Super Chexx Bubble Dome Hockey

Rent Super Chexx Bubble Dome Hockey to bring a fast-paced, realistic sports game to your next event, industry mixer, fundraiser, or sports-themed occasion! This hockey table rental is designed for two to four players, so it’s especially great for team-building or interactive purposes. It’s also great for keeping people engaged and present for longer at your next fundraiser, especially if you’re hosting it at a bar, restaurant, or other room that has limited space to permanently install a game.

  • Fun, fast-paced table hockey game for two to four players
  • Exciting for internal events such as holiday parties and employee appreciation nights
  • Bubble hockey for rent is an excellent choice for team-building occasions such as company retreats
  • More appealing – and quicker – than traditional team-building activities
  • Helps to encourage interaction at industry mixers and other networking occasions
  • Ideal for use in compact spaces that need a riveting sports, interactive, or table game
  • DIMENSIONS: 5’ L x 3’ W x 4.5’ H
  • WEIGHT: 130 lbs
  • Pairs well with other table games, sports games, team-building games, and interactive games, not to mention event accessories!

Currently Unavailable; booked for long term rental

  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    60"l x 36"w x 54"h
  • Weight

    130 lbs


Looking for bubble hockey for rent? The Super Clex Bubble Dome Hockey is a perfect fit for events such as holiday parties, company retreats, and employee appreciation days. In these settings, it works wonders as a fun, action-packed game that doesn’t take up a ton of space. At company retreats, it can also double as a team-building game since it’s designed for two to four people. Your co-workers, employees, and other guests will almost certainly prefer this hockey table game to uninspiring traditional in-office team-building activities. Plus, studies have shown that team-building games take less time than standard team-building activities, too, so everyone at your next event can get their shot at this table hockey game rental!

Super Chexx Bubble Dome Hockey also works wonders when you need to engage people outside your own team. If your company is putting together an industry mixer or another interactive event, you can use this hockey party rental to encourage total strangers to interact over an exciting table sport game. If you’re hosting a fundraiser at a bar, restaurant, or another venue that doesn’t have games or enough room for a permanent table game, rent Super Chexx to engage attendees and keep them around for longer without committing to something that stays in the room and takes up vital space.

This bubble hockey for rent is also ideal for sports-themed events, especially if you’re concerned about space. Cut back on the massive amount of square feet of an air hockey table with this more compact hockey rental, or use both this hockey game and our LED Air Hockey Table if space isn’t an issue. Super Chexx also pairs well with other table games such as Strike a Light, sports games such as Coney Island Boxer, interactive games such as Love Tester, and team-building games such as Giant Connect 4. For sports-themed events, you can match this hockey table game rental with event accessories including our Football Field Rug, too!

  • GOTTA GO FAST: This bubble dome hockey for rent is a rapid hockey table game rental that’s great for two to four players. Use it to keep your co-workers, employees, and other guests entertained at internal events, networking occasions, and so many other corporate settings!
  • FUN TEAM-BUILDING: Take the dread out of team-building activities with this table hockey game designed for two to four players! Super Chexx is not only more fun than traditional team-building activities, but it’s faster to complete, too.
  • COMPACT TABLE HOCKEY: If you can’t quite make the space for an air hockey table at your next corporate event, don’t give up on table hockey! This dome hockey table for rent takes up way less space, so it’s ideal for providing the same rush as air hockey in far fewer square feet. Plus, the clear dome keeps the pieces inside!
  • PAIRS WELL WITH: Other table games, sports games, team-building games, and interactive games. It’s also great to match with event accessories at your next sports-themed event. Super Chexx Bubble Dome Hockey is as versatile as rental games come!


Rent Table Games

When you rent table games for your next corporate event, you provide guests with game options that they know and love from bars, arcades, and even some especially lucky childhood friends’ houses. Foosball, air hockey, and shuffleboard are staples of settings and occasions including pubs, outdoor parties, tailgates, sporting events, and so much more. You can use them to entertain your co-workers, employees, and other guests at team-building events, industry mixers, and plenty of other settings.

Some table games have the additional perk of scaling back on the amount of floor space that other game rentals occupy. If you can’t quite fit a hoops shooting game at your event, a compact sports table game like Super Chexx Bubble Dome Hockey or Super Kixx Dome Soccer can provide similar sports thrills in far fewer square feet. Strike a Light table rentals achieve a similar goal, but they use arcade fun instead of familiar sports gameplay to entertain people. Rent a table game for your next event to make it fun but not frantic!


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