Sanitation Station – Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station

Take care of your guests’ health at your next event. With the Sanitation Station, a touchless hand sanitizer station offers your guests and visitors a way to kill bacteria and virus-causing germs. The Sanitation -Station holds 1 gallon of hand sanitizer, enough for roughly 5000-7000 individual uses. This hands-free hand sanitizer station eliminates a touch point for dirty hands — all your guests need to do is place their hands at the dispenser, and the machine does the rest. You can easily refill this hand sanitizer station when needed. Change the amount of hand sanitizer each pump releases to best accommodate for your guests. Plus, you can customize it to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items!

Hand Sanitizer Station Features & Specs:

  • Hands-free operation via large, impossible-to-miss foot pedal
  • One gallon of hand sanitizer included with hand sanitizer station rental
  • Approximately 5000 pumps of hand sanitizer per gallon
  • Uses 400 to 700 percent less liquid than drugstore or wholesale club hand sanitizer options
  • Preset for proper gel flow amounts, but can be changed to increase or decrease individual pump amounts
  • Fully customizable for displaying your company’s logo, slogan, and other visual branding items
  • Create sponsorship opportunity with customizable elements
  • DIMENSIONS: 16″ W x 16″ L x 48 3/4″ H
  • WEIGHT: 35 lbs
  • Pairs well with additional event accessories and can be used alongside trade show games, arcade games, sports games, and other games with lots of hand contact!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 30"w x 108"h
  • Weight

    600 lbs


Health and safety are your priority at every event — show it with this hand sanitizer station rental at your next corporate event! The Sanitation Station hand sanitizer dispenser stands is impossible to miss in any room even though it occupies fewer than two square feet of floor space. Its hands-free operation via a large foot pedal eliminates the potential for this machine to transmit dirt, grime, or microbes from hand to hand, and it comes with one gallon of hand sanitizer, enough to accommodate approximately 5000 individual uses. If you need more sanitizer, this portable sanitizing station rental is super easy to refill, too!

This Sanitation Station rental includes an easily removable drip tray that minimizes any messes your guests might make in your event space. Just gently pull the tray to remove it and bring it somewhere that you can safely discard excess sanitizer without leaving behind grease or stains! As with all parts of this hand sanitizer machine, the drip tray operates entirely mechanically, as this sanitizer rental requires no electricity to use. Even without a power source, the Sanitation Station is designed to use between 400 and 700 percent less hand sanitizer gel per pump than standard hand sanitizer containers found at drugstores and wholesale clubs. You can even vary the preset gel flow amounts to increase or decrease the amount of hand sanitizer given during each individual use.

The Sanitation Station hands-free sanitizing station rental is useful for more than just ensuring your guests’ health. You can customize it to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items so that your guests engage with your business as they clean up! Use your branding on this hand sanitizer station rental or create a sponsorship opportunity for your next event. Don’t limit the possible uses of this sanitizer dispenser to one-time events. A long-term rental for your office can help to reassure your employees that they are in a safe work environment.

  • SAFETY FIRST: Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or just looking for more options to help workers and visitors feel safe in your space, this contactless hand sanitizer station rental keeps your space – and your people – hygienic and healthy.
  • HANDS-FREE: Instead of a press-down nozzle, this machine uses a foot pedal to distribute hand sanitizer, thereby eliminating the possibility that this rental could transmit grime, dirt, or microbes from one person to another.
  • HIGH VOLUME: The Sanitation Station includes one gallon of hand sanitizer. That’s enough for 5000-7000 individual uses! You can also adjust the machine’s gel flow to increase or decrease the amount of hand sanitizer given with each individual pump.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: In addition to including a large volume of hand sanitizer, this machine uses 400 to 700 percent less liquid per pump than drugstore or wholesale club options while still boasting just as strong of hygiene properties.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: You can customize this hands-free sanitizer station rental to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items! Don’t want to use your branding? Create an opportunity for sponsors to get their brand in front of your attendees.


Event Accessories

Renting games for a corporate event can help your business achieve strong, long-lasting brand engagement and link guests with each other in fun, unusual ways. Event accessories can strengthen the potential for game rentals to achieve these goals – and in some cases, they can even make your game-heavy corporate event safer for your guests.

Most game rentals involve lots of hand contact, and as more people at your corporate event play them, the potential for grime, dirt, or microbes to jump from one person’s hands to another via your game rental increases. Event accessories such as a hand sanitizer station equip your event with devices that can counter this potential safety hazard. Other event accessories such as funhouse mirrors, bleacher rentals, and pub tables and seats are entirely hands-free, so they can add flair to your corporate affair without introducing additional chances for what was once on somebody else’s hands to make it to your guests’ hands – or yours.

Event accessories that prioritize safety also don’t require you to keep tons of health and safety items in your storage closet. Our hand sanitizer dispenser rental, for example, includes a large volume of hand sanitizer and takes up minimal floor space, so to implement better safety measures in your office or at your corporate event, you don’t need a backlog of supplies. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta now to learn more about our health event accessories and work toward a safer, and thus more fun, occasion!


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