Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game

Star Wars Arcade Machine

May the force be with your next corporate event! Rent the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game to offer your co-workers, employees, and other guests a fun shooter arcade game filled with imagery from the original Star Wars trilogy, which is an indisputable American classic with a huge audience. Since Star Wars is such a beloved franchise, this Star Wars arcade machine can easily draw trade show attendees to your booth. It’s just as great for a variety of themed events and film sets, too!

  • Arcade shooter rental based on original Star Wars trilogy
  • Star Wars arcade machine draws crowds at internal events, industry mixers, and trade shows
  • Nearly nine-foot-tall game stands out from far away at crowded trade shows
  • Occupies less than nine square feet of floor space, so great for compact spaces
  • Matches event themes including Star Wars, the 1980s, arcades, and more
  • Ideal for set-building for TV shows, movies, films, and more
  • We handle all setup and breakdown
  • DIMENSIONS: 3’ L x 2.5’ W x 6.5’ H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games as well as event accessories, table games, and interactive games!
  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    37" l x 30"w x 79"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


Star Wars Arcade Machine

Bring the fight between good and evil to your next corporate event with the Star Wars arcade machine rental. This arcade shooter for rent gives your co-workers, employees, and other guests a wide variety of thrills based on the original Star Wars trilogy, so it’s certain to be a hit at your next holiday party or employee appreciation day. You can also rent it for events at which your guests include people outside your company – it can help to foster a more social environment at your next industry mixer.

The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game is especially useful for trade shows, where you can set it up in your booth to draw crowds without installing an attraction that takes up way too much of your limited space. This arcade game rental occupies less than nine square feet of floor space while standing over eight feet tall, so not only does it leave you and your visitors plenty of room to move around your booth, but it also makes your booth stand out from afar. Almost inevitably, many trade show guests will know and love Star Wars, so they’re considerably more likely to head to your booth than others when they spot your Trilogy game rental.

This arcade game rental is about as unsubtly Star Wars-themed as it gets, so it’s a brilliant addition for any Star Wars-themed event. Pair it with the usual lightsabers and Darth Vader masks to make all the Lukes and Leias in the room beam with excitement. It also fits nicely at 1980s-themed events since the original trilogy debuted then, and it’s great for arcade and retro events, too.

You can use this Star Wars arcade machine rental for any film sets that pay tribute to Star Wars. Overt references and tributes to the franchise are common in TV, movies, music videos, and ads, and with this arcade game in the background as a prop, your devotion might seem way more believable. Plus, we handle this game’s setup and breakdown on your behalf! To really make sure the force is with you, rent this game alongside our Star Wars Pinball Machine and event accessories such as our retro carpet and 60” HD LED TV.

  • MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU: This arcade shooter for rent is based on the original Star Wars trilogy, which is one of the most beloved film franchises of all time. This game thus has a huge audience whether you use it for internal events, industry mixers, or other purposes!
  • BUILD CROWDS: Need the perfect draw for your trade booth? Install the Star Wars arcade machine to make your booth stand out from far away. This game is over six feet tall but occupies less than nine square feet of floor space, so its compact size spares your booth the burden of overcrowding while reeling in Star Wars fans – and others – from a distance.
  • GREAT FOR THEMES: This Star Wars game for rent is ideal for your next Star Wars-themed event, but don’t stop there! Use it for event themes including the 1980s, arcades, and so much more.
  • LIKE IN THE MOVIES: Star Wars tributes are abundant throughout visual media, and you can use this Star Wars rental game as a background prop in your next ad, music video, film, or movie homage. Plus, unlike other set props, you won’t need to worry about setup, breakdown, and storage – we take care of that for you!


Adding Fun with Arcade Game Rentals

Arcade games know virtually no limits when it comes to internal corporate applications or marketing uses. If you’re hosting an event for your colleagues and any guests they bring along, arcade games add to the fun and potentially make socializing easier among total strangers. If you’re looking to draw people to your trade show booth or more deeply engage them at your next product activation, use arcade games to increase their chances of visiting your booth or sticking around for longer at your activation. Plus, if you customize your arcade game’s outer wrap to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding, you’ll engage your visitors from the moment their game begins!

Themed arcade games are especially useful for events where you need to connect with people using familiar imagery and franchises. Arcade games such as Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball, Beatles Pinball, or the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game often prove exceptionally engaging since your event guests will know the franchises before they know the game. Even classic arcade games such as Pacman are well-known enough to achieve a similar effect! Contact us today to find the perfect arcade game rental for your next event.

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