Dance Dance Revolution DDR Rental

Need a highly competitive interactive game?

The hottest game in arcades today, DDR Max 2 is the eight release to the very popular Konomi Dance Dance Revolution Game.  Ready for your dance off!

This is not a rental pieced together with an Xbox, Wii or Playstation.  This is a real arcade game of the DDR with real full size dance pads and commercial arcade game.  Our DDR has a time limit to play.  No need for a person to kick people off the game with the others.

The Real DDR Rental; not the home version!

Up to 2 people at a time can play against each other or play for score our our full size arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution. Players press the pads with their feet to line up the arrows as they correspond with the beat and rhythm of the music on the screen. Several genres and music choices are available. There are three levels of play to accommodate a player's skill on the dance machine. This is NOT the home version using a playstation; this is the REAL DDR! Don't be mislead with a "virtual" DDR; call us today to book your real DDR.  Don't be mislead with "virtual" DDRs, call us today to book a real dance machine for your next party rental.

Scroll below to see the DDR in action!

120v; 8 amps

70"l x 85"w x 89"h

950 lbs

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First, you  select your player mode. If it is just you, then select single player. Then, choose your difficulty. There is beginner level for those who have not played the game before. Standard mode for those who have played and non stop mode where the songs keep going until you fail, or challenge mode for those who like a big challenge.

There will be a red start button on the machine with two yellow buttons on each side of it. Use the yellow buttons to make selections and the red button to confirm them.

Next, choose your song from a huge list. You can sort through the songs in alphabetical order and this is the best way to go. You have about 70 to 80 seconds to select your song and you will get to hear a 5 to 10 sec. clip of the song.

Now, choose your difficulty setting for the song. For newbies, select the Beginner level. Basic level for those who have played the game a bit, and difficult level for those who are really familiar with the game. There’s an Expert level  for those who have played the game for a long time. You’ll see bars next to each setting, this measures the feet needed to play the song. In other words the higher up you go the harder the dance steps will be.

Now comes the fun part. You will need to match the arrows that are moving with the arrows that are fixed on top of the screen. So when the up arrow reaches the top of the screen you step on the up arrow on the dance pad. If two arrows are shown at the same time you need to hit both arrows on the dance pad at the same time. You will need both feet for this game and there will be some jumping.  Get ready for a really interactive game and have plenty of water on hand.