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We carry temporary bleachers that are 3 and 4 rows in height along with a few decor items to enhance your event!  We are the sole provider of portable or temporary bleacher rentals in the Atlanta metropolitan area. These mobile bleacher rentals are perfect for additional seating indoors or outdoors.  Events with themes such as sports, tailgating, carnival, or school assemblies would be enhanced with our portable bleachers. These mobile bleachers are already assembled and can quietly and easily be brought into a building, without any fuss or accommodations!  No noisy assembly either.


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Benefits of Mobile Bleacher Rentals

Adding mobile bleachers to increase the seating capacity of any venue is both cost-efficient and convenient. In comparison to chairs or other types of benches, portable bleacher rentals are extremely affordable and afford a higher seating capacity. Plus it does not require much time or effort to arrange bleachers at the venue, unlike chairs, which need to be individually handled and arranged. 

What’s more, our bleachers help eliminate visual obstacles for attendees or spectators – especially relevant for sporting events or school assemblies – thanks to their elevated levels. Ensuring adequate seating capacity is essential for any event. The last thing you want is to turn away visitors or attendees due to lack of seating! Besides, increasing the seating capacity of the venue with the help of mobile bleacher rentals helps increase attendance and revenue when you’re hosting paid events.

Enhance the Venue with Event Decor

Besides bleacher seating rentals, we have begun to carry some event decor too! From themed centerpieces, to flooring and other event accessories, we carry some important décor elements that will help beautify the space and create a welcoming environment for your attendees. Truth be told, it’s what people expect. Any venue that holds any type of event, whether it is a corporate or family event or party, is supposed to be presentable and feature a pleasant space for attendees to chill, interact, have fun, play games, dine, or simply unwind.

With decorations to match the ambiance created by our game rentals we can help you  enhances the overall mood while enticing people to linger longer. We also help make you look better as a company by hosting an event in an aesthetically pleasing and effective venue.

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