Pacman Arcade Game

Gobble gobble gobble! Pacman is one of the most ubiquitous arcade games ever made, so when you rent a Pacman machine for your next event, you give your co-workers, employees, and other guests a familiar, nostalgic way to have fun and interact. You can use this Pacman rental at trade show booths to reel in passersby from several rows away in even the most hectic of trade show booths, and you can decorate your next film or TV set with this Pacman game for rent to make your scenes set at arcades or bars – or any 1980s location – way more realistic.

  • Universally-beloved arcade game likely to draw crowds of people eager to play
  • Reward your co-workers and employees with beloved game at holiday parties and more
  • Rent a Pacman machine for industry mixers and networking events
  • Set up at trade show booth to draw passersby from several rows away
  • Use at product activation to keep visitors at booth for longer during gameplay
  • Adds realism to film projects set in bars, arcades, or during the 1980s
  • DIMENSIONS: 36” L x 34.5” W x 68” H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games and trade show games as well as racing simulators and carnival games!
  • Electricity

    120v; 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    36" l x 34.5"w x 68"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


Pacman - Classic Arcade - Old School Fun

Pacman was originally developed by Namco and first released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It was licensed and distributed in the USA by Midway and released in October 1980.

When Pac-Man was released, the most popular arcade video games were space shooters, in particular Space Invaders and Asteroids. The most visible minority were sports games that were mostly derivatives of Pong. Pac-Man succeeded by creating a new genre and appealing to both genders. Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history, and is among the most famous arcade games of all time. It is also one of the highest-grossing video games of all time, having generated more than $2.5 billion in quarters by the 1990s.

Midway Manufacturing Co., the Pac-Man maker, released 124 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1959.

Ask anybody born in the ‘80s or later, and chances are they’ll know Pac Man Arcade Game. That’s why this arcade game rental is a great choice for all manner of settings, whether events where your guests are mostly your colleagues, industry mixers and networking events with a variety of potential new business contacts, trade shows and product activations where you need to drive consumer engagement, or film sets that need that extra touch of realism.

Rent a Pacman Machine

For your next employee appreciation event or holiday party, rent a Pacman machine to reward your co-workers, employees, and other guests with a chance to gobble dots and fruits while avoiding ghosts and chasing that precious childhood nostalgia. You’re just as likely to entertain potential new business contacts with this game when you rent it for industry mixers and networking events, where this game can serve as a better ice breaker than drinks and snacks.

Pac Man Arcade Game is an especially powerful rental for trade shows and product activations. At a trade show, make your booth stand out from the many others around it by renting this Pacman arcade game that stands nearly six feet tall – a height large enough that passersby should be able to easily see your booth from rows away and, therefore, identify your company as the rare brand that has not just a product to share, but a fun game to play, too. Once visitors arrive at your trade show booth, Pacman is likely to keep them there for longer too, just as it does when you rent it for product activations. Turns out a classic arcade game can also be an incredible engagement tool!

Pacman machines, and other arcade game rentals for business, are just as useful for making your film set more realistic if your project is set in the 1980s or at a bar or arcade. It’s one thing to stockpile neon lights, shot glasses, brick-sized cell phones, and other props that speak to your project’s time and location, but background details such as a classic arcade game can make a relatively uneventful set seem that much more believable. The best part is, when your project is done filming, you don’t have to dismantle and store Pacman like with so many other set-building items – we’ll take it right off your hands! Use Pacman in conjunction with other classic arcade games such as Asteroids, Centipede and Frogger or other trade show games such as Whac A Mole or Bounce a Ball to really drive your point home!

  • STONE-COLD CLASSIC: Pacman is an arcade game that almost everyone knows and loves! Rent a Pacman machine for employee appreciation events and industry mixers to give all your guests a fun, familiar way to interact.
  • DRAW CROWDS: At nearly six feet tall, Pacman for rent stands tall above rows of busy people making their way through the commotion of trade shows. Use this game to incentivize people to stop by your booth from rows away, and once they’re there, use this game to keep them around for a while longer!
  • MAKE A SCENE: Rent a Pacman machine to bring believable flair to any scene you’re filming to take place in a bar, arcade, or in the 1980s. Place this tall and bright, but nevertheless compact, arcade game in the background to make your set appear that much more realistic. And don’t worry about breaking down this set piece and storing it after filming is done – we’ll take care of that for you.


80s Arcade Game Rentals

Arcade game rentals for business are as useful for entertaining your co-workers, employees, and guests at your next networking event as they are for engaging new customers and business connections at trade shows and product activations. You can even use them to build sets for your film projects!

At your next holiday party or employee appreciation event, arcade game rentals for business can entertain your colleagues with games they know and love. Similarly, arcade rentals are great for gathering crowds of people around an enticing, eye-catching game at the next networking event your company hosts. People waiting to play the same game might have a more natural starting point for a conversation than they would otherwise.

Arcade game rentals for business can also gather crowds at your next trade show booth, where they can often be seen from far distances. Not nearly every booth around you will have a game to play, so an arcade game rental can put your booth at a distinct advantage over those around it. Plus, if your arcade game rental is customizable, you can decorate it with your company’s logo, slogan, or other branding to engage people with your products and services as they play.

You can also use arcade game rentals to engage people you might not even see – people behind the screen, that is. Arcade games can make film, TV, and music video sets more realistic, and you don’t have to spend time building them or breaking them down after you’re done filming. Contact us today to rent an arcade game for your next event or project!

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