Large Football Field Rug

Looking for the perfect touch for your tailgate, trade show booth, company picnic, or sports-themed event? This football field rug is all that and more. This top-notch football rental isn’t just an ordinary fabric carpet – it’s made of professional-grade football turf that doesn’t degrade no matter how much foot traffic it gets, and it has inlay yardage and field lines that truly drives home the theme of your sports extravaganza. And at 200 square feet, this football-themed rug is an impressive addition to any event!

Football Turf Carpet Specs

  • Football-themed flooring option made from professional-level football turf
  • 200 square feet of football decorations including inlay yardage and field lines
  • Pro-level turf holds up under all level of foot traffic
  • Tables, games, and other objects won’t wobble atop football decor rug
  • Ideal decor option for events themed after football, sports, and so much more
  • One of three large carpet options available through Phoenix Amusements
  • DIMENSIONS: 20’ L x 10’ W
  • WEIGHT: 100 lbs
  • Pairs well with other event accessories and sports games, as well as arcade games, carnival games, racing simulators, and more!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 30"w x 108"h
  • Weight

    600 lbs


Chances are that you can’t rent an entire standard-sized football field for your next corporate event, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big. This 200-square-foot football field rug will help your co-workers, employees, and other guests at your next corporate event feel like they’re out on the turf, sprinting down the field in a thick helmet and padded gear, rushing to the touchdown line and anticipating a massive wave of audience cheering. And as green grass goes, this carpet isn’t just a simulation – this football-themed rug is made of professional-grade football field turf.

This is no ordinary rug – it’s a turf slab with inlay yardage and field lines that holds up to foot traffic just as well as an actual football field does. You can use it right in the center of your event’s action without worrying that it’ll degrade or move, making it the perfect floor setting for tailgates, trade show booths, company picnic, and so many other corporate affairs. Even with several people walking on this football field flooring option, the tables, games, and other large objects you’re storing on it won’t wobble, shake, or tip.

Football Field Rug Rental

You can rent this football field rug for your next sports event with other football party rentals to truly embrace your theme. At a sports-themed event, it pairs well with other sports-themed decorations such as the equally large Basketball Court Inlay Carpet Flooring Rental. At football-themed events, you can pair it with football games such as 2 Minute Drill Football Toss to make the game feel even more realistic. You can even use it with outdoor and carnival games such as Cornhole Bag Toss or pair it with other carpet options such as the Retro Carpet! It’s not just a rug – it’s a magic carpet.

  • GO LONG: This rug simulates a pro-level football field in more than one way. For starters, it’s not just a tiny, flimsy sheet of fabric – it’s a large slab made of pro-level football field turf. It’s also got inlay yardage and field lines that resemble a real football field, making this rug ideal for your next tailgate, trade show booth, or sports-themed event.
  • STURDY AND STRONG: Like the best football players, this football field rug is sturdy and strong. Its pro-level turf holds up under any level of foot traffic, and the layer under the turf is thick and robust enough that all the objects atop this rug won’t wobble, tip, or rattle as people walk by.
  • THEMED DREAM: This football field rug is the perfect floor decor for sports- or football-themed tailgates, trade show booths, and other events. You can even pair it with other sports-themed and decorative rugs to make your event especially eye-popping. It’s also a great match for sports games and outdoor games that you can play atop this magic carpet!


Sports Party Ideas 

No matter how serious your event is, it needs to look good and function well. That’s where event accessories come in.

Is your company a sports equipment powerhouse? Then rent a football- or basketball-themed rug to drive that point home. If your company offers top-notch lighting or graphics services, use our colorful, highly decorative retro rug to show people just how much visual prowess you, your co-workers, and your employees have. You can also use other event accessories such as chairs and tables to top these rugs with seats for your event attendees.

Event accessories aren’t limited to merely decor. You can rent machines that truly lend to the festive atmosphere — concessions such as hot dog machines, cotton candy machines, and popcorn machines so that your guests can enjoy snacks and classic carnival food as they get to know your company at a trade show booth, product activation, or other corporate events. These food event accessories are great for events where the guest list strongly comprises your co-workers and employees, because few rewards are better than salty, sweet snacks. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta today to learn all about our event accessory options and what they can do to improve your next event!

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