8 Absolutely Fun Family Party Entertainment Rentals For All

Entertainment Rentals for Family Fun

8 Party Entertainment Rentals That Are
Fun For The Whole Family

Family friendly events are designed to be fun, memorable, and exciting. However, is it really possible to make an event entertaining for all ages? Wholesome, kid-friendly activities and keeping adults entertained is no easy balance to strike. With so many factors to consider, you may feel limited on the right options for the perfect party. Consider these quality party entertainment rental ideas to make planning your event easy.

Planning your family friendly event

Whether you’re planning a birthday bash or a family reunion, there are many elements that go into creating an unbelievable event. Take a look at these event staples to help you plan the ultimate get-together:

Food: What do children’s birthday parties, family reunions, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, sweet 16s, and graduation parties all have in common? If you guessed food, you are correct! No matter the type of event, delicious, on-theme food is always at the center. For a more formal party, a catered buffet may be the best route. Guests can easily walk up and take what they want. For a celebration that is a bit more laid back, consider bringing in sandwich platters, chicken fingers for the kids, pasta salads, and other simple foods that the whole family will enjoy- and don’t forget the cake!

Takeaway Gifts: Give your guests something to remember the event by. This could be something simple such as frisbees to throw around with the family or throw blankets to cozy up the living room (and not to mention, your kids will love using them on movie night at home). You could also create custom swag to match the theme of your party- T-shirts, drawstring bags, water bottles, even customized mini hand sanitizers! Tangible items are a great way to let your guests have something permanent to remember the event by.

Entertainment: Keep everyone engaged, from oldest to youngest. Providing fun entertainment gives guests of all ages something to bond over. No longer will you have to hear, “can we leave yet” from the kids -- instead, turn your attention to fun party games where parent and child can compete.

Location: Consider how many people will be attending, whether you want your event to be held indoors or outdoors, the theme you are going for, and your budget when selecting a location. Distance is also a factor: consider how easy it is to get to your event, as well as where your target audience is located, as younger children may not be willing to tolerate a long car ride.

Decorations: Decorating brings your event to the next level and puts your guests into the celebrating mood. Think of the types of decorations that will complement the theme of your party, or head on over to your local party supply shop and see what inspires you. Both children and adults will enjoy the atmosphere when your event is filled with balloons, streamers, novelty cutouts, and lights that elevate the event.

How to select party entertainment rentals for your event

Your location is set, the food is ordered, and the theme is in place… now what? Well, it's time for you to pick the perfect entertainment rentals for your party! Before you go ahead a choose which games will take your event to the next level, check out these helpful tips for selecting rentals:

Age of children: Just because you hear the word “game” doesn’t mean it is suitable for guests of all ages. Family friendly events should have party games that are appropriate for kids, teens, and adults. If your celebration consists of mainly children, stick with games that are simple to learn and not too challenging. For an older mix, games that are a little harder and more competitive are a good way to keep the whole family intrigued.

Groups vs. solo: What’s better: a dynamic duo or going it alone? Think about whether you want guests to play in groups or fly solo. Head-to-head competition games make for a wonderful team activity. Guests can cheer for their team members from the sidelines and battle it out to become the winners. Single-player games allow for guests to play against themselves in hopes of beating their personal record.

Electricity access: Some games have lights, electronic scoreboards, sound effects, and screens, requiring a source of electricity. Plan accordingly: make sure you have a power source that’s stable and strong enough on site before renting a party game that needs it. Most party entertainment rentals are compatible with a standard AC outlet, but it is important for this to be confirmed, and you may need to dedicate a circuit to power the game. For extra safety, consider using a surge protector as well.

Size of space: Depending on the size of your space, not all arcade games will be compatible for your location. Make sure you have a good idea on the amount of space available so your chosen games will fit in comfortably. Not only should there be enough physical space for the machine itself, but also for the players. Multiplayer games are great for large spaces with more room to accommodate each person, while single-player machines are ideal for smaller spaces.

