8 Unique Ways To Engage A Crowd in 2022

Unique Ideas to Engage Crowd

Since the new year is a time for resolutions and trying new things, why not think about new ways to engage a crowd at your next trade show or corporate event? From virtual activities to one-player arcade games, there are always ways to liven up your corporate event and keep your guests entertained and engaged. Here are eight corporate event ideas or event trends we at Phoenix Amusements are expecting to make a splash in 2022.

What are the event trends expected to emerge in 2022?

Just because things look a bit different right now than it did in previous years doesn’t mean you can’t host a successful event. In fact, there are many creative ways you can make your event engaging, interactive, and memorable while following proper safety guidelines. Check out these trends to help you start thinking about ways to put on a fantastic event in 2022:

  • Hybrid ready venues: As many venues adjusted to the limited crowd sizes and physical distancing that became necessary in 2020, some have taken the extra step to outfit ther venues for hybrid events. These convention centers have outfitted their spaces with technologies that enable businesses and event organizers alike to broadcast their event in both virtual and “IRL” spaces. No longer will your guests be required to attend the event in-person, while respecting any attendance limits that may be imposed in the future.
  • Virtual events: Virtual events have been around for a while in various capacities. Since 2020, however, they have become a mainstay in corporate events. Driven by this high demand, many organizers have tightened their skills regarding these remote events. Companies are able to engage their attendees online with guest speakers, sponsors, activities, and even games  that allow for social distancing.
  • Stay closer to home: Traveling internationally or long distance can be stressful, especially when so many people are hesitant to spend long hours on a plane or train. This has encouraged many event organizers and companies to focus their efforts on local and regional attendance, as well as events that can take place in one day as opposed to requiring a multi-day stay. Even so, Phoenix Amusements does provide our services outside of the Atlanta area.
  • Private destinations and events: Seemingly opposite of the “stay close to home” trend, destination-driven events are expected to rise in 2022. These event types give attendees a break from the humdrum of their familiar surroundings -- not to mention an unforgettable experience -- with a private group of people who can follow any required precautions.

How to pick an event rental for your 2022 event

Don’t let the change in operations prevent your attendees from having a good time. No matter if you’re participating in a hybrid trade show or you’re considering a private corporate retreat, a game rental can help keep your guests entertained while keeping them safe. Consider these rules-of-thumb while selecting your corporate event game rental.

  • Think about social distancing: Social distancing has become the new way of life, but that won’t stop your guests’ favorite games from being played. There are plenty of social distancing activities available for rent. Games like air hockey and foosball let players have some one-on-one friendly competition while standing several feet apart.

Unique Way to Engage with Air Hockey Tables

  • Choose low contact games: Single player arcade games such as Pacman or Skee-Ball keep your attendees interested and enthused while minimizing the spread of germs. Place our Hands-Free Sanitation Station between the games, so participants can santize before playing.
  • Rent multiple machines: If you’re setting up a trade show booth at a hybrid event, keep the crowd and lines moving by renting multiple machines. This gives guests the opportunity to spread out and maintain social distancing. The more games you have, the less waiting around people will do as well.

Eight exciting ways to engage a crowd at your 2022 event

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly you can do to keep guests excited and participating without compromising on safety rules. Don’t fret, these innovative ideas will get your guests pumped up and connected with all your event has to offer:

  • Give away prizes for winning: Everyone loves to walk away feeling like a winner. Regardless if they earn the high score of the day or beat their opponent in a one-on-one match, providing prizes will not only thrill your guests, but also increase brand awareness when these prizes are used strategically. Consider giving away company swag, gift cards, vouchers, apparel, or even cash prizes.
  • Raffle off services: For events such as fundraisers that include raffles, encourage guests to enter by raffling off services. This could be a service from your own company, from a strategic partner, or from a beloved local favorite.
  • Use a money booth: Event guests can take turns catching coupons and other paper-based incentives when they enter a cash grabbing money booth. The mad dash for prizes may only last a few seconds, but every player walks out a winner. Think about filing the booth with coupons, raffle tickets, certificates, and vouchers for more winning options.

Custom Money Machine

  • Try virtual reality tools: Immerse your event attendees in a unique interactive experience unlike any other. Although the emergence of virtual reality (VR) has been a process for quite some years, it’s not yet thoroughly commonplace and the technology is still evolving. Whether you are hosting a company event or have a booth at a trade show, the uniqueness of VR is sure to capture curious minds who want to try this oft-discussed new technology.
  • Incorporate interactive stations: Set up stations where your guests can really get into the action. This may be a photo op wall, create your own bag area, or even an interactive floor. (don't forget branding options on the floor!) These options will draw guests over to the entertainment while also limiting the number of surfaces being touched by everyone.
  • Have an arcade game or basketball shoot showdown: Get everyone into the team spirit by having a sports showdown. You can split guests into teams and encourage everyone to cheer each other on. To make it even more special, award the champions with a prize!
  • Hand out useful giveaways: Although pens and magnets are good to have, common giveaways can often get left behind or thrown out. Hand out giveaways that attendees will take home and put to good use. Products such as travel mugs, phone chargers, and portable power banks are all items that won’t break the bank while being useful to your guests. You can even customize these giveaways to show off your brand name or logo.
  • Teach something: Company conventions and trade shows are a perfect time to conduct a demonstration of new products or teach event attendees about something new within the relevant industry. Turn this type of learning experience into something fun – break out a presentation, get interactive by encouraging audience participation, or hand out samples related to your demonstration.

Keep guests engaged and enthusiastic by renting from Phoenix Amusements

At Phoenix Amusements, we know how hard it is to stand out and offer unique experiences for your guests. No matter what the event trends bring any given year, product rentals elevate the experience you’re offering guests, employees, and colleagues, whether that event is in-person, hybrid, or completely virtual. If you’re not sure what entertainment is perfect for you, contact Phoenix Amusement’s customer success team – we can’t wait to hear from you and help turn your dream into a reality.