Custom Wheel of Fortune Board

Use our Custom Wheel of Fortune board to offer your guests prizes at your next event. Our prize wheel rental can drive brand engagement in all kinds of settings if you customize the wheel’s panels or central circular whiteboard to display your company’s logo, colors, or other branding. Rent our Wheel of Fortune game for industry mixers, trade shows, holiday parties, carnivals, and plenty of other occasions.

Custom Wheel of Fortune Board Rental Specs and Features

  • Prize wheel event rental with fully customizable panels and center circle
  • Customize panels and center circle with your company’s logo, messaging, slogan, or colors for industry mixers, trade shows, and product launch events
  • Custom prize wheel game rental can display holiday-themed decorations or congratulatory messages at company picnics, anniversary celebrations, and holiday parties
  • Allure of winning prizes draws large crowds of guests
  • Self-explanatory gameplay ensures quick turns for everybody and branding exposure to maximum number of guests
  • DIMENSIONS: 34” L x 44” W x 4’ H
  • WEIGHT: 75 lbs
  • Pairs well with other customizable games, trade show games, and interactive games!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    34” L x 44” W x 4’ H
  • Weight

    75 lbs


How a Custom Wheel of Fortune board takes your event to the next level

Custom Wheel of Fortune boards increase brand engagement at industry mixers, networking events, trade show booths, and product activations. As guests spin your wheel to win prizes, they’ll see your company branding and colors alongside your prize options. Everyone who steps up for a spin will know who brought them this fun prize opportunity: your company.

Custom Wheel of Fortune from Phoenix Amusements displays your brand to new and longtime customers at events such as:

  • Carnivals. With our custom prize wheel, you can include extra prize opportunities at your carnival while putting your brand in front of new faces. Customize the wheel panels and center circle to include your company’s visuals so that, with every spin, visitors will see your brand and get to know your business.
  • Company parties. Custom Wheel of Fortune game boards stand out at your office holiday party. Swap out the center circle for a wreath and include holiday-themed prizes on each of the wheel panels. If your holiday party has guests from outside your company, you can customize your prize wheel with your branding to boost brand engagement too.
  • Trade show booths. At a trade show, you have to stand out enough to compel visitors to swing by your booth. Then, you have to keep them there for long enough to pitch them before they move along to the next both. Rent our Custom Wheel of Fortune game to make your booth more appealing to patrons and customize it so that visitors see your brand and learn all about your business.
  • Product launch events. Product launches come with similar goals and challenges to trade shows, so you can also use our Custom Wheel of Fortune board to attract patrons and promote your brand there. Instead of stocking up on brochures and samples that patrons toss or lose, rent a branded prize wheel to put your product forward without the waste of materials, time, and money.
  • Networking events. The next time you host a networking event, rent our customizable prize wheel to reward guests and showcase your brand to them. A customized wheel shows off your logo, company colors, and other branding to crowds of people who might later become customers or clients – especially when they look back on the day’s fun and remember your business first.

How to play Custom Wheel of Fortune

Step up and take a spin! That’s all your guests have to do to enjoy a Custom Wheel of Fortune board. Wherever the arrow lands on the prize wheel, that’s the prize your guests win. Between the potential winnings and the ease of gameplay, this prize wheel is a huge crowd-builder, and if you customize it to showcase your logo and company colors to eager guests, you get a brand engagement push and a fun game in the same package!

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Our Custom Wheel of Fortune board is more than just a straightforward prize machine. This rental also includes a customizable wheel center and panels so you can showcase imagery such as your logo or company colors. Customize the center circle to display your branding or images that match your event’s theme. With Custom Wheel of Fortune, you can achieve any branding vision you have in mind.
  • FAMILIAR FUN: Prize wheels are among the most self-explanatory game rentals around. Just step up and spin for the chance to win a prize! Between the allure of prizes and the simple gameplay, the Custom Wheel of Fortune board will be a huge draw at your event. With so many people playing your game rental, your customized imagery will wind up in front of even more faces.
  • QUICK SETUP AND BREAKDOWN: Many of the best game rentals come with one significant challenge: setup and breakdown can be laborious and challenging. Not the Custom Wheel of Fortune board: We attach and secure the prize wheel to its stand. Actually, Phoenix Amusement professionals handle that for you – we always include event rental delivery, setup, breakdown, and removal with all our products.

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Our Custom Wheel of Fortune rental is one of many Phoenix Amusements rentals you can customize to display your company’s logo, colors, and other branding items. Whether you’re hosting an event in our hometown of Atlanta or anywhere else in the continental U.S., we rent, deliver, setup, break down, and remove the following customizable games, among others:

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