Beatles Pinball Rental

Pinball Rentals – Stern Beatles Gold Edition

Break out your ticket to ride! With this Beatles Pinball machine, you’ll have Paul, John, George, and Ringo holding your hand as you keep the pinball in play. All you need is the Beatles’ love to have a blast playing pinball to the tune of nine Beatles classics – and soundbites taken directly from the Liverpool lads’ early stateside shows will be the dose of Beatlemania you’ve been hoping for.

Beatles Pinball Machine Rental Features & Specs

  • Enjoy Nine classic Beatles hits while playing this arcade classic pinball rental
  • Hear soundbites from the Fab Four’s early stateside shows
  • Simultaneously retro and fitted with modern graphics, sound system, and gameplay
  • Beatles imagery throughout Stern pinball playfield
  • Three-channel audio system three times more powerful than older models
  • Seven gameplay modes, each with its own unique Beatles song
  • Modern gameplay features include HD graphics, 11 drop targets, and four flippers
  • Nine Beatles songs included, with two playing during “game over” and main play
  • Perfect for settings including, but not limited to, corporate events and trade show booths and holiday parties
  • DIMENSIONS: Approx. 4.5’ L x 2.25’ W x 6.2’ H
  • WEIGHT: 250 lbs
  • Pairs great with other arcade games and trade show traffic builders

  • Electricity

    120V AC, 8A
  • Dimensions

    4.5’ L x 2.25’ W x 6.2’ H
  • Weight

    250 lbs


No pinball machine is complete without pop culture references! Our Beatles Pinball Rental brings the Fab Four, nine of their best songs, and soundbites from some of their most beloved stateside shows into your setting. Contrasting the retro feels of these classic ‘60s tunes is a pinball machine with a modern HD display, sound system, and gameplay design.

This Beatles pinball machine includes an HD video screen that displays eye-catching animations, a magnetic spinning record disc in the center of the playfield, and the Beatles faces’ and on-stage setup throughout the playfield. It also comes with a three-channel audio system that’s three times more powerful than older Beatles pinball models, so you can hear the Fab Four’s hits in their highest fidelity. And with seven gameplay modes that each have their own unique Beatles song, this Beatles pinball machine offers no shortage of ways to relive Beatlemania.

This Beatles Pinball Rental gameplay includes:

  • Four flippers
  • 11 drop targets
  • Several skill shots
  • Two spinners
  • A ball-catching magnet
  • A magnetic spinning record disc
  • Simulated reel scoring
  • An HD video screen with full-screen animations

7 Gameplay Modes

Each of the seven gameplay modes corresponds to one or two Beatles songs:

  • Two-Ball Multi-Ball: “All My Loving”
  • Loop Mania Mode: “Drive My Car”
  • Drop Target Frenzy Mode: “I Should Have Known Better”
  • Super Spinners Mode: “Ticket to Ride”
  • Super Pop Bumpers Mode: “It Won’t Be Long”
  • Four-Ball Multi-Ball: “A Hard Day’s Night”
  • Multi-Ball Ready Jackpot Building Mode: “Help”
  • BONUS! “Taxman” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” are the main play and “game over” songs.

With so many gameplay options, musical selections, and modern gameplay features, this pinball machine brings extra fun to corporate events, trade show booths, activations, themed events, and other settings. To see more of the Stern Pinball, check out this feature video.  Pair it with other pop culture pinball machines such as Star Wars Pinball or other classic arcade games such as Skee Ball to add even more entertainment options to your event!

  • BEATLEMANIA: Here’s your ticket to ride! With this Beatles pinball machine, you can bring the Fab Four’s earliest hits to your setting, with soundbites from the iconic rock band’s legendary early stateside shows.
  • MODERN UNIT: With The Beatles at the heart of this pinball machine, this game feels retro, but gameplay is 100% modern. HD video, 11 drop targets, and a three-channel audio system rocket this game into the 21st century.
  • SEVEN GAMEPLAY MODES: Never tire of this Beatles pinball machine with its seven gameplay modes, including Loop Mania, Four-Ball Multi-Ball, and Super Spinners. Plus, each mode comes with its own classic Beatles hit!
  • NINE BEATLES SONGS: Enjoy hits including “Ticket to Ride,” “Help,” and “A Hard Day’s Night” as you keep the ball in play! And when your game ends, sing along to “Taxman” or “Can’t Buy Me Love.”
  • PERFECT FOR: Corporate events, trade show booths, activations, big sales meetings, and all manner of other settings.


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