Giant Connect Four Game

A giant Connect Four rental for your next corporate event, your co-workers, employees, and other guests is an unforgettable way to experience this classic game. This huge Connect Four rental is a life-sized version of the tabletop game, a massive game with enough colors and eye-catching plastic pieces to turn heads in corporate settings including networking events, holiday parties, team-building days, and company picnics. Rent this jumbo game, among other team-building games, for your next big event!

Giant Connect 4 Rental

  • Huge, life-size version of a classic tabletop game from early childhood
  • Giant Connect Four rental is a great team-building activity for company retreats, picnics, breakout sessions, and more
  • Jumbo Connect Four excellent for entertaining guests at outdoor events and indoor events
  • Four-foot-tall plastic game with several colors turns heads and draws crowds
  • Massive Connect Four game occupies only six square feet of floor space
  • Great for themed events including childhood, board games, giant games, and nostalgia
  • DIMENSIONS: 17” L x 49” W x 45” H
  • WEIGHT: 35 lbs
  • Pairs well with other team-building games as well as carnival games, sports games, interactive games, and event accessories!

NOTE: This one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    17"l x 49"w x 45"h
  • Weight

    35 lbs


With the Giant Connect Four rental, guests at your next corporate event can connect more than just plastic disks. They can also connect with each other! Giant Connect Four is an excellent team-building activity that’s great for company retreats, picnics, breakout sessions, and other interactive events intended to bring colleagues closer together and drive office teamwork. As your co-workers and employees work to connect four plastic disks of the same color before their opponent can, they’ll wind up having a fun time with their colleagues, and once everyone is back in the office, you’ll notice a morale boost and better camaraderie among your co-workers.

Giant Connect Four is useful for more than just team building! This huge Connect Four rental is a great choice for entertaining guests at your next carnival event or another outdoor occasion, where this colorful, nearly four-foot-tall version of a childhood tabletop classic is certain to stand out and draw crowds. It’s just as useful for indoor events, where it offers your co-workers, employees, and other attendees a fun novelty activity option that only occupies six square feet of floor space.

Giant Connect Four Game

The Giant Connect Four rental is a great option for certain themed events too. For your next carnival, outdoor event, movie or TV production, and more this huge Connect Four rental is likely to stand out as an unexpected, enticing game choice. It’s also one of many other giant games available, including Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Giant Dominos, Giant Chess, and Giant Scrabble!

Pair your huge connect four game with other team-building activities such as the Football Pass Challenge or outdoor games such as Cornhole and Bocce Ball. These games go big, and they’ll make your event guests not want to go home!

  • HUGE FUN: This huge Connect Four rental takes a classic tabletop game and blows it up to a four-foot-tall, life-size spectacle! No matter what event you use it for, it’s sure to stand out, turn heads, and draw crowds.
  • TEAM BUILDING: Giant Connect 4 is great for team building. It’s easy to set up, it’s straightforward to play, and it’s all but certain to engage your co-workers and employees at your next company morale event.
  • OUTSIDE INSIDE: This massive Connect Four game is great for both indoor and outdoor events. Use it at your next company picnic alongside other outdoor games such as bocce ball and cornhole, or bring it indoors for your next holiday party or networking event!
  • GIANT BUT COMPACT: This Connect Four game is four feet tall, but that doesn’t mean it will crowd your event. It only occupies six square feet of floor space, so you can use it to draw crowds without cramping your setting.


Fun Team Building Activities


Let’s face it: When it comes to team-building activities, you don’t always have compelling options to offer your co-workers and employees. The mere thought of team-building activities likely makes you feel a tiny shiver of dread at having to convince your colleagues to participate against all the sighs and objections they air. Rent a team-building game to get your co-workers and employees on the same page as you.

There are so many life size games for rent from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta! A giant game rental is far more intriguing than a standard five-minute team-building activity that involves theoretical situations, acting out certain conflicts, and all of those tried-and-true, but often unengaging, techniques. Instead of role-playing or other activities that your employees might think are too forced, break out a Micro Reality Race Track or LED Lighted Foosball table to gather your colleagues around a fun, quick game that forges a sense of community and camaraderie among your team members.

Team building games also save you time! Not only are they easy to set up, but completing the game tends to take several minutes fewer than traditional team-building activities do. Plus, team-building game rentals are so fun that your colleagues just might want to play them again the moment they’re done. Book your favorite game on the Phoenix Amusements website today to bring a team-building giant game to your next event!

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