Custom UB QB Football Toss

Bring the ultimate football toss game challenge to your next event with customized game parts that perfectly match the occasion. With our Custom UBQB Football Toss game rental, you can display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items on the game’s sides, front panel, backboard, and footballs. Your name will stand out to passersby as strongly as the rapid pace and ceaseless excitement of the game will, making this football toss game rental– and, thereby, your event – a pro-level experience for your guests and your company alike.

  • Customize football arcade game’s sides, front panel, backboard, scoring area and footballs
  • Include company logo, slogan, or other visual branding items to entertain and inform
  • Decorate football arcade game with imagery relevant to event theme
  • Customization options ideal for corporate spaces, trade show booths, product activations, and many other settings
  • Rent two units together for a competitive match-style setup and additional customizable game space
  • Full-size, customizable football throwing game excites and educates
  • Includes enclosed cage, 6.5” customizable footballs, and modest football toss distances
  • Add our inlay football field turf rug to kick it up! (measures 10 feet x 20 feet)
  • ELECTRICITY: 120AC, 5 amps
  • DIMENSIONS: 12’ L x 3’ W x 7’ H
  • WEIGHT: 700 lbs
  • Pairs well with other customizable games, sports games, arcade games, and trade show games!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    12' L x 3' W x 7' H
  • Weight

    700 lbs


Why – and where – you should use customized game rentals

If you’re attending an event to link new business contacts, clients, or customers with your company’s products and services, customized game rentals can sharply boost your engagement. Custom-branded sports, carnival, or arcade games showcase your branded marketing push in plain sight: While your guests toss customized footballs, whack customized moles, or try to grab customized prizes piled into a heavily branded claw cube, they’ll constantly encounter your logo, slogan, and whatever additional visual branding items you include. Customized games introduce your guests to your products and services without you overtly demanding their attention.

Custom UBQB Football Toss distinguishes your products and services in corporate settings including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Trade show booths. Manning a trade show booth comes with the formidable challenge of making yourself known at a highly crowded, competitive event. Rent a custom-branded game to attract larger numbers of patrons to your booth – not nearly all your competitors will also have a game available to play! Plus, with larger numbers of visitors to your booth, your customized football arcade game can introduce a wider audience to your brand than if you’d gone gameless.
  • Product activations. Just like at trade shows, guests at product activations can feel overwhelmed by the staggering number of brochures and samples they receive. Buck tradition and be remembered with a customized football arcade game rental that informs guests about your products and services while giving them an even more enjoyable time than they’d expected. An arcade game adorned with relevant images, symbols, words, and phrases not only entertains guests, but it makes product engagement all the more likely.
  • Company parties. No matter how well your business’s brand is known, few people know your company better than your employees, so at your next internal event, rent a customized football arcade game to ensure your colleagues don’t forget the occasion. For your next holiday party or celebration of a noteworthy accomplishment, customize your football throwing game with meaningful images and text that your team will appreciate and find heartwarming. Plus, any guests your co-workers and employees bring will get to know your brand better than they could have anticipated. Customizable options like the football toss game keep the fun going while staying on brand.
  • Themed events. Commit to your theme with a customizable game rental! For ‘80s night, decorate your customizable game with images of pop-cultural staples and neon lights that instantly evoke the era. For sports night, double down on the fun of the UBQB Football Toss game with pictures of footballs or famous NFL players.
  • Networking events. Supplement drinks and snacks with game rentals to not just break the ice, but shatter it. While your colleagues play your customized arcade game rental with guests from other companies, they can rely on your customized game to quickly introduce guests to your brand while keeping the conversation – and the networking – flowing naturally.
  • Film sets. Anyone who’s ever filmed a TV show, music video, or commercial knows the agony of setting up, breaking down, and then storing props for a film set. Game rentals eliminate this burden, and customized game rentals enhance your set, too. Need to make your ‘90s holiday party film set actually look the part? Customized rentals get the job done.
  • Corporate sales meetings. Educate potential new clients about your company’s most meaningful data and accomplishments in a way they likely haven’t seen before, a way that’s certain to make a lasting impression. Rent customized game rentals that display relevant graphs, charts, and other data you’d usually encounter on boards and traditional presentation materials. You’ll achieve similar goals to these tried and true methods while jumping far outside the box and lingering on the minds of potential new business contacts.

Brand Building with Arcade Games

THOROUGH CUSTOMIZATION: The UB QB Football Toss game rental’s sides, front panel, backboard, and footballs can all be customized. Show off your branding, match your event theme, or do anything else your company needs!

DOUBLE TROUBLE: One UB QB Football Toss unit can excite your guests while educating them about your products and services, but two units mean double trouble. With two UB QB rentals side-by-side, you not only provide more fun, but you increase the space you have available for customization opportunities, too.

GO LONG: This sports game rental stands out in all manner of settings since it’s large enough to accommodate ample throwing space, but it’s not so massive that it destroys traffic flow at your event. By adding this customizable football throwing game, it’s compact standout is perfect for drawing attention to your brand without disrupting the whole occasion.

USE WHEREVER: Whether you need to make your film set more realistic or bolster product engagement at a trade show booth or networking event, rent the customizable UB QB Football Toss game for a properly sized and easy to set up attraction for the occasion. Try it wherever and watch as brand engagement goes out the roof!

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