Party theme: No matter the theme, there’s a game out there that will help bring the party to life. With so many options to choose from, you will have no problem finding the perfect entertainment rental to match your movie, sports, retro, or carnival theme.

Indoor or outdoor: If your party takes place during spring, summer, or fall, an outdoor party may be a wonderful choice. Guests will love breathing in fresh air and having room to run around while mingling. During the winter, an indoor party is a more practical option. Whether sunny or not, you won’t have to worry about games being left outside, or your attendees being too cold to take off gloves to play a game. Choosing to host your event indoors or outdoors can also help you figure out the space and access to electricity that may be needed for certain party entertainment rentals.

Entertainment rental suggestions for your next family-friendly event

Portable Mini Golf: Offer relaxing and engaging entertainment with this beloved family activity. Just grab a putter and try to get a hole in one through eye catching obstacles. Set the course to play 9, 6, or 3 holes. You can even customize the holes to spell out initials! Indoors or outdoors, your guests will love this game.

Portable Miniature Golf Rental

Skee-Ball: From carnivals and boardwalks, to arcades and sports bars, people line up to play this beloved multigenerational favorite. Roll the ball up the ramp and aim for the holes labeled with the highest amount of points. With easy-to-learn rules, the whole family can cheer one another on. Rent multiple skeeball machines for a competition or try customizing the lanes for a truly immersive brand experience.

Foosball Table: Control the rods and move figures around to score goals and defend the net in this fast-paced mini version of the world’s most admired sport. Have siblings battle against each other or put parents’ head-to-head from some good entertainment.  Whether you choose the classic version foosball table or LED, or play one-on-one or with four players at a time, guests will get to kicking and blocking in no time.

NBA Hoops Basketball: Not just basketball fans will go crazy for this fast-paced, intense hoops game. Players of all sizes and abilities step up, aim, and shoot balls at the basket to score as many points as possible before the clock strikes zero. The game starts off easy and gets more intense as it goes on. Consider splitting guests up into teams- everyone loves a kids vs. adults competition. The LED lights add an exciting glow to your event and draw the attention of every guest.

Air Hockey Table: This crowd pleaser will energize your guests and get them on their feet. All they have to do is grab a pusher and hit the puck into the opposite goal. The soft air flow from the table floats the puck as you watch it zip from side to side. Play one-on-one or create teams for some extra motivation. If your event is centered around the kids, consider this air hockey table for kids- it's not small, it's fun size!Air Hockey Table Rentals for Family Fun


Football Pass Challenge: Practice your touchdown celebration dance -- this unique football game has your guests playing quarterback. Guests of every age can throw the football past a defensive player and through the hole. Even those who aren’t athletically inclined can enjoy this activity. With a 20 second time limit, every player has a chance to score.

Dance Dance Revolution: Guests can show off their dance move as they go head-to-head in the ultimate dance-off on this dance arcade. You and your event attendees will spend hours trying to beat each others’ high scores (not to mention a great workout). Just follow the arrows on the screen and move your feet to match them. Adults love the nostalgia of the game, and kids enjoy moving around while trying to keep up with the choreography -- or topping Mom’s high score!

Chaos Strike A Light: Put everyone’s reaction times to the test with this super speedy, heart pounding game. Chaos Strike-A-Light keeps children and adults on their toes, focused and ready to strike. Up to four players can compete for the highest score by hitting buttons as they light up. But be careful: hitting buttons that light up a different color than yours results in losing points.


Create a memorable family friendly event experience with Phoenix Amusements

There are always reasons to host a celebration, why not make it the most exciting and riveting part of the year? Here at Phoenix Amusements, we want to help you create the perfect event by providing quality party rentals. While you focus on running the show, our trained staff will take care of set-up and breakdown. Let us handle the hard stuff while you focus on being the event host while running the show.

If you’re not sure which event entertainment rentals are right for you, contact Phoenix Amusements to talk with us about your celebration. Customer service is our top priority and we’d be happy to help guide you through this process. We’re looking forward to working with you!