Electronic Darts

These are the dart machines used in sports bars, pubs, and taverns around the world.  Our Electronic Dartboard rental is the full arcade version not the inexpensive versions you see played in garages or home rec rooms.  The unit has front lit lights for those darken ballroom events.  Up to four players at a time can play.  Uses rubber tipped darts.


Electronic Darts-Traditional Sports Bar Game

You can play all the major dart games and the machine will keep score. Our electronic dart game is front lit for better visibility. Up to four players can play at a time.

Darts were historically used in warfare in ancient history; skirmishers used darts of varying sizes, similar to miniature javelins. It was the practice of this skill that developed into a game of skill. Before the First World War, pubs in the United Kingdom had dartboards made from solid blocks of wood, usually elm. They had to be soaked overnight to heal the holes made by the darts, and it was a messy business for the publican, although darts was a popular game. This changed when a company called Nodor, whose primary business was making modelling clay (which has no odour, hence the name Nodor), started producing clay dartboards in 1923. The clay dartboards never caught on, and Nodor switched to making the traditional elm dartboards that were popular at the time.  Their model of dartboard was not a great success until someone came up with the idea of using the century plant to make a dartboard. Small bundles of sisal fibres of the same length were bundled together. The bundles were then compressed into a disk and bound with a metal ring. It was an instant success, as the darts did little or no damage to the board—they just parted the fibres when they entered the board; this type of board was more durable and required little maintenance.

120v; 5 amps

24"l x 24"w x 72"h

130 lbs


Our Electronic Darts uses an internal computer called “Honest Ernie” who you can play a game with.  Games include:

  • 301/501/701/901
  • League Option for the above
  • Cricket
  • Cricket League Option
  • Play with ERNIE-You select the skill level 1 to 5 (easiest to hardest) by repeated presses of ERNIE’s button.  Skill level shown on the display. Press Flashing PLAYER CHANGE button for number of players.  Up to 3 people can play ERNIE at once.  Ernie always last.

Our Electronic Dart features include:

  • Our games are set on free play.  Up to 4 can play on all other games (except ERNIE).
  • Press PLAYER CHANGE button until all players’ displays are activated.
  • Begin when green THROW DARTS symbol is lit.  First dart thrown starts game.
  • Each player throws 3 darts per round from the throw line (About 8 feet).

Check out this video on how to play with soft tip darts!