Plinko Game Board

The price is right when you rent our Plinko game board! This Plinko board rental is just like the famous game show version, but with one major difference: You can customize it to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding materials. Its small footprint means you can use it in crowded settings such as trade show booths or product activations with no issue, so with this Plinko board rental, you can make your next external event even more fun for the audience to whom you’re trying to market!

Plinko Board Rental Features and Specs

  • Just like game of the same name made famous on The Price Is Right
  • Available with blue or green edging
  • Customize the header or entire game board background to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items with our branded plinko board
  • Minimal footprint makes this game ideal for use in crowded spaces
  • Rent for trade shows to draw passersby and introduce them to your brand in unconventional, fun way
  • DIMENSIONS: 3’ L x 3’ W x 2’ H
  • WEIGHT: 100 lbs
  • Pairs well with other carnival games and trade show games, not to mention event accessories and table games!

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  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    36"l x 36"w x 24"h
  • Weight

    100 lbs


Let the chips fall where they may! Rent this Plinko game board for your next corporate event to disguise a marketing, engagement, or interaction push as a fun carnival game made famous on The Price Is Right. Whether you choose green or blue Plinko board edging, you’ll get plenty of 3.5-inch Plinko chips for your co-workers, employees, and other guests to use at your trade show booth, product activation, networking event, or other corporate affairs!

Plinko Game Board for Trade Shows

Our Plinko Game Board for rent is great for trade show booths, where its minimal footprint means that you can add it to your setup without adding extra challenges for passersby walking through or even fitting inside your booth. Place your Plinko game board for rent toward the front of your trade show booth so that passersby notice it from afar and realize that your booth, but not many others, includes a fun game to play in addition to the usual product samples, business cards, and brochures. A game rental like Plinko can be the make or break factor for passersby choosing which booth to visit next!

Once you have passersby in your trade show booth, you can further educate them about your company if you’ve customized your Plinko board rental in advance. Our Plinko game board can be customized to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding materials along the header or throughout the entire game board background. With a customized Plinko board, your guests will become familiar with your brand as they play the game you’ve provided, making brand engagement all but inevitable – just what you were going for by signing up for a trade show in the first place.

Carnival Games Like Plinko Game Board

For similar reasons, the Plinko board rental is great for your next product activation or networking event. It’s also useful for internal events and carnivals that your business is hosting, especially if you pair it with other carnival games such as Megawire, our Grab N Go Claw Machine, or our Zoltar fortune-telling machine rental!

  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT: This Plinko board rental is just like the one made famous on The Price Is Right! Gameplay just requires guests at your next corporate event to step up and drop a Plinko chip into the top of the board and watch it fall to the bottom. It’s that easy!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Turn your Plinko board rental into a marketing push. At your next trade show, product activation, or networking event, rent this Plinko board and customize it to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding materials. This way, as people play your game, they’ll be exposed to your company, ensuring brand engagement – a major goal at any external event. We can even customize the pucks too!
  • MINIMAL FOOTPRINT: Some game rentals can take up more space than you have available at especially tightly packed events. Not an issue with Plinko! This game is of modest height and width, not to mention virtually no depth. That’s why it’s perfect for trade show booths with limited space for visitors, promotional materials, and other key marketing items!

About game rentals:

Rent a carnival game or trade show game for your next corporate event! Many carnival games can be used as trade show games and vice versa, so these game rental categories are especially versatile for any corporate purposes you can imagine.

Need to keep your employees entertained at an internal event like a holiday party or corporate retreat? Rent trade show games to bring next-level fun without investing in permanent purchases that you’d have to figure out how to store, transport, and set up for every individual occasion. Looking to stir up some authentic bonding among your team members? Turn to carnival games, which are often two-player, to get your co-workers and employees competing, working together, or both.

Carnival games and trade show games are often customizable, so you can decorate them to fit your event’s theme or show off your company’s branding. Internally, customization means that your game rentals can include messaging relevant to any accomplishment or event being celebrated. Externally, you can customize game rentals to direct all eyes to your business at trade shows, networking events, product activations, and more. Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta but delivering everywhere, now to learn more about how game rentals can benefit your business!

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