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Playing Dance machine - Dance Revolution at Event

Bring your guests back with Dance Machine Rentals!

The most meaningful things in life are accomplished by doing. It is also able to motivate someone to sit down and take the rug off. Clichés aside, renting DDR machines can add spice to any occasion. An arcade machine DDR is a key part in ensuring that a party or event will be remembered. Why do we think so? Dance Machine rentals are highly requested for events and no real skills are needed!

DDR machine rentals are a great way to get your guests moving at your next event! They're easy to set up (since we do all the work!) and can be a lot of fun for people of all ages. Plus, they're a great way to get people competing against each other. If you're looking for something different than the usual dance floor, DDR machines are a great option. With so many different games to choose from, you're sure to find something that everyone will enjoy. Plus, they're a great way to get people talking and interacting with each other. So if you're looking for something fun and unique for your next event, DDR machines are a great option!

Plenty of millennials and Gen Z kids grew up with Dance Dance Revolution on their home consoles. For a massive hit of nostalgia at your next corporate event, snag this full-size Dance Dance Revolution rental, which includes ample floor space for two players to stomp around and follow the commands on the big screen.

Dance Machine Rentals Game Dance Revolution being played by employees at corporate event

Dance Game Dance Revolution at Corporate Event

What is Dance Machine Rentals & how it can add energy to your Corporate Events?

DDR Arcade Machine Rentals – Corporate Events

A game that is fun and interactive is ideal to use during your annual company party. Send your colleagues and friends a musical and dancing classic and watch the crowds migrate to your door with this life-size rental DDR. If you have an aim to build an audience, this rental can certainly help. When the population gets larger you find that the crowds interact with people in fun, exciting and positive ways.

DDR machines are a great way to get employees energized and engaged during your next company event. They are easy to use and offer a fun, interactive gaming experience that is perfect for work parties, sales kickoff meetings, and employee appreciation events. Plus, DDR machines can be easily rented for a reasonable price. So why not add a little fun to your next event with a Dance Machine Rentals? You and your employees will be glad you did!

Branded Dance Machine for Health Trade Show

Custom Dance Machine for Trade Show Games

DDR machines and themed events

Dance Revolution is ideally situated to host many themed celebrations and parties. Hosting an art event or a sales kickoff meeting? Dance Revolution offers lots to dance to. This DDR rental has been especially designed as part of a dance event, so that everyone has the opportunity to exercise their limbs. The DDR is a staple in neon-lit rooms lined with arcade machines and Zoltar fortune-telling machine.

If you're looking for a fun and unique team building activity, why not consider a dance machine? Dance machines, also known as DDR machines or dance dance revolution machines, are arcade games that require players to step on pads in time with the music. They're great for getting everyone moving and shaking, and they can help promote teamwork and communication. Plus, they're just plain fun! If you're interested in renting a dance machine for your next event, we can help. Our experienced staff will deliver and set up the machine for you.

DDR Machine Rentals Pairings

To make DDR Machine rentals an enjoyable experience, combine it with music and dancing games, karaoke, Frogger and race simulator like Fast Furious! Then people will be able to enjoy the game and will remember their event – and their organization – fondly as they did.

  • DANCE, DANCE, DANCE: Set up your DDR machine rentals at your next corporate event so that your guests can face-off in intense, heart-pumping dance battles and have a great time thanks to your company.
  • FROM HOME TO OFFICE: Many people grew up with Dance Dance Revolution available to play on their home video game consoles. This DDR rental is the real deal, a life-size unit found in arcades. Rent it for your next event to draw huge crowds of eager players.
  • THEME VERSATILITY: Dance Dance Revolution isn’t just a dance game. It packs all sorts of popular music choices too! That’s why it’s perfect for music- and dance-themed events, where you can use it as an attention-grabbing item that fits in perfectly. You can also use this DDR rental for your next arcade-themed event.
  • SET THE MOOD: With people dancing in glee and beloved songs permeating the room, your event will find just the right mood if you rent Dance Dance Revolution. Find that balance you’ve been seeking!

How Does a DDR Dance Machine Work?

Very easy to play! Object of the game is that you and your cohort (one or 2 players) step on any of the foot panels or dance pad corresponding to the four kinds of arrows, which appear from the lower part of the screen, timely in accordance with the music.

  1. Step up to the game and press start button. All our game rentals are on free-play so there's no need for coins or tokens to play.
  2. Then, "MUSIC SELECT" appears on the screen.
  3. Select a desired number by pressing the select button and then press the start button to enter the number from the songs.
  4. The games starts at time moment.
  5. Step on any of the foot panels corresponding to the four kinds of arrows that appear on the from the lower part of the screen, in time with the music.
  6. You're now playing our DDR Machine!

There's more in-depth instructions for the dance game and scoring for the two players for this DDR machine. You'll have to check it out at your next event!

Employee Playing Dance Machine at Corporate Event

Dance Machine Rental At Employee Corporate Event

Is Atlanta a Music City?

Atlanta is a city where you can find anything from the latest trend in hip hop, to an up and coming indie band. But it's also home for The Atlanta Institute of Music & Media - one college that has helped thousands launch their music career! No wonder our DDR machine is often requested for events!

Corporate events are great opportunities to celebrate with your employees and other guests. Music games can provide unforgettable fun for everyone!

Pairing music or dance games together with some lighthearted competition is a surefire way of drawing out the competitive side in even those most laid back co-workers while providing lots of food choices help make it easy for them too - no matter their dietary restrictions.

Is Dance Dance Revolution still available for a Rental?

There are currently around 60 DDR Arcade machines in the US, most restricted to large franchises like Dave and Buster and Japanese chain Round 1. The low number of machines may be attributed to Konomi's limiting production methods. Ready to rent dance dance revolution machine?

Get your booty moving!! Include Dance Revolution arcade machines at all events throughout the Atlanta, GA area! Dance Machine arcade games offer great entertainment and interactive elements for any celebration! Rent dance revolution arcade games at Phoenix Amusements right away! Our dance machine have electronic full size dance pads! Commercially-designed DDR dance machines are available for rental! This is the real dance machines! Give us a call (404-767-4420) to rent the hottest games and be a massive hit!  Click here for more info on our Dance Machine Rentals.

Team Meeting with Dance Machine Rental

Team Meeting with Dance Revolution Dance Game