Want the Best Soccer Arcade Games To Build Awesome Event Traffic?

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The Best Soccer Arcade Games To Build Event Traffic

So you're exhibiting at a trade show and need to get people to come to your booth. What’s the best way to get their attention? You’ll need to bring something big that grabs their interest as they’re walking by, and a soccer arcade game may be just the ticket.

Soccer games break the monotony of presentations and demonstrations normally found at a trade show and let you take a break from the typical hubbub of at a trade show. You may find yourself swarming with curious visitors as they step up to take their shot at scoring a goal! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best soccer arcade games to build event traffic.

What are arcade soccer games?

Arcade soccer games combine the thrill of a soccer match with gameplay that doesn’t involve stepping into cleats or running down a field. There are plenty of soccer arcade game variants out there, from small tabletop games like foosball, to traditional standalone arcade games where the player is controlled by the joystick, or an in-person match where you step up to a ball and try to sink a goal past the goalie.

The game you choose for your trade show booth depends on your goals -- pun intended -- and your space constraints. If you’re tight on space, choose a compact tabletop game like foosball. If there’s room to expand, something like a kicking challenge game offers an exciting change of pace. Some games require electricity, too, which will make a difference with the soccer arcade game you choose. (We do provide generators for our arcade game rentals!)

No matter which arcade soccer game you go with, each one is interactive and focuses on honing skill while showcasing the world’s most popular sport. Who says your grown-up guests can’t have fun playing childhood favorites?

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Soccer games you can use to build event traffic

Trade shows are crowded, with dozens of booths and companies clamoring to grab the attendees’ attention. There are so many choices, it’s seemingly impossible for attendees to stop by them all. How can you best ensure that your booth captures plenty of visitors? Here are some soccer arcade games you can bring to your next trade show to help increase foot traffic at your booth:

  • Soccer foosball table: Foosball is one of the most popular soccer games you can choose to rent. This classic tabletop game is easy to play and fun to watch. You can choose from an eye-catching electronic LED lighted version or one that doesn’t require electricity at all. The method of playing couldn’t be simpler: Players compete by moving their players around with metal rods, aiming to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal.
  • Soccer Kicking Challenge: The highly engaging soccer kicking challenge taps into your guests’ inner sports fan! Your guests step up to the ball and aim to get it past the “goalie” standing at the front. The soccer kicking challenge is an excellent option for outdoor trade shows, as it is made for outdoor use, and it allows for plenty of space to move around and kick. With two setup options, you can choose the one that best fits your space. For an even more engaging twist, give the winner prizes with your logo emblazoned on them. As an added bonus, the soccer kicking challenge is the perfect option if your attendees need to stay six feet apart. Attendees have the option to play alone or with a partner, too, allowing for even more distance between booth visitors and players. This soccer kicking game also has lights for nightime use and a speaker system build-in.
  • Super Kixx Dome Soccer: This tabletop game is the best choice if you want all the excitement of soccer in a small space. It won’t take up much floor area, but still provides all the fun of a tabletop soccer match. The dome keeps the ball from flying around, too, so it won’t fall off the table during a particularly intense round.Since it's similar to foosball, it’s easy to play and attendees can have fun interacting with each other at the same time. Unlike foosball, though, Super Kixx has more advanced options. The bright primary colors on the outside are designed to draw attention, so people walking by your booth are sure to take notice and sneak a peek.
  • FIFA soccer arcade machine: A multiplayer game that really draws attention with a beloved name to boot, the FIFA soccer arcade game is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It's played with both the hands on a controller and using feet on a realistic soccer ball.
  • Kick Mania: If you want a console game with a vivid screen, you’ll want to check out Kick Mania. This soccer arcade game has a retro appeal that can remind attendees of their favorite after-school arcade. Players have to get around the moving goalkeeper to score. When the moment is right, the player presses a button to release the ball and attempt to score. Make it past the goalie, and you’ll win a trophy!


How to use soccer games for visitor engagement

Once you’ve settled on which soccer arcade game rental you want, it’s time to bring crowds to your booth. People may stop in and have fun, but how can you leverage their presence while they’re playing, waiting to play, or just finished their turn?

  • Have attendees sign up to play: To make sure that you get the most return on your game rental, it’s vital to get attendees’ contact information for post-show follow up. It’s also a quick and easy way to build rapport and get leads. It gives you a reason to talk to them and easily slide into your pitch or talk about your company.
  • Give prizes to the winners: Attendees will feel there’s more value to the game if they can win something tangible. Offer them a prize to convince them to give playing a shot. In addition to a regular prize, you can even offer a free promotional item or a coupon for your business as an incentive.
  • Find the right time to make your pitch. As attendees wait to play or once they finish up a round, you’ll have a moment or two to share more information about your product or service. Take advantage of this small window: Walk up with materials in hand, whether that’s a product sample, a flyer, or a small giveaway you’re handing out to passersby.

Kick off your event with a soccer arcade game rental from Phoenix Amusements

If you’re inspired to use a game at your next event, you have a trusted event rental partner in Phoenix Amusements. Based in Atlanta and serving companies nationwide, Phoenix Amusements has been helping companies and event organizers alike craft amazing experiences since 1959. From foosball to air hockey, a rental from us will make sure your brand stays on attendees’ minds long after they go home.

Need some more details on choosing which game to rent? We’re here to help and we love finding the perfect game for you! Contact Phoenix Amusements today to see how we can help you make your next trade show one to remember.



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