10 Ways To Use A Foosball Rental

What is Foosball

Foosball: you’ve probably played it in an arcade, bar, community center, at the break room at work, or maybe even in someone’s house. The lightning-fast reflexes, the “smacks” when the ball hits the goalie, the rapid ping back and forth: just talking about it can get any fan ready to play. There’s a reason this game is a classic family favorite: quick and easy to play, requires no electricity (well, most models), and it’s ubiquitous with “chill zones” of all kinds.

If you want to bring a foosball table to your space, consider a foosball rental. With a foosball rental, you don’t have to worry about having clear skies or a dry field to enjoy soccer -- just step to either side of the foosball table and get ready to rumble! Here is everything you need to know about foosball and why it will make the perfect addition to your space or your next event.

What is foosball?

Foosball is an exciting fast-paced table soccer game that is enjoyed by two to four players. It’s played all over the world both recreationally and competitively. There are national foosball leagues that hold tournaments and compete across the United States. During the annual world championship hosted by the International Table Soccer Federation, the top players from all different countries come to battle for the first place title.

How to Play Foosball

Although it is unclear where foosball originated from and by whom, the game can be traced back to the 1880s or 1890s in Europe. It remained very popular overseas, especially in Germany where it was called fussball. In the early 1960s, U.S. soldier Lawrence Patterson brought the game back to America after being stationed in Germany and trademarked the well known classic name of “foosball.”

From that point forward, foosball has taken the world by storm as one of the most in-demand sports arcade games. Many bars, lounges, arcades, and carnivals began installing them for guests to play. Foosball’s popularity continued to grow from a fun pastime activity to an international sensation with leagues and thrilling tournaments.

How is foosball played?

Foosball game play is easy to understand and quick to learn, making it a fun, interactive activity for all ages. For those who want to play more competitively, there are certain skills and tricks that you can learn through practice as well.

The game itself is like a mini version of soccer. Foosball consists of two teams with a total of 13 soccer figures per team, and each full game uses nine balls. The object of the game is to score points by maneuvering the ball into the opposite sides’ goal.

To begin playing, foosball requires at least two players but can be enjoyed by up to four. There are four rods on each side of the table that can all be controlled by one player or split between two. Players twist and pull the rods so their figures can “kick” the ball toward their opponents’ goal. Spinning of the rods,” however, is not allowed and should be avoided!

Table Rental Ideas using Foosball

To begin the game, players typically start with a coin toss to determine who serves the ball first. Once the first ball (out of nine) is served through any of the ball entry holes, the game has begun and each player must now pay close attention to all of their figures. Not only must they try to score points, but they need to defend their goal from the other team’s shots.

Foosball is a fast-paced game. The ball can’t stay in the same place for more than 15 seconds. Players must act quick and have speedy reaction times to keep the ball moving. Should the ball end up in a position where no figure can reach it, the ball is considered to be “dead” and the last scored upon player or team is able to pick it up and serve again.

After all nine balls have been used, a winner can be declared. The player or team who scored the best out of nine goals is usually deemed the winner. Another option is to play “first to 5,” which means that the first team to score 5 points wins.

What foosball table variations are there?

Regardless of your event theme or where you plan on playing, there is a foosball table rental that will fit in perfectly. Check out some of the different and unique foosball table rental options available:

Classic: Everybody knows exactly what to picture when they hear “foosball.” Nothing beats the original soccer table game that gets everyone standing up and cheering. This timeless game requires no electricity so it can easily be placed in your ideal location.

LED: Add bright neon lights to the classic game with this updated version of foosball. The LED lights appear around the perimeter of the game walls to brighten up the playing field as well as the whole room. Not only can it display multiple colors, but you can choose which colors to show off. Customize it to match your theme or company’s branding for the perfect look.

Themed: While soccer is the traditional theme of foosball, there are other unique themes that you can bring to your event. Sports fans will love pairing a classic table with the NFL themed foosball game. If you are into movies, the Star Wars or Superhero table would be a great choice.

4 in 1: Can’t decide which game table to get? You may want to consider a 4 in 1 game table so you can go big on the entertainment, but save on space. These tables typically come with interchangeable tops consisting of foosball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, and Pool. Although most are a bit smaller than a traditional foosball table, they are just as fun.

Coffee Table: Sit down, relax, and have your snacks readily available with a foosball coffee table. Every living and lounge needs a coffee table, why not pick on that is both functional and fun? Foosball coffee tables come in elegant designs with wood finishes that will make a great accent piece to any room.

10 ways to use a foosball table rental

Whether you want a short term rental for a sports themed event, or a long term rental to keep your company occupied and relaxed in the break room, foosball table rentals are ideal for any occasion. The tables themselves are low maintenance and most don’t require any electricity (unless you’re renting one of the special editions we talked about above). Take a look here for inspiration at some possible ways to use a foosball table rental:

  • In a company break room: Allow your employees to blow off steam by enjoying a game of foosball. They can take a break from thinking about work and rejuvenate themselves by participating in some friendly competition.
  • In a school lounge: Students will love having the ability to play foosball during lunch, free period, or after school. Not only will it ease their minds, but it will also improve socialization and encourage physical activity.
  • At an arcade: No arcade is complete without a foosball table. Because foosball pairs so well with many other arcade games, it will be the perfect addition to your space.
  • At a birthday party: A foosball table will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser for any birthday party, regardless of the theme. Kids and adults won’t want to stop playing. To make it extra special, consider giving away prizes such as candy to the winners.
  • At a carnival: Everyone loves carnivals for their excitement, prizes, and interactive activities. Foosball is a wonderful addition as it can be played both indoors and outdoors. Winners can receive prizes like stuffed animals, candy, or a voucher to redeem at your business or another local enterprise.
  • At a tailgate: Warm up your lungs by cheering on your friends before you cheer on your favorite team. Create your own tournament and then celebrate the winners with some hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • At a sports themed event: Get into the team spirit by creating teams and competing for the title of foosball champion. Foosball will go great with any sports themed event, not just soccer.
  • At a trade show: Amaze your attendees with an engaging game of foosball. People will be drawn to your booth when they hear the sound of the ball being hit by the small figures.
  • In a gaming room: Give players a break from staring at a screen with a hands on game. Instead of controlling some digital animations, players will be directly involved with the action.
  • At a holiday party: After exchanging gifts and eating some finger foods, guests will turn their attention to playing foosball. The game will bring your party to the next level and keep everyone engaged.

Foosball Table at your Company Game Room

Kick off your event with a foosball table rental from Phoenix Amusements

Since opening in 1959, Phoenix Amusements has been committed to helping customers create memorable experiences with our unique and compelling items. Our foosball table rentals, along with other arcade game rentals, are available for nationwide delivery and setup. Let our trained staff deal with the hard parts while you continue to supervise your event!

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect entertainment for your event, company break room, or party, our helpful customer success team would love to assist in choosing the right product. Customer service is of utmost importance to us and we strive to keep an open line of communication with our clients.

While foosball is not an exact replacement for soccer, it is the next best thing when it comes to competitive table games. But don’t be fooled, playing foosball can be a workout by itself. You will have all the thrills of a soccer match without the excessive running and sliding. Foosball also pairs well with many of our other classic arcade games, air hockey table rental, and pool table rental. Renting Foosball Table for next Party

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