Strike A Light Game

Competitive Strike A Light GameCrowd attracted by playing our custom Strike A Light
Competitive Strike A Light Game
Competitive Strike A Light Game
Crowd attracted by playing our custom Strike A Light

Strike A Light Game

Strike A Light is a fast paced high intensity 2 player reaction game.

Your guests will experience a superb adrenaline rush while having loads of fun… striking as many lit buttons as they can in 30 seconds. Speed is important …. but so is accuracy. Strike a light and get a point, but strike an unlit light and you lose a point.

  • Electricity

    5 amps; 120v
  • Dimensions

    36"l x 36"w x 48"h
  • Weight

    33 lbs


Strike A Light – Awesome Competitive Game

Our NEWEST and most addictive game ever! Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner. Hold a tournament and see who has the fastest hands in town with the most incredibly addicting games on the market.

Comes with 2 different game modes, easily selected with the flick of a switch. Hold a tournament with the game set to “Strike A Light” and record the high scores. Bring the best players back and have them face off with “Strike It Back”. Only the best player will win! Who has the fastest hands, but more importantly, who is the most accurate as well. The competition doesn’t get any better then this. A great addition for fun office activities to break the tension or bond your staff.

Need a traffic builder in your trade show booth? Strike A Light brings the crowd to your booth! Hold a competition for the duration of your convention with a top winner each day and finally award the title of a grand master of the conference! Incorporate your logo and marketing message by branding the table skirt of this fun competitive game! Call to today to ask us how!

Aquventronics Strike A Light

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