Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine with Vintage Cart

This old fashioned popcorn machine rental delights guests at your next corporate event with distinctive décor and classic charm! This vintage popcorn machine for rent features two spoke wheels that evoke eras long gone, and the wide, towel-bar-style handle allows you to easily tilt the popcorn stand for seamless steering and repositioning. Our popcorn cart rental comes finished in red with a distinctive cast filigree, etched glass, brass-like antique finish, and stainless steel popcorn kettle. Popcorn supplies, bags, and a scooper are included too so you can keep the snacks coming at carnivals, festivals, fairs, and trade shows.

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine and Cart – Features & Specs

  • Keep the snacks flowing at your next corporate event
  • Old-fashioned popcorn cart evokes a classic, noir feel
  • Popcorn machine rental Includes popcorn bags and other supplies such as popcorn scooper
  • Ideal for carnivals, festivals, fairs, and other outdoor events
  • Draws passersby to trade show booths in crowded convention centers
  • Delights employees, co-workers, and colleagues at holiday parties and company retreats
  • ELECTRICITY: 120AC; 15A (dedicated)
    • CART: 31” W x 22”D x 31” H
    • POPCORN MACHINE: 21” Wx 19” D  x 36”H
  • WEIGHT: 110 lbs
  • Pairs well with other event accessories and trade show traffic builders as well as carnival games, team-building games, and many other rental options!
  • Electricity

    120AC; 15A (dedicated)
  • Dimensions

    2.5' W x 1.8' 'D x 5.6' H
  • Weight

    110 lbs


Serving snacks at a big corporate event? Then rent this old fashioned popcorn machine to keep the food flowing while evoking an unmistakably classic, noir feel that the average event food accessory can’t quite provide.

Our old fashioned popcorn machine rental is a vintage popcorn model that can quickly transport your event attendees back in time. For this same reason, if you’re filming an ad or other scene set in a movie theater during the 1950s or 1960s, this old-fashioned popcorn cart makes your setting all the more believable. Plus, unlike other set props, it doesn’t require setup, breakdown, or storage since we take care of all that work for you!

This throwback antique popcorn cart also includes plenty of popcorn bags and supplies, including a large scooper, to keep your guests full at your next corporate event. It’s not just an eye-catching vintage item – it’s a high-functioning event food accessory that’s great for carnivals, trade shows, festivals, fairs, and all manner of corporate occasions!

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine with Vintage Cart

You can easily move this old fashioned popcorn cart around your corporate event too, thanks to its giant, retro wheels and ultra-sturdy, towel-bar-style handle. Roll this vintage popcorn cart from one corner of your trade show booth the other to change the spots where passersby in the convention center are most likely to see it, or gently guide it to the center of your holiday party to remind your colleagues of their snacking options. No matter how you use it, it’s sure to draw crowds, because few people can resist the smell of fresh popcorn, not to mention the sight of an old-school popcorn cart!

Our old-fashioned popcorn machine pairs well with other trade show builders such as our customizable prize cube claw and Zoltar fortune teller machine. It delights alongside other event food accessories including our customizable commercial popcorn machine and our pub table and chairs, too!

  • POP OFF: Keep the spirits high at your next corporate event with this old-fashioned popcorn machine that makes plenty of this beloved snack staple! Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or a networking event, you can count on this vintage popcorn rental to keep your guests well-fed and happy.
  • THROW IT BACK: This popcorn machine rental evokes a vintage, noir feel that’s hard to find among other event rentals. Evoke the 1950s and 1960s with ease at your next carnival, festival, fair, or trade show booth!
  • DRAW CROWDS: Use this old-fashioned popcorn rental to draw guests to your next trade show booth. When they smell fresh popcorn and see an eye-catching vintage popcorn machine at your booth, their chances of visiting your booth instead of someone else’s get that much higher!
  • INCLUDES: A popcorn scooper, plenty of popcorn bags, and other popcorn supplies that keep the food flowing. It’s not just the corn that will pop – your event will too!


Renting Games with Concessions

Renting games for your next corporate event can be just the start for keeping your guests entertained and driving engagement with your brand. Pair game rentals with event accessories to make the absolute most of the occasion.

Consider your next team-building event or holiday party: It’s one thing to rent one or two (or a few) table games, interactive games, or team-building games to entertain your employees and give them easy ways to bond. It’s another to give them pub seats and tables for relaxing, popcorn for snacking, or a jukebox for controlling the night’s music. Event accessories maximize the potential of your other event rentals and help to ensure that your goal, whether just a night full of rewards and gratitude for your employees or an afternoon of team-building activities, happens seamlessly.

Many event accessories are customizable, making them ideal rentals for your next marketing or outreach event! Customize these rentals, such as our commercial popcorn machine, to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items so that anyone who lays eyes on your popcorn machine knows what your company is all about. Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta but renting games across the nation, to learn even more about how event accessories can maximize your event’s potential!

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