Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command Arcade

3 Games in One Centipede Millipede Mission Command
3 Games in One Centipede Millipede Mission Command
3 Games in One Centipede Millipede Mission Command

Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command Arcade

Four games in one! This arcade game rental is housed in what looks like a classic Centipede game machine, but it includes way more than just that single timeless staple. The Centipede Millipede Missile Command Arcade also comes with Centipede’s sequel Millipede as well as Missile Command and Let’s Go Bowling. It’s the ultimate arcade variety box for your next ‘80s themed event, trade show booth, or other corporate setting!

  • Four games in one machine draw all manner of attendees to this arcade game rental
  • Build crowds with several gameplay options stored in the same retro, eye-catching unit
  • Tall enough to stand out at trade shows, but occupies minimal floor space
  • Perfect for ‘80s themed events, holiday parties, product activations, and more
  • Centipede uses larger trackball than the typical setup
  • Millipede includes more enemies than predecessor Centipede
  • Missile Command uses three missile-firing buttons
  • Let’s Go Bowling offers a sporty alternative to arcade classics
  • DIMENSIONS: 36″ L x 26″ W x 84″ H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other trade show traffic builders, classic arcade games, and simulators!
  • Electricity

    120v; 7 amps
  • Dimensions

    36" l x 26"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


4 Classic Retro 80s Arcade in one Cabinet

When you step up to an arcade game rental, you likely expect to have one straightforward gameplay option to keep you entertained and excited. Rent the Centipede Millipede Missile Command Classic for your next event so that your employees, co-workers, and other attendees have four gameplay options in one machine. This arcade game rental has something for everyone!

Your players can start with a classic game of Centipede. They’ll be stationed in a tiny yellow ship at the bottom of the screen, and they’ll shoot at a centipede rapidly cascading down to their ship. Having Millipede and Centipede in the same machine makes Centipede gameplay even more exciting for your guests, because this arcade game rental uses a Millipede trackball, which allows players to have way more control over the ship than in the classic Centipede game. Of course, this trackball is also ideal for the expanded gameplay of Millipede, in which your event attendees can use DDT bombs in addition to the usual missiles. They’ll have so many options for destroying enemies that additional guests will line up for a game, building crowds and getting a serious buzz going in your space.

The Missile Command game uses the Millipede trackball too, which is smaller than the usual Missile Control trackball. This size difference will present your guests with fun new challenges in fending off invaders, and when they choose to play Let’s Go Bowling, the trackball entirely changes function. Players will use the trackball to guide a bowling ball all the way down the bowling lane, so whether the people at your event are more of the sports type or the video game type, they have options for days with this arcade game rental!

With four options in one machine that doesn’t occupy much floor space, the Centipede Millipede Missile Command Arcade is the perfect way to build crowds at your next ‘80s themed event, trade show booth, product activation, hospitality event, or other corporate occasions. Pair it with Frogger, Big Buck Hunter, Pacman, or even Dance Dance Revolution to make your event truly unforgettable!

  • FOUR IN ONE: When you rent the Centipede Millipede Missile Command Arcade, you rent four games in one. Guests at your next event can enjoy a classic game of Centipede, its more intense sequel Millipede, the similar shooting game Missile Command, or an entirely different trackball experience in Let’s Go Bowling!
  • TRACKBALL FOR ALL: The Centipede Millipede Missile Command Arcade completely changes the trackball usage experience for Centipede and Missile Command. The trackball included is bigger than the usual size for Centipede, making it easier for players to have more control over the ship and firing capabilities. This same trackball, though, is smaller than the standard for Missile Command, making the game extra challenging!
  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Since this arcade game rental has four different games, it’s a huge crowd-pleaser. Guests who don’t feel like shooting at enemies can play Let’s Go Bowling instead. Likewise, if knocking down pins isn’t someone’s thing, they have three classic arcade options to enjoy.

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