Giant Checkers Rental

Go big or go home! This Giant Checkers Rental takes a longtime tabletop classic and blows it up to life-size, with checkers so big you could almost wear them as shoes. The checkerboard is made of inlay turf instead of commonplace cloth, so wind and other unexpected forces and impacts won’t rattle your giant board game rental. This 100-square-foot huge checkers rental is as useful for outdoor events such as company picnics as it is for indoor Friday breakout sessions. There’s no event it can’t fit!

  • Go big or go home with this giant take on a classic tabletop board game
  • Huge outdoor checkers rental with tile board instead of commonplace flimsy cloth board
  • Board tiles link and lock for resistance to forces including wind and foot traffic
  • Giant checkers for rent useful for outdoor events including company picnics and carnivals
  • Great for indoor events including holiday parties, networking events, and more
  • Occupies 100 square feet, big enough to easily gather crowds to watch and play
  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ L x 10’ W x 0.5’ H
  • WEIGHT: 33 lbs
  • Pairs well with other team building games, carnival games, event accessories, and more!

NOTE: This one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    120"l x 120"w x 5"h
  • Weight

    33 lbs


With this huge checkers rental, you can make this tabletop classic the life of your next corporate event. Rather than having a small number of people gather around a standard-size checkers table, use this giant outdoor checkers rental to build crowds of people watching the two players moving their checkers from one side of the board to the other. Between the giant checkers and checkered rug with the alternating black and white patterns, this giant game rental is sure to draw people to it from all corners of your event!

When you rent giant outdoor checkers from Phoenix Amusement in Atlanta, you rent the highest-quality huge checkers game available. Whereas many giant checkers rentals use cloth boards that can easily crumple, fold, or blow away when exposed to wind or other forces and impacts, this giant checkers game uses a board made of  custom inlay turf that resembles a checkerboard rug. The Giant Checkers Rentals stand up to the tests of nature, foot traffic, and anything else that could prove challenging, even if the game itself is anything but difficult.

The ease of huge checkers setup and gameplay makes it perfect for all manner of events. Its wind resistance makes it great for outdoor events such as company picnics or carnivals, and it’s just as useful inside at Friday breakout sessions, networking events, holiday parties, and so many other corporate occasions. And since it occupies a whole 100 square feet of floor space, your co-workers, employees, and other guests won’t overlook this event standout.

Giant Game Rental

Giant checkers for rent is far from the only giant game available for your next corporate event. You can pair giant outdoor checkers with other giant game options including Giant Chess, Giant Jenga, and Giant Connect Four. It also pairs excellently with other outdoor games including Cornhole and Bocce Ball and event accessories including hot dog machines and popcorn machines!

  • GO BIG OR GO HOME: Why rent tabletop checkers when you can rent a giant checkers set that takes this mind game to full-body participation? This 100 square foot huge checkers rental is sure to draw attention at your next corporate event.
  • STURDY BOARD: Many giant checkers for rent available use a cloth board that can fold, crumple, or even blow away. This huge checkers game uses a board made of  custom inlay turf that resembles a checkerboard rug so that this board goes absolutely nowhere until you need it to.
  • WHEREVER, WHENEVER: This giant outdoor checkers game is great for outdoor and indoor events alike. Use it worry-free at company picnics or set it up in the corner of a giant room you’ve rented for a networking event. A huge version of a classic board game will prove irresistible to many of your co-workers, employees, and other guests!
  • BIG BUSINESS: Giant outdoor checkers is one of many giant game options available for your next outdoors or team-building event. Jenga, Connect Four, and so many other huge games are available to rent for your next corporate occasion!


Team Building Game Ideas

Team building is important for corporate success, but it doesn’t always come easy. You might find that your co-workers and other attendees are a bit hesitant, or even resistant, to classic team-building and icebreaker activities. You can engage your team much more strongly when you rent a team-building game.

Whether you’re looking for huge team-building games such as giant checkers or chess or smaller team-building activities such as cornhole or bocce ball, you have no shortage of options when it comes to games that connect your co-workers with each other and foster a sense of community, camaraderie, and teamwork. Team-building games are super successful in achieving their goals since their gameplay rules are incredibly straightforward, and often, they’re easy games that people already know how to play. With no learning curve toward gameplay, your employees and co-workers are that much more likely to participate.

Team-building games save time, too! Most team-building games take less time to complete than the five-minute team-building activities so common in corporate settings. Plus, they’re so fun that they often lead to repeated plays, so you can entertain your colleagues for plenty of time while you get them to interact. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA now to rent a team-building game for your office or corporate event!

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