Deluxe Ring Toss Carnival Game

Engage visitors at your next carnival or trade show booth with the Deluxe Ring Toss Carnival Game! We designed this game ourselves to expand the scope of the traditional ring toss game and include a whopping 100 bottles onto which your guests will attempt to toss their rings. We’re the only company that offers a ring toss rental this huge, and our model is compact too – we fit all 100 bottles into just 16 square feet of floor space! You can customize the game’s wrap to display your company’s branding or, better yet, use your company’s own branded bottles.

  • Massive ring toss carnival game that we custom designed ourselves – nobody else has this!
  • Largest ring toss game for rent available in the continental United States
  • Game contains 100 bottles yet only occupies 16 square feet of floor space
  • Ideal for carnivals, outdoor events, and trade show booths
  • Also useful as a prop for set-building in films, TV shows, music videos, and more
  • Customize to display your company’s branding or other relevant imagery
  • DIMENSIONS: 4’ L x 4’ W x 4’ H
  • WEIGHT: 100 lbs
  • Pairs well with other carnival games and trade show builders as well as team-building games and interactive games
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    48"l x 48"w x 36"h
  • Weight

    100 lbs


The Deluxe Ring Toss Carnival Game is our own custom-built creation. This massive ring toss carnival game holds 100 bottles, way more than the usual tabletop versions that are much smaller both in size and scope. And although we went big, we didn’t go impossibly large: This huge ring toss rental only occupies 16 square feet of floor space, so you can fit it into pretty much any corporate event or setting where you need it.

One such setting might include a carnival, the exact setting this game was designed for. When your carnival attendees notice this massive ring toss carnival game next to the many other carnival staples you’ve rented, they’ll be sure to remember your carnival fondly and come back when you host it again next year. You can also rent carnival games like this one to draw passersby at trade shows to your booth, because not nearly every company showcasing in a convention center thinks to offer visitors fun games in addition to new products. And with this customizable ring toss game, you can offer both at once – customize the game’s wrap or bring your own branded bottles to engage players with your products and services.

This game’s customization abilities also make it excellent as a prop for visual media: films, music videos, TV shows, you name it. If you’re a set-builder looking for a believable touch for your carnival set, then this ring toss rental both serves as a classic carnival game for your background and has the customization abilities to reflect whatever era or region in which your production takes place. Plus, when you’re done with this prop, you don’t have to break it down and recycle or dispose of it when filming is done – we’ll take it right back, relieving you of a major burden.

Pair this boardwalk classic with other carnival games such as the Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine or Bounce a Ball, or try it with trade show games such as Chaos Strike a Light or the Grab N Go Claw Machine! No matter your rental choice, we’re here to help you set it up and, ultimately, take it off your hands.

  • BIGGEST AROUND: It’s not every day you see a ring toss rental with 100 bottles, but our specially designed Deluxe Ring Toss Carnival game is exactly that! In most areas of the country, this is the largest ring toss game available.
  • HUGE BUT COMPACT: If a 100-bottle ring toss game sounds imposing, don’t worry – we kept this one compact. Our giant ring toss for rent only occupies 16 square feet of floor space, so it should be no trouble to fit in most rooms and even notoriously tighter spaces such as trade show booths.
  • CARNIVAL CLASSIC: Hosting a carnival? Impress attendees with the biggest ring toss game they’ve likely seen. The novelty of such a big ring toss rental can be a huge draw!
  • SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: Our deluxe ring toss game for rent is super useful for set-building if you’re filming something that takes place at a carnival. Using this ring toss rental gives you one fewer thing to worry about when deconstructing your set, since we’ll take care of removing this game on your behalf.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Whether you’re filming or marketing, you can customize this game’s wrap to display relevant imagery including text or graphics that enhance your movie’s setting or boldly showcase your company’s branding. You can even use branded bottles that you provide!


Carnival Theme Party

Carnival games might seem like they would have limited use, but their benefits and applications go far beyond huge outdoor events. If you’re bringing your new product to a trade show booth where you’re competing with other brands to attract passersby, rent carnival games for a unique twist that brings all the attendees to your booth. If you want to even more deeply engage passersby who visit your booth, customize your game to display your company’s branding or other visual info around its wrap.

You can rely on these same customization abilities to turn your carnival game rentals into realistic set-building props. If your film, music video, or TV show requires you to build a carnival set, rent a customizable carnival game so that you can alter the game to realistically depict your project’s setting.

Of course, you can rent carnival games for your own county fair, a kids carnival hosted by your local club or religious institution, or virtually any other setup you can think of. This huge ring toss carnival game goes great side-by-side with other carnival classics available for rent by Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta.

Renting carnival games for your set also lessens the burden involved in deconstructing your set when filming wraps, because we’ll handle transport and breakdown on your behalf. Contact Phoenix Amusements today to rent a carnival game for your next project or event!

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