Star Wars Pinball Machine

May the force be with you during Star Wars Pinball! Play as Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, or even R2D2 as you keep the pinball on the playfield on our Star Wars Pinball Rental. With several missions, play modes, multicolor LED displays, and additional modern features, this pinball machine isn’t just a Star Wars fan’s paradise – it’s the arcade game rental to rival the galaxy.

Star Wars Pinball Rental Features & Specs

  • Longtime pinball machine staple updated with modern gameplay and technology
  • Four selectable game modes including Destroy The Death Star
  • 16 missions available for gameplay
  • Nine player-selectable multi-ball modes
  • Two LCD screens display instructions, feedback, and nearly 400 original trilogy scenes
  • Molded Death Star and interactive TIE Fighter
  • Entertaining for both Star Wars fans and people unfamiliar with the franchise
  • Easy, fast-paced gameplay great for corporate events, trade show booths, and more
  • DIMENSIONS: 55” L x 27” W x 75.5” H
  • WEIGHT: 250 lbs
  • Pairs great with other classic arcade games, trade show traffic builders, and sports game rentals!
  • Electricity

    120V AC, 8A
  • Dimensions

    55” L x 27” W x 75.5” H
  • Weight

    250 lbs


Destroy the Death Star with this Star Wars pinball machine – literally. “Destroy the Death Star” is one of four selectable game modes you can choose when you rent this Star Wars arcade game rental. Escape from Hoth or Tatooine or get into battle above Endor – the journey is in your hands.

Even without the 16 missions available to you when you rent this pinball machine, this arcade game rental is a blast for both Star Wars fans and people completely unfamiliar with the franchise. You don’t need to know anything about Baby Yoda to enjoy the thrills of pinball – just use the flippers to keep the ball active on the playfield.

The flippers are only the start with this modern pinball machine. The Star Wars Pinball machine also includes the following parts:

  • Five-target drop bank
  • Molded Death Star
  • Molded interactive TIE Fighter
  • 16 changeable, red-white-blue general illumination LEDs
  • Superspeed loop
  • Nine player-selectable multi-ball modes
  • 16 missions
  • Two flippers
  • Two pop bumpers with one sling
  • Two plastic ramps
  • Single & dual up-post capture ball
  • Tatooine Scoop target
  • Right-drain save ball feature

These aren’t the only machine parts rocketing pinball into the modern day. An LCD screen easily visible from the playfield gives you instructions and feedback as you play. A larger LCD screen mounted to the machine’s backbox displays nearly 400 scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV, V & VI) as you keep the pinball in the playfield.

Rent a pinball machine today to bring Star Wars-themed fun to your next corporate function, trade show booth, carnival, or pretty much any other event of your dreams. Your event attendees will flock to this visually-striking pinball machine filled with imagery from one of the most popular cultural phenomena of all time. For extra effect, pair this pinball machine with the Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Machine or other arcade classics such as the Prize Cube Claw Machine, which you can fill with Star Wars themed prizes. May the force be with your event!

  • STAR WARS THEME: When you step up to this pinball machine, the force will be with you. Hand-drawn imagery from your favorite sci-fi fantasy covers this machine from top to bottom.
  • FOUR GAME MODES: Destroy the Death Star, escape from Hoth or Tatooine, or battle above Endor – the choice is yours! Follow the in-game instructions to transform your pinball field into a quest for the well-being of the galaxy.
  • MULTI-BALL MISSIONS: This Star Wars pinball machine includes nine different multi-ball modes and 16 missions that you can choose when your game begins. Just like the galaxy itself, your options will feel limitless.
  • LCD SCREENS: This is the most immersive Star Wars arcade game available. This longtime pinball staple gets a modern touch thanks to two LCD screens. One displays feedback and instructions during gameplay, and the other plays nearly 400 scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE: Pinball aficionados, Star Wars fans, and people familiar with neither can easily have fun with this game’s multitude of gameplay modes, not to mention the simplicity of keeping a pinball in play. Corporate events, trade show booths, activations, themed events, and more all benefit from this eye-catching entertainment option!


Hassle-Free Arcade Game Rentals

Corporate events require lots of prep work. The team of party game rental experts at Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta makes it easy and hassle-free for you to bring a casual touch to your event without distracting from your occasion’s main goal.

Set up a row of six side-to-side skee ball units at a corporate sales meeting to foster interaction among event attendees that might not otherwise happen. Rent a pinball machine to add a longtime classic arcade game option to your affair – and if you rent a themed machine such as Star Wars or Beatles pinball, fans of each will gather around the machines and get to know one another. Sports game rentals such as the Soccer Super Kixx and Football UBQB Toss Arcade achieve the same goal, congregating people with common interests and lessening the potentially high stakes of your event.

Even people who aren’t athletes, gamers, or culture vultures can enjoy what sports game rentals bring to the table. Gameplay rules for the average sports game rental are so straightforward that anybody can easily learn them and enjoy the game, making these rentals perfect for pretty much any setting imaginable. Set up your next sports game rental today!

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