Custom Branded NBA Hoops Basketball Machine

Trade show games have long proved popular for corporate occasions, but they can make their way into any corporate setting — especially when they have options to customize with your branding.

The custom-branded NBA Hoops LED Basketball game from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta lets you pair hoops that fit regulation-size basketballs with unmissable displays of your logo, slogan, colors, and much more! This way, when your guests step up and aim for that unmistakable swoosh, they’ll see introductions to your products and services along the durable polycarbonate backboard. Forget the usual NBA branding – with this customizable basketball game rental, it’s all about you.

  • Customizable parts include sides of basketball arcade machine, front areas including scoring, basketballs, and backboard
  • LED lights ensure guests fully see vivid customized graphics as well as game score
  • Customizable backboard made of polycarbonate for extra bounce and easy scoring
  • Regulation-size 8.5” basketballs provide ample customization surface area
  • Customization options increase game engagement avenues in corporate settings
  • Go beyond trade show games: Use the custom NBA Hoops game in spaces including corporate events, product activations, and themed events
  • Link four units for competitive gameplay or multiple individual games
  • Downward slant ensures quick basketball return, keeping gameplay fast
  • Electricity: 120V, 10A
  • Dimensions: 10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9 ⅔’ H
  • Weight: 750 lbs



  • Electricity

    120v AC; 10A
  • Dimensions

    10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9 ⅔’ H
  • Weight

    750 lbs.


Why – and where – you should use customized game rentals

It’s one thing to host an event to engage new customers or business contacts with your products and services. It’s another to actually forge these connections. With customized game rentals, you can make that happen.

When you rent trade show games for any corporate event, your guests will certainly light up and line up. Customize your game rentals to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding so that players engage with your products and services as they enjoy the main attraction you’ve provided.

Consider putting this customizable NBA Hoops game to work at these types of events:

Trade show booths. Draw in passersby from far distances by being the only booth in your proximity with a game available, and then double down on your expanded crowd via your game’s custom branding. All that attention is thanks to trade show games!

Product activations. Unveiling a new product to an uninformed audience? Use customized games to educate players on your offerings, direct them to sources for additional information, or display words and phrases related to your product.

Company parties. Whether a holiday party or an anniversary celebration, light up the night with games decorated to match the occasion at hand. Not only will your colleagues appreciate the extra team spirit, but any guests they bring will learn more about your company – and potentially become new customers or business connections.

Themed events. Hosting a retro-themed event? Make your customized rentals look just as retro as your arcade rentals with graphics that are undeniable throwbacks.

Networking events. The next time your company hosts an industry mixer, you can use a game rental for more than just driving interaction among total strangers. For the many people in the room who aren’t your co-workers, use customized games to show what your company is all about and potentially find new business opportunities and partners.

Film sets. Even without customization options, game rentals make setting up and breaking down a film set that much easier. Customized game rentals can add even more realistic aspects to your film set, too. Need to make sure your project actually looks like it’s set in the ‘80s? Add logos and graphics straight from the Reagan years.

Corporate sales meetings. If you’re gathering a group of potential corporate customers to show off data about why you’re the right company to buy from, let customized games give you a leg up. Take your guests from one information station to another, with a game customized to display relevant data – graphs, charts, product listings – at each stop.

Break room. Looking to liven up your employees’ lunch hour? NBA Hoops skinned with your logo or company colors is the perfect way for employees to let off some steam or bond with co-workers.

Features of Engaging Games

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Need an extra dose of engagement? Customize this generic sports game to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items. This way, when guests play your game, they’ll automatically engage with your products and services!
  • LED LIGHTS: With this game’s state-of-the-art LED lights, your guests are certain to get a clear, vivid view of the customizable materials you’ve provided. Plus, they can easily keep track of the game’s progress, too.
  • FOUR UNITS AVAILABLE: Why stop at just one customizable unit? You can rent as many as four customizable NBA Hoops LED Basketball units, so if you have several ideas for how to go about custom-branding your game rentals, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SETTINGS: This game’s customization purposes go way beyond product engagement. Use the customization options to make your film set more realistic, show off relevant data at sales meetings, and perfectly match your event’s theme! This customizable basketball game for rent is as useful for internal events as industry-wide ones.

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