Giant Chess Set Rental

Giant Chess Set Rental

Go big or go home with this giant chess set rental! For your next company picnic, Friday breakout session, or corporate retreat, rent this huge chess game for an interactive team-building novelty activity. The chessboard is made inlaid checkerboard turf instead of commonplace, flimsy cloth, so this giant chess rental holds up in wind or against foot traffic. And at 100 square feet with 32 two-foot-tall chess pieces, this giant game is sure to draw crowds no matter where you use it!

  • Huge update on a classic tabletop board game
  • Includes a huge, stable chessboard and chess pieces
  • Chess Board made of uses a board made of  custom inlay turf that resembles a checkerboard rug instead of flimsy, unstable cloth
  • 100 square foot giant game rental easy to set up and play on any level surface
  • Rent a large chess set for company picnics, holiday parties, and breakout sessions
  • Great interactive activity for company retreats and other team-building occasions
  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ L x 10’ W x 2’ H
  • WEIGHT: 33 lbs
  • Pairs well with other interactive games and team-building games as well as table games and event accessories!

NOTE: This one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    120"l x 120"w x 24"h
  • Weight

    33 lbs


When you rent a huge board game for your next corporate event, you give your co-workers, employees, and other attendees an eye-catching, irresistible opportunity. The Giant Chess Set rental is a massive standout at any event, with a giant black-and-white tile board and two-foot-tall black and white chess pieces turning heads from every corner of the room. If you’re looking to build crowds at your next holiday party, networking event, or company retreat, Renting a giant chess game is the choice for you!

This big chess rental is more stable and secure than the many other giant checkers sets available. Whereas those sets use flimsy chess pieces and a thin cloth chessboard that can flip, fold, bunch up, or blow away in the wind or with even the slightest movement of a chess piece, this chessboard is made of black and white turf tiles that are interwoven together like puzzle pieces. When that unexpected gust blows over your company picnic or your employees move their rooks especially quickly at your Friday breakout session, this chessboard won’t change its shape or form, saving you the annoyance of reorganizing.

Giant Chess Set Rental

The Giant Chess Set rental is super easy to set up, too. You can roll out the turf checkerboard in just minutes, and chess pieces, though tall, are lightweight, making them easy to place on the appropriate tiles for starting the game. This ease of setup makes renting a giant chess game as ideal for outdoor events such as company picnics as for indoor events such as holiday parties and networking sessions. As long as you have a level floor on which to place all 100 square feet of this chessboard, you’re good to go.

Pair this huge chess rental with other giant games such as Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Giant Scrabble, Giant Dominoes, and Giant Connect Four. It’s also a good match for outdoor games including Ladderball and Horseshoes and team-building games such as Giant Digi E Sketch and PuttSkee Golf Putting!

  • GO BIG OR GO HOME: With this Huge Chess Set rental, you can offer your co-workers, employees, and other guests an eye-catching, life-size take on a classic board game that people of all ages love. Attendees at your next event will have trouble keeping away from this intriguing huge game!
  • STURDY HOLD: Many huge chess rentals use pieces that topple easily and cloth chessboards that move with the littlest breeze. This huge chess game is much more stable thanks to its inlay turf rug, which keep the board together on any level surface. Plus, the two-feet-tall plastic chess pieces don’t fall over easily.
  • WHENEVER, WHEREVER: As long as your event has the floor space to accommodate this 100 square foot chess game, then this huge chess game is a great choice for your event! It’s fun at outdoor events such as picnics and company retreats, and it’s equally entertaining at indoor events such as breakout sessions and company anniversary parties too.
  • A TEAM OF GIANTS: Giant Chess isn’t the only classic tabletop game you can rent in giant size. We also offer Giant Checkers, Giant Jenga, Giant Dominoes, Giant Connect Four, and Giant Scrabble. Make your event a truly huge occasion!


Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Game rentals 

Team building is vital for ensuring that your company and colleagues consistently meet their goals, but that doesn’t make it easy to achieve. You’re probably familiar with plenty of traditional, tried-and-true team-building activities that promise to more strongly connect your colleagues with one another, but you’re also likely aware that many employees can be hesitant or resistant to these activities. Team-building game rentals, on the other hand, are much more widely enjoyable and can even lead to better team-building results than those classic simulated activities.

With team-building games, you can gather your co-workers and employees around a fun, quick activity such as Giant Scrabble or Giant Beer Pong to teach strategy and collaboration skills. As your colleagues play the team-building games you’ve rented, they’ll also foster a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and community among each other. And with rules as straightforward as those in many team-building games, the chances of your colleagues participating and actively bonding are that much stronger.

Team-building games are huge time-savers, too! Not only are they usually easy to set up, but they often take less time to finish than most common office team-building activities. And unlike those longstanding team-building ideas, team-building game rentals are so fun that your co-workers and employees just might want to play them again. Contact us today to rent a team-building game for your next event!

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