tell your guests everything they should know about your products and services without you having to say a word.

Custom whack a mole helps you stand out in corporate or private settings, such as:

Trade show booths. When you set up a trade show booth, you deal with the immense challenge of standing out in a competitive, crowded, overstimulating setting. A custom-branded game helps draw larger numbers of patrons to your booth in two ways: One, your booth might be one of very few in the room with a game for guests to play. Two, since larger numbers of guests are visiting your booth, you can do more with your increased audience size by presenting them with customized branding that tells them all about your products and services.

Product activations. Brochures, samples, and other traditional items abound at product activations. Stand out with a customized game rental that not only relates to your products and services but boldly, blatantly puts your company’s information on full display. With images, symbols, words, phrases, and other relevant info so in your guests’ faces, engagement is all but inevitable. with this event entertainment.

Company parties. Whether a classic holiday party or a celebration of a major merger or sale, you can make your corporate party even more fun and memorable with a game rental customized to display relevant, meaningful images and text. Not only will attendees appreciate the effort and consideration you’ve put in, but any guests your colleagues bring might learn more about your products and services than they’ve ever known.

Themed events. To really make your theme stick, a customizable game rental decorated to match your motif goes a long distance. Your ‘90s-themed night isn’t complete without pictures of pop-cultural staples and nostalgic images from the era adorning game rentals that evoke similar childhood memories.

Networking events. Drinks and snacks can help to bring strangers together at networking events, but game rentals provide even more chances for easy interaction. A customized game rental can double down on this key networking benefit. As someone from your company plays a game with a guest from another business, they can use your customized game rental to quickly show this guest everything they should know about your company’s products and services – and why this guest’s business should work with your company.

Film sets. Setting up and breaking down sets for TV shows, music videos, and commercials is tedious, and game rentals are one of few prop categories that take the burden of this work off your hands. When your film set game rental is customized, too, that means you can decorate it to appear however would be best for your project. Need something with the same logo as the bar where your project is set? Customized rentals can make that happen.

Corporate sales meetings. Present your company’s most important metrics and successes to potential new clients in an unusual, unforgettable way. Customize game rentals to display graphs, charts, and other vital information you might normally see on boards and other traditional objects. You’ll achieve the same goals these traditional setups would while leaving a lasting impression on your potential new business contacts.

Private or Social Events. Why not include a custom whack a mole arcade for your private party? Stand out with your own design for birthday parties, mitzvahs or even weddings.

  • WHACK WHATEVER: With Custom Whack a Mole, you can whack way more than just moles. Crabs, ships, lobsters, and beer bottles are all options, as are fully customizable objects that show off any visual branding you care to add to them.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BODY: It’s not just the whacking objects that can be customized! Decorate the backlit panel and the playfield’s side art to double down on the brand engagement opportunities that customized whacking objects offer.
  • KEEP IT MOVING: Not only is Custom Whack a Mole rapid-paced, but using it in crowded settings will ensure that foot traffic in your space is well-paced, too. Custom Whack a Mole is so compact that you can harness its engagement power in even the most crowded of settings without interrupting the already hectic traffic flow.
  • VERSATILE USE: Need to break the ice at a networking event? Total strangers interacting over a classic carnival game might be that much likelier to chat it up. Need to draw more people to your trade show booth? Custom Whack a Mole can help you stand out from the crowd. There’s virtually no corporate setting where it doesn’t come in handy!

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Our Custom Whack a Mole rental is far from our only customizable game rental option for your production events! Any of the below customizable game rentals might be the perfect fit for engaging guests with your company’s products and services at your next corporate event:

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