Hot Dog Roller & Bun Warmer Machine Rental

The party doesn’t start until the hot dog roller rental arrives! Our hot dog roller and bun warmer rental completes your corporate event with an easy way to provide your guests with America’s favorite food. This midsize hot dog roller rental satisfies your guests’ hunger and snack cravings without the hassle of storing, retrieving, and cleaning a giant grill. It doesn’t skimp on size, either: With 10 stainless steel hot dog rollers, you can easily hold as many as 27 piping hot quarter-pound hot dogs and fully cook refrigerated hot dogs in just six minutes and frozen ones in 14 minutes!

Hot Dog Machine Rental Features and Specs

  • Hot dog roller and bun warmer quickly serves large numbers of warm, flavorful hot dogs
  • Fresh, warm hot dogs great for directly addressing your guests’ snack or meal cravings
  • Large roller cooks as many as 27 hot dogs simultaneously
  • Machine includes 10 stainless steel hot dog rollers for ample cooking and warming capabilities
  • Cook refrigerated hot dogs in five to six minutes and frozen hot dogs in 12 to 14 minutes
  • Useful at outdoor company picnics, indoor networking events, classic carnivals, and so many other settings!
  • DIMENSIONS: 10’ L x 2.5’ W x 9’ H
  • WEIGHT: 60 lbs
  • Pairs well with other event accessories as well as carnival games, outdoor team building games, and other game rental categories!
  • Electricity

    120AC, 10 amps
  • Dimensions

    120"l x 30"w x 108"h
  • Weight

    60 lbs


Keep the food coming at your next corporate event! Whether an outdoor company picnic or an indoor networking event, your corporate occasion isn’t complete without snacks and refreshments to serve your guests, and our hot dog roller and bun warmer combination machine gives you plenty of food for hungry attendees. Sure, hiring caterers to walk around with trays full of room-temperature small plates is a classic gesture, but renting a hot dog roller machine that serves piping hot, flavorful hot dogs more directly addresses your guests’ cravings.

With this hot dog roller and bun warmer set up in a corner at your next corporate event, you can get as many as 27 hot dogs cooking simultaneously whether they were previously refrigerated or frozen. The 10 stainless steel hot dog rollers comprising this machine can cook refrigerated hot dogs in five or six minutes and frozen hot dogs in 12 to 14 minutes, so you won’t just have a large capacity for prepping your hot dogs – you’ll be able to serve them rapidly, too! Pair your fresh, hot franks with ample condiments to really keep your guests in the room no matter the occasion.

Hot dog roller machines like this one can be especially useful at carnivals, where games aren’t the only attraction – salty, savory foods that guests don’t always encounter elsewhere can be just as important. That’s why your next carnival might not be complete without not just this bun warmer/hot dog roller rental combo, or one of our many popcorn machines: our classic option, our old-fashioned model, or our tabletop concessions version. Rent these concession machines along with the hot dog roller to build a complete concession stand!

  • AT YOUR SERVICE: You can count on our hot dog roller rental and the bun warmer to enable you to serve large numbers of guests in all manner of corporate settings. Hosting a networking event and need to feed lots of people? Want to reward your employees with fresh, hot snacks at a company picnic? This machine gets the job done.
  • FRESH, HOT, AND A LOT: The hot dog roller rental feeds a crowd. With this massive hot dog roller and bun warm machine, you can prepare as many as 27 hot dogs simultaneously, and you’ll be able to serve them fresh and hot super quickly. The 10 stainless steel hot dog rollers give you plenty of surface area for warming and cooking!
  • QUICK PREP: It only takes five to six minutes to prepare a refrigerated hot dog with this machine and 12 to 14 minutes to get a frozen hot dog ready to go! Between the fast prep time and the large volume of hot dogs that can be cooked, you’ll never have to worry about a big, annoying food line forming.
  • GREAT FOR: Corporate events including, but certainly not limited to, outdoor company picnics, carnivals, indoor networking meetings, holiday parties, and more!


Kick Up Your Event

Renting games for your next corporate event can help you to engage guests with each other, not to mention your company, but you can rent even more than games to make your event memorable. Event accessories can dial up your game-heavy event from a 10 to an 11 with minimal extra work on your behalf.

For sports-themed events, we carry sports decorations including massive football turf rugs and basketball inlay carpets. If your occasion calls for concessions beyond just fun games, take our hot dog roller rental for a spin. Treat your guests to popcorn or liquid nitrogen ice cream with our many food-related event accessories! To bring out the best of your retro or psychedelic theme, rent our funhouse mirrors and neon retro carpet flooring to really amplify the occasion. We also offer extra seating for all events via our bleacher and pub table event accessories.

When you rent these large event accessories from us, you won’t have to worry about setup, breakdown, or storage. We’ll put your accessories together on-site and disassemble them there too before removing them from the premises. Hosting a successful, worthwhile event with proper accessories has never been easier! Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to get the perfect accessories for your event.

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