Bleachers Rental 7 feet Long

When you’re hosting a spectator event, you’ll need plenty of seating that you can easily set up close to the center of the action. These 7.5-foot portable bleachers allow your event’s attendees to cheer from the sidelines anytime, anywhere! Use these modestly sized bleachers to seat as many as 15 people on any level indoor or outdoor surface. You can move them between rooms at your event and set them up quickly, too – these portable bleachers for rent are designed to tip, and roll for ease of placement, and quiet install, too.

  • Seat 15 people comfortably in compact surface area
  • Seven-foot length and two-foot height offers unimposed views
  • Easy to set up close to sporting events and other spectator sights
  • Tip and roll bleaches for ease of install and transportation
  • Quick to move between settings due to casters and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Caster brakes ensure stable bleachers setup on level surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Pair with larger-capacity 15-foot bleachers or additional 7.5 -foot bleachers for extra seating. We can seat 350 with our current inventory.
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5’ L x 5’ W x 2’ H
  • WEIGHT: 160 lbs
  • Use with sports games, carnival games, outdoor games, big games, and other event concessions and accessories!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    90"l x 60"w x 24"h
  • Weight

    160 lbs


If you’re hosting the annual company football game, you’ll need plenty of seating to make sure that all your attendees get a good view. These seven-foot portable bleachers for rent give you the capacity to seat 15 people right where all the drama and action is unfolding while keeping a safe distance from where the balls are flying. With these portable bleachers, you have the full power to put on an unforgettable sporting event for everyone who shows up!

These bleachers come with three rows of seats that measure 7.5 feet long and include footrests that attendees in the top two rows can use to keep their legs from dangling uncomfortably. All 15 people whom you seat in these bleachers will feel comfortable and have plenty of space and distance from the other attendees, so you can use these bleachers to situate a crowd in any setting. Use them outdoors next to a soccer field or indoors near a basketball court – as long as the ground is level, these bleachers are a top-notch seating option.

If you’re hosting a day of back-to-back spectator events in different rooms, or you’re stretching out an event over a few days, then these portable bleachers for rent will make your event that much easier to set up and break down. These bleachers quickly tip up onto swivel casters and roll from place to place, and once you relocate the bleachers to the desired location, you can deploy the caster brakes to stabilize and secure the bleachers. Plus, when we’re moving the bleachers between rooms, you’ll be grateful that their frame is made of lightweight aluminum instead of the heavier materials common in bleachers. Portable seating has never been easier!

Couple these 15-seat bleachers with a larger 40-seat set or another 15-seat set to accommodate more guests at your big sporting event, and match these bleachers with sports games such as the Football Quarterback Arcade Game or the NBA Hoops for those Sneaker Balls to make your sports-themed event an athlete’s delight!

  • SEATS, SEATS, SEATS: These bleachers comfortably fit 15 people among three seven-foot rows. And at two feet high, these bleachers don’t take up much space when you place them close to the center of the action at your next sporting event or other themed occasion.
  • EASY SETUP AND TRANSPORT: These portable bleachers for rent come with casters onto which you can tip and fold them for easy transport between rooms. Once you’ve brought these bleachers to where they belong, setting them up is as easy as could be, with caster brakes ensuring stability on any level surface. Plus, the aluminum frame isn’t nearly as heavy as standard bleacher material, making these bleachers truly and easily portable.
  • WHENEVER, WHEREVER: These bleachers can be used just as well in indoor settings as outdoor spaces. Set them up next to an outdoor soccer or football field or right alongside an indoor basketball court. With these bleachers, you can bring your attendees right to the precipice of the game!


Sports game rentals from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta

When you rent a game for your corporate event, you offer your co-workers, employees, and other guests an interactive entertainment source that’s super easy to set up and break down. And just as game rentals are incredibly simple to put together and take apart, portable bleachers and other event accessories are just as straightforward to use.

For your next sports-themed event or other big spectator occasion, you can rent portable bleachers to drastically cut down on the time spent setting up evenly spaced, aesthetically pleasing rows of creaky folding chairs. At Phoenix Amusements, we have 15-foot bleachers that seat 40 people and seven-foot bleachers that accommodate 15 guests, and you can mix and match bleachers to provide the most seating possible for your event.

To top off your ample seating offerings, consider other event accessories such as sports-themed decor and flooring options such as large football field rug rentals and basketball court inlay carpets. You can also rent popcorn, hot dog, and cotton candy machines to keep the snacks coming for your hungry guests as they work up an appetite watching the action in front of them unfold. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta today to learn all about our event accessory offerings and impress your guests at your next event!

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