Super Kixx Dome Soccer

Dome Soccer

Gorgeous Game and Really Fun! Super Kixx Bubble Soccer is very fast, exciting and realistic, as the players on either side control all players and the goalie. 2 to 4 players can play at one time.


Bubble Hockey can be played as a one-on-one game, or especially during pro tournaments and team, family or friend battles, rod hockey games are played two on two. And with Super Chexx, its brand new Game Electronics Brain records all the Goals, Shots On Goal, Periods plus Game Running Time on its Digital Clock during the game for easy, hassle-free play !

Score the latest Super Kixx Pro, Bubble Soccer game for endless hours of fun for the entire family. Super Kixx Pro allows for competitive play for all ages modeled after the original Super Chexx game that has been a hit for over 35 years! Audio has been carefully crafted to sync with the game. Super Kixx Pro allows players to pass, shoot and score just like they were actually playing themselves.

  • Players have been constructed to allow for chipping, passing and shooting
  • LCD scoreboard with animated videos
  • Lightning fast elevator to bring the ball into play at kickoff and after goal scores

We recommend 8.5 to 9 feet of space so the players can comfortably stand on both ends of the game when playing.

120v; 5 amps

62"l x 36"w x 52"h

130 lbs


The game can be played by two opposing players who control all soccer players and the goalie for their side (singles) or as a two on two game (doubles). Players control their soccer players with long rods that move in and out to bring soccer players up and down the soccer field and spin 360 degrees. A knob is used to move the goalie from side to side. Each player also a “boo button” to simulate sounds from the crowd.

Check out dome hockey play!