Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command Arcade

A combo game containing three Atari classics in one, plus a bowling game that has the look and feel of the early 1980’s.

4 Classic Retro 80s Arcade in one Cabinet

Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command and Let's Go Bowling combo was produced by Team Play in 2001.

Team Play released 7 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 2001.

Other machines made by Team Play during the time period Centipede Millipede Missile Command was produced include Star Trek Voyager, Bopper Ball, Robotron - Joust, Cow Tipping, and Defender / Defender II.

The games play exactly like the originals and the cabinet itself looks more like a Centipede cabinet but with three fire buttons to handle Missile Command and a trackball the size of Millipede which is larger than Centipede's original but smaller than the original Missile Command.

Centipede - Back when single screen shooters like Space Invaders and Galaga were all the rage, Atari cooked up Centipede as an answer. Destroy the segmented centipede that drops row-by-row from the top of the screen in a field of mushrooms towards the bottom. Watch out for the nasty spider. The trackball gives this exceptional control!

Millipede - The sequel to Centipede which beefed up the game with DDT bombs and new enemies like the inchworm or earwig. This is a little more intense than Centipede and you can get much higher scores due to that.

Missile Command - Defend your cities from nuclear attack from the evil Communists! Place your sights using the trackball and one of three buttons to fire from the appropriate base.

Let's Go Bowling - 10 Pins are ready for you to knock down as the game begins. Using the trackball, guide your bowling ball down the lane while aiming for the ultimate strike. Pick up some spare while you're at it and watch your score rise! Dimensions:

120v; 7 amps

36" l x 26"w x 84"h

382 lbs

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