DDR Arcade Machine Rental

What DDR Arcade Machine Rentals Add to Your Event

Get down to the groove with Dance Dance Revolution — often known simply as DDR — the ever-popular video game and arcade game classic! Rent Dance Dance Revolution for your next corporate event to bring the tunes and the moves to your affair. Whether you’re hosting an event themed after music, dance, arcade games, or family fun or you’re looking for just the right touch for your next company-wide celebration, DDR Machine Rental is sure to bring plenty of fun to the room!

  • Offer a hit of nostalgia with life-sized version of common household video game
  • Super popular music and dance game rental quickly builds crowds in various settings
  • Intense, active two-player game encourages friendly competition
  • DDR rental fits events themed after music, dance, arcades, and more
  • Music choices include widely popular songs perfect for setting the mood

DDR Machine Rentals Specs

  • Electricity

    120v; 8 amps
  • Dimensions

    70"l x 85"w x 89"h
  • Weight

    950 lbs


Bring Your Guests Back

There is nothing, and that means nothing, quite like the addition of music to any upbeat get-together, almost regardless of circumstance. Of course, there is one thing that can top just playing music, and that’s encouraging people to get down and cut the rug up. Clichés aside, DDR machine rentals are something that can add a ton of spice and funk to your next event. A DDR arcade machine can make all the difference between just another party or event and a night to remember. Phoenix Amusements has a DDR arcade machine rental ready for you when you want to plan whatever it is that you have in mind, but be ready: It’s going to create a buzz that will be all but impossible to quell once the groove really gets started with your guests.

Plenty of millennials and Gen Z kids grew up with Dance Dance Revolution on their home consoles. For a massive hit of nostalgia at your next corporate event, snag this full-size Dance Dance Revolution rental, which includes ample floor space for two players to stomp around and follow the commands on the big screen.

DDR Arcade Machine Rentals – Corporate Events

A game this fun and active is ideal for any corporate event that you’re hosting to reward your co-workers or employees, celebrate a crucial company achievement, or ring in the holiday cheer. Surprise your co-workers, employees, and other guests with this music and dance game classic and watch as people head directly from the entrance of your event to this life-sized DDR rental. If you’re looking to build a crowd, this rental is sure to achieve that – as people spot your DDR machine rentals from across the room, they’ll flock to it. And as your crowd grows in size, you’ll notice people interacting in all kinds of fun, uplifting ways.

DDR Machines and Themed Events

Dance Dance Revolution is an ideal rental for so many themed events. Hosting a music night? Dance Dance Revolution includes tons of hits for your guests to dance along to. This DDR rental is even more on the nose for dance-themed events, a way to offer everybody in attendance a chance to move their bodies. It’s also a perfect fit for arcade-themed events, because DDR is a staple of neon-lit halls lined with Pacman machines and fortune-telling machines.

DDR Machine Rentals Pairings

To make your event the most fun it can be, pair your DDR machine rentals with other music and dance games such as karaoke, arcade games such as Frogger, and racing simulators such as Fast N Furious! With all these game options, people at your next event will have a blast and look back on your event – and your company – fondly.

  • DANCE, DANCE, DANCE: Set up your DDR machine rentals at your next corporate event so that your guests can face-off in intense, heart-pumping dance battles and have a great time thanks to your company.
  • FROM HOME TO OFFICE: Many people grew up with Dance Dance Revolution available to play on their home video game consoles. This DDR rental is the real deal, a life-size unit found in arcades. Rent it for your next event to draw huge crowds of eager players.
  • THEME VERSATILITY: Dance Dance Revolution isn’t just a dance game. It packs all sorts of popular music choices too! That’s why it’s perfect for music- and dance-themed events, where you can use it as an attention-grabbing item that fits in perfectly. You can also use this DDR rental for your next arcade-themed event.
  • SET THE MOOD: With people dancing in glee and beloved songs permeating the room, your event will find just the right mood if you rent Dance Dance Revolution. Find that balance you’ve been seeking!

DDR Arcade Machine in Atlanta!

Music is a universal part of human life. Almost everybody has a favorite song, artist, or album. And almost everybody wants to dance, or at least move a little bit, when they hear a song they love.

That’s why music and dance games can make such a strong impression at corporate events. If you’re hosting a celebration for a company milestone or a classic holiday party to usher in the home stretch of the year, you can count on music and dance games to provide unforgettable fun for your co-workers, employees, and other guests. It’s one thing to offer your attendees ample bar snacks and strong cocktails to loosen them up a bit – to give them a chance to sing their lungs out or dance all night is going the extra mile, and your effort won’t go unnoticed.

Music and dance games are also great choices for themed events. If you’re hosting an ‘80s-themed event, rent a karaoke machine and use it for the decade’s biggest hits. If you’re hosting a dance-themed night, use DDR machine rentals to get people moving to their favorite songs. You can even rent a jukebox to put full musical control over your events in your guests’ hands. Contact us today to rent a music or dance game for your next corporate event!

Every Event Should Be Memorable.

A DDR arcade machine is going to be the straw that stirs the drink at any party, event or whatnot. Regardless of why you’re getting people together, it’s a better experience for everyone if they have a lot of fun, if they let their inhibitions go and if they remember that party or even the next day and laugh at some of the memories made.
Phoenix Amusements, Inc. is here to help you with your DDR machine rental. We’ll bring it to your site, remove it when you’re done and help you get it going if you need assistance.

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