Custom Hand Sanitizer Station Rental

Take care of your guests’ health at your next event with our Custom Hand Sanitizer Station Rental. The Custom Hand Sanitizer Station from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta puts your brand or event vision in front and center while your guests enjoy participating at your event.  Our Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Rental is a touchless hand sanitizer station that offers your guests and visitors a way to kill bacteria and virus-causing germs.  Our two Hands Touchless Sanitizer is mechanical with a foot pedal at the bottom of the sanitation station.

  • Customize the 3 sides and the top sign with your branding, event design,colors, logo, and more
  • Display company logo, slogan, branding, or other imagery on four key parts of our Hands Free Sanitizing Stand
  • Customize for enhanced brand engagement at external events or meaningful employee appreciation at internal events
  • Simple use with foot pedal and drip pan for no mess
  • Dimensions: 16″ W x 16″ L x 48 3/4″ H
  • Electricity: None
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Pairs well with other customizable games, sports games, and trade show games!
  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    16″ W x 16″ L x 48 3/4″ H
  • Weight

    35 lbs


Why – and where – you should use personalized sanitizing stands

Customized event rentals such as our Custom Hand Sanitizer Station are great for driving engagement at birthday parties, networking events, holiday parties, company retreats, and more.

Custom Hand Sanitizer Station helps your customers and visitors connect to your brand or to tie into your event design. Bring this Sanitizer Stand-changer to many kinds of events, including:

  • Birthday Parties.  Consider a Custom Hand Santizier Stand for your next birthday party.  Instead of all the tiny bottles on tables, use our controlled dispenser at the entrance of your party with your own designed party graphics to greet your guests.  No more of the younger guests (and some adults) wiping their hands to eliminate all the excessive gel from the table top dispensers or even some of the stands too.
  • Trade show booths. To stand out at highly competitive trade shows, rent Custom Hand Sanitizer Station to incentivize passersby to visit your booth. Since not nearly every company at a trade show will have a sanitizing stand in its booth, you can draw patrons in with standout designs and engage them with your company via branding, imagery, and so much more.
  • Product activations. The Custom Hand Sanitizer Stand Rental works the same magic at product activations as at trade shows. Instead of traditional brochures and samples, entice guests with a sanitizing stand adorned with your branding. Not only will patrons appreciate the convenience, but they’ll get to know your product in an unusual, unforgettable way!
  • Company parties. Custom Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is as useful outside your business as inside it. For an appreciation party, make the occasion a true highlight of your appreciation of your employees with their health and safety If you’re expecting lots of guests from outside the office, customizing Hand Sanitizer Stand with your company imagery might lead to extra brand engagement as well.
  • Themed events. Drive your theme home with this customizable Hand Sanitizer Stand! With a great design, any theme can fit!
  • Networking events. If drinks and snacks are standard fare at networking events, then Custom Hand Sanitizer Station Rental is a must in today’s environment. Plus, thanks to the customization feature, they won’t forget who sponsored the event!

How to use Custom Hand Sanitizer Station Rental

Use is easy! Our hands-free operation via a large foot pedal eliminates the potential for this machine to transmit dirt, grime, or microbes from hand to hand, and it comes with one gallon of hand sanitizer, enough to accommodate approximately 5000 individual uses. If you need more sanitizer, this portable sanitizing station rental is super easy to refill, too!

SAFETY FIRST: Whether you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party, a corporate event or just looking for more options to help guests, workers or visitors feel safe in your space, this custom contactless hand sanitizer station rental keeps your space – and your people – sanitary and safe.

HANDS-FREE: Instead of a press-down nozzle, this machine uses a foot pedal to distribute hand sanitizer, thereby eliminating the possibility that this rental could transmit grime, dirt, or microbes from one person to another.

HIGH VOLUME: The Custom Hands Free Sanitation Station includes one gallon of hand sanitizer. That’s enough for 5000-7000 individual uses! We can also adjust the machine’s gel flow to increase or decrease the amount of hand sanitizer given with each individual pump.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: In addition to including a large volume of hand sanitizer, this machine uses 400 to 700 percent less liquid per pump than drugstore or wholesale club options while still boasting just as strong of hygiene properties. Definitely a plus for those younger guests!

CUSTOMIZABLE: You can customize this two hands touchless sanitizer stand to display your party’s graphics, company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items! Don’t want to use your branding? Create an opportunity for sponsors to get their brand in front of your attendees.

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