6 Hole Portable Mini Golf Putting Game

Portable 6 Hole Mini Golf Rental

What’s better than a 3 Hole Mini Golf Course? A 6 Hole Portable Mini Golf Course! Rent our 6-Hole mini golf course from Phoenix Amusements for a truly unforgettable mini golf experience. Our company is one of two in the United States providing this portable Mini Golf service. Our pre-designed version of the golf game is a standard or deluxe verison (deluxe is larger than the standard mini golf course). It can be six holes of our pre-designed courses or six unique holes – or a mixture. Does mini golf have a good location? We don’t know it, but we travel. We bring the putt putt course to you!

Portable 6 Hole Mini Golf Rental Specs & Features

  • Modular golf system that allows conversion to fit any space
  • Attractive to all ages
  • Golf Course configuration options with pre-designed golf holes
  • All Our Mini Golf Rentals include all you need to play: colorful golf balls, Golf Ball shaped Golf ball holder; golf clubs and golf club stand; score cards and mini pencils;
  • Minimal site prep work required, allowing quick installation
  • Golf Courses can be deployed indoors or outdoors
  • DIMENSIONS: 15 feet L x 16 feet W (subject to change based on configuration)
  • Pairs well with other golfing games and interactive games as well as sports games and arcade games!

Using Colorful 8" Letters that we place on the white edge

Customization Options

--We add logos or graphics directly to the turf!

---Customize small squares

--- 6"x 5" blocks with your photos or graphics-2 sided

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    Variable based on placement of holes and course design
  • Weight

    288 lbs. (based on nine-hole standard course)


6-Hole Mini Golf Course Offerings & Options

  • Pre-designed Standard 6 Hole Golf Putting Course or Deluxe 6 Hole Golf Course
  • Mix and match other pre-designed golf holes like our Funky Shapes golf courses
  • Combine our Heart Shape Golf Hole with our Question Mark Golf Course Hole and a Longest Hole Mini Golf Hole in One Challenge. We can additional holes to each shape to enhance the course

6 Hole Mini Golf Putting Game Rental Highlights

MINI GOLF LIKE NO OTHER: This portable mini golf rental’s offering size is six holes, but you can rent it with fewer – even just one hole is an option. For some of our courses, we can swap out the green turf for a gorgeous, unusual red color – or both red and green.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Redesign and reshape this portable 6 hole mini-golf rental to display your company’s abbreviation. For example, if you’re renting this game for your college’s homecoming weekend, you can reshape it to display the three letters by which your school is best known. This game is similarly useful at fundraising events, networking events, and other out-of-office occasions for corporations also known by short abbreviations.

AWESOME PROPS: One of the holes in this golf system rental is in the shape of the circle. Another has a rainbow pyramid that’s both eye-catching and a formidable obstacle. You won’t see props like this with other mini-golf game rentals!

PUTT PUTT GOLF OBSTACLES: From our 333 colorful golf ball pyramid, 3 foot Eiffel Tower to our Customed Photo Blocks, your guests will be amazed at this mini golf uniqueness.

UNIQUE COURSE: At Phoenix Amusements, we’re one of only a few event rental companies in the U.S. to carry this gem, insuring a truly memorable and unique event for all.

CRISP AND CLEAN: This portable miniature golf rental has white edging that makes it look especially sharp in all kinds of settings. For fun, unusual, striking mini golf that looks great and provides your guests with tons of entertainment no matter the occasion, look no further for your golf themed party.

UPGRADE CHALLENGE: We have white "bumps" which are square blocks that you can re-arrange during your event to make the hole more challenging!

Mini Golf Obstacles

Miniature Golf Game

Rainbow Pyramid

Mini Golf Obstacles - Stacking Turtles

Stacking Turtles

Miniature Golf Obstacle - Indian Tower

Indian Tower

Mini Golf Obstacle - Lighthouse


CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS - Create Your Unique Mini Golf Experience

Custom Logo on Green - Miniature Golf Rental

Logo On the Green

Custom Branding Mini Golf Obstacles

Brand Obstacles Rectangles

Miniature Golf Obstacle - Indian Tower

Photo Blocks

Spell Your Message - MR MRS

Custom Letters - MR MRS

Brand Mini Golf Obstacle Blocks

Brand Obstacles

Spell Your Message - Bride Groom

Custom Letters - BRIDE GROOM

Client Love

Mini Golf Course - 6 Hole Golf Putting Game Configurations

Course Configurations

Standard 6 Hole Mini Golf Course Design


Our Standard Miniature Golf Course features 3 panels per hole which is about 9 feet long for a straight hole.  We offer 3-Hole, 6-Hole and 9-Hole Putt Putt Golf setups.

Deluxe 6 Hole Mini Golf Course Design


Whereas our Deluxe Miniature Golf Course features 4 panels per hole which is about 12 feet long for a straight hole.  We offer 3-Hole, 6-Hole and 9-Hole Putt Putt Golf setups in our Deluxe Portable Miniature Golf Rental.

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About Arcade Game Rentals

Renting games for your private parties, your company’s events like employee appreciation or holiday celebrations – or perhaps more than one of these things, truly engages all.  A customized Claw Machine set up in a trade show booth allows your business to easily display its branding at trade shows, networking events, and other external affairs for increased engagement and higher awareness with potential new customers, clients, and business partners. A customized sports game is similarly powerful at a college event welcoming new students, a holiday party congratulating colleagues on a huge year, and other fun events.

Sports games can also be great for tying in event themes. Some theme choices include Super Bowl Sunday and sports night, but sports games are also great for nights with arcade, retro, or nostalgia themes. A portable mini golf rental, football pass, or table hockey rental can be a perfect fit for a crowd of people who remain avid sports fans. Contact Phoenix Amusements, a premier game rental company in Atlanta and nationwide, to learn about the many ways we’ve seen our clients successfully use sports game rentals over our six decades of existence (since 1959!)– and how you can do the same!

All of our service levels include

Great for All Ages

We can provide kiddie clubs!  Let us know and we'll include in your delivery.

Personalize Your Course!

Whether your event is a social event or a corporate event, we're unique in that we can customize or brand our mini golf course.  Ask us how!

All Included to Play!

We don't charge you for the each item to play our mini golf!  We include putters (golf clubs), low bounce golf balls, Golf Ball - Ball holder, score cards and pencils.

No Worries!

We bring the course to you, set it up and return after the event to pick up.

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