Giant Digital Etch A Sketch

Create your own masterpieces with this Giant Digital Etch A Sketch! This huge Digital Etch A Sketch makes this classic game life size. With this huge Giant Digital Etch A Sketch rental, you can play this iconic drawing game on a massive 65-inch HD monitor that guests at your next corporate event will immediately notice — and want to create for themselves.

This oversized version of the childhood classic toy “Etch A Sketch”, aka the original magic screen, allows players the chance to create digital masterpieces by turning two large knobs on controlling the vertical and horizontal movements of the digital drawing. Turn both knobs together for angles and curves! When you are ready to create another piece of artwork, simply use a digital slide eraser to clear the screen…sorry, it’s just too big to turn upside down to shake! Great addition for corporate holiday parties or even as a booth attraction at trade shows.

Giant Digital Etch A Sketch Features & Specs

  • Classic, widely beloved game played on huge 65” HD TV
  • Giant Digital Etch A Sketch rental with same gameplay as usual game, just different screen and size
  • Builds crowd quickly thanks to game familiarity and novelty of screen size
  • DIMENSIONS: 65″ L x 108″ W x 84″ H
  • ELECTRICITY: 120V, 15A
  • WEIGHT: 10 lbs
  • Pairs well with other classic arcade games, giant games, racing games, and trade show traffic builders
  • Electricity

    15 amps
  • Dimensions

    84"H x 108"W x 65"L
  • Weight

    10 lbs


The “Etch A Sketch” game is a staple of American culture, so why not make it life-size at your next event? When you rent this huge Giant Digi E Sketch game for your next corporate event, your employees, co-workers, and other guests get a shot at enjoying the rush of this classic drawing game on a screen that you might associate with TV marathons before drawing games.

Gameplay itself is unchanged, and since this sketching game is such a staple in the hearts and minds of players, this game rental will quickly become all the buzz at your event. All that’s different is the giant monitor, but that’s exactly what will draw people in. Except it’s too big to turn upside down to shake ! Its not every day that people get to play Giant Digital Etch A Sketch on an absolutely massive screen, so renting this huge Digital Etch A Sketch game will cause people to gather in droves at your next retro themed event, hospitality event, product activation, or other corporate occasions. It’s also great for some movie themes like Toy Story too! And when crowds grow, so too do opportunities for people to interact with your business or brand.

Bringing Back Fond Memories with Giant Digital Etch A Sketch

As people approach your Giant Digital Etch A Sketch game, you can put your product directly in front of them, too. Since the Giant Digital Etch A Sketch is narrow to set up along a far wall of a trade show booth, where it can draw in passersby while subtly engaging them with your product. Combine it with other games including Big Buck Hunter, NBA Hoops LED Basketball, and Dance Dance Revolution to really get the fun going and build big crowds! Keep it retro with our Traditional Photo Booth featuring our Neon Sign to really WOW your guests!

  • HUGE Digital Etch A Sketch: Your favorite drawing game has never been bigger! Equipped with a 65-inch HD monitor and a pedestal half the height of an average person, “Etch A Sketch” has never been this giant. Guests at your next event will have a blast creating their masterpieces on a screen fit for movies or TV.
  • EASE OF USE: Giant Digital Etch A Sketch is a game, but it can be so much more. You can create a competition or a picture perfect moment with our Giant Digital Etch A Sketch. Have your guests draw their art and then have them take a photo with it. Ask them to add your hashtag to their SM posting. So whenever people walk up to get a game in, they’ll engage with your product.
  • BUILD BIG CROWDS: With big Digital Etch A Sketch comes big crowds. Guests at your next event will flock to this game to experience the novelty of playing an indisputable classic on a screen several times bigger than they’re used to. This game is the ultimate crowd-builder, so use it to draw people to your trade show booth, encourage social environments and fun competition at your next holiday party, or bring the heat to an ‘80s themed event!

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