Robotron Joust Combo Arcade

Get two arcade games in one machine with this arcade party rental! Our Robotron Joust Combo Arcade includes the shooting game Robotron and the digital lancing game Joust. Unlike most arcade rentals, this combo machine was released in the 21st century, making it a rare modern arcade pick for your next themed event, trade show booth, or just your company game room! And with its two-player options, you can count on this game to drive interaction and provide entertainment in no shortage of settings!

  • Two games in one machine – double the fun in the same amount of space
  • Includes shooting game Robotron and unique jousting/lancing simulator Joust
  • Two-player mode encourages interaction and friendly competition at private events, parties, and other settings
  • Fits wide variety of themes thanks to inclusion of two games instead of just one
  • Helps reel in passersby at trade shows
  • Gently breaks the ice among strangers at industry mixers
  • Rewards and excites co-workers, employees, and other guests at holiday parties and company retreats
  • DIMENSIONS: 36″ L x 26″ W x 84″ H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with arcade games, trade show games, team-building games, and more!



  • Electricity

    120v; 7 amps
  • Dimensions

    36" l x 26"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


It’s a two-in-one extravaganza with the Robotron Joust Combo Arcade! This arcade event rental includes the Robotron arcade game and the Joust arcade game in a single unit. Robotron is a rapid-fire shooting game, and Joust is an unusual digital lancing game that’s truly one of a kind. Even people who regularly go to arcades or love video games likely don’t see these games all the time, making this arcade game rental a memorable, novel choice for your next private party or event!

Our Robotron Arcade Game/Joust Arcade rental is ideal for a variety of themed events. It’s an obvious match for arcade night, but it’s also great for sports night since jousting and lancing have long been distantly associated with the Olympics. You can even use it at family-themed events since Robotron involves keeping parents and their children safe from invaders! With two games in one machine, this game rental has versatile uses for all manner of themed occasions.

Even without a theme, your event stands to benefit in many ways from this dual-game rental. At your next trade show booth, distinguish your company from its competitors by installing this rental and standing out as one of the few businesses present with a video game in its booth. Set up this arcade rental at your next interactive event – whether a team-building day for your colleagues or an industry mixer for connecting people in your industry with one another – to encourage people to face off in this game, build crowds around the machine, and gently break the ice for total strangers who could go on to be major business partners. Use it at your next holiday party or company retreat to simply entertain and excite your colleagues – it’s hard not to feel the thrill of the Robotron arcade game or the Joust arcade!

You can rent this double arcade game alongside other multi-game arcade rentals such as Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command Arcade or retro arcade classics such as Donkey Kong. It’s also a great match alongside trade show rentals such as Coney Island Boxer and table games such as Super Kixx Dome Soccer!

  • TWO IN ONE: With this arcade game rental, you get two games in one machine! Rent this arcade game to offer both Robotron and Joust at your next private event while only taking up the amount of space required of one arcade machine.
  • INTERACT AND REACT: Use this two-player game rental to gather people around an exciting event feature and motivate them to interact with one another. Great for networking events, industry mixers, and other occasions your company is hosting for a wide audience!
  • THE DREAM IS THE THEME: Since it includes two games, this arcade rental is especially diverse for themed events. Both are obvious fits for arcade night, and Robotron may fit family-themed events since its goal is to protect parents and children from alien invaders. Similarly, for sports events, Joust involves the ancient art of lancing, an unusual but fitting activity for the occasion!
  • DRAW PASSERSBY: Rent Robotron Joust to distinguish your trade show booth from others in crowded, competitive settings. The more games you can offer passersby, the more likely they are to visit your booth, and with this rental, you automatically get two games!

About game rentals:

Rent arcade games to maximize your guests’ entertainment options at private events, holiday parties, and so many other occasions! An arcade game placed square in the center of your space, in a far corner, or right near an entrance or exit can boost interaction among your guests, help to forge bonds among your colleagues, and show off your company branding to potential new customers and business contacts.

Arcade games provide an easy reason for people who don’t know each other well to get some friendly competition going, which can then lead to more serious conversations about future prospects for working together. Internally, arcade games can help employees from disparate departments strike up bonds that can later streamline operations in your office. Externally, arcade games can introduce potential new business connections to one another. Team building, networking, and just having fun with other people in the industry are that much easier in the vicinity of an arcade game rental.

At Phoenix Amusements, we also offer several arcade rentals that you can customize to display your company’s brand or other relevant images or text. Rent a customized game for an external event to put your brand on the map, or adorn an arcade game with congratulatory text or images for company holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings, and other celebratory occasions. Contact Phoenix Amusements, based in Atlanta for 60 years but delivering nationwide, to learn more about how arcade rentals can benefit your business!

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