Street Fighter 2 Arcade Game

Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine is a competitive fighting game released for the arcades by Capcom in 1991. The sequel to the 1987 game Street Fighter, it adds multiple playable characters, each with their own fighting style, and features such as command-based special moves, a six-button configuration, and a combo system.

Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine Features & Specs

  • Rent a Street Fighter arcade game for your next event
  • Drive interaction among strangers at your company’s next networking event
  • Reward co-workers and employees at holiday parties with fun fighting simulator
  • Boost team morale and build bonds among co-workers at team-building events
  • Draw passersby to trade show booth with tall arcade game that stands out from afar
  • Occupies less than eight square feet of floor space, so great for crowded rooms!
  • DIMENSIONS: 38” L x 28” W x 73” H
  • WEIGHT: 382 lbs
  • Pairs well with other arcade games as well as racing simulators, carnival games, and event accessories!
  • Electricity

    120v; 3 amps
  • Dimensions

    38" l x 28"w x 73"h
  • Weight

    382 lbs


Classic Fighter Video Arcade Game-Street Fighter II Arcade Machine

Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine is a classic fighting arcade rental game for your next corporate event! This two-player fighting fave pits two of your co-workers, employees, or other guests against each other in a fast-paced, entertaining virtual battle. That’s why it’s great for driving interaction at networking events, entertaining colleagues at holiday parties, boosting morale at team-building events, and reeling in passersby at trade shows!

Rent a Street Fighter arcade game for your company’s next networking event to add a surprising extra option through which guests can interact with one another. A fighting simulator in addition to your usual drinks and snacks further increases the chances that two complete strangers who could soon become vital business connections will talk and get to know each other!

Similarly, at your company’s next holiday party, you can rent a Street Fighter arcade game to get your co-workers and employees interacting with one another in ways you can’t possibly achieve in the office. If your accountant and your head of marketing have never quite known each other that well and you think they should work together more closely, facing off in this classic fighting game rental can help them get to know each other just a bit more!

For this same reason, Street Fighter 2 arcade game is a great choice for your next team-building event. Who needs groanworthy in-office team-building activities when you can just rent an adrenaline-packed video game that’s way quicker and more fun? Stand back and watch as your colleagues seamlessly forge bonds that will carry over into their next workdays.

Strangers passing by your company’s trade show booth will be thrilled to see Street Fighter 2 as well. This six-foot-tall arcade classic stands out at a far distance in any convention center, and few other trade show booths will have a game for attendees to play, so your booth is sure to be a hit with Street Fighter 2 – which takes up less than eight square feet of floor space in your booth – there to reel in passersby!

Street Fighter 2 arcade machine – Background and History

Other machines made by Capcom during the time period Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine was produced include Block Block, King Of Dragons, The, Wonder 3, 3 Wonders, Street Fighter II – Champion Edition, Chiki Chiki Boys, Senjou No Ookami II, Mega Man 3, 1941: Counter Attack, and Mercs – Turtle Killer.

Street Fighter 2 arcade game follows several of the conventions and rules already established by its original 1987 predecessor. The player engages opponents in one-on-one close quarter combat in a series of best-two-out-of-three matches. The objective of each round is to deplete the opponent’s vitality before the timer runs out. If both opponents knock each other out at the same time or the timer runs out with both fighters having an equal amount of vitality left, then a “double KO” or “draw game” is declared and additional rounds will be played until sudden death. In the first Street Fighter II, a match could last up to ten rounds if there was no clear winner; this was reduced to four rounds in Champion Edition and onward. If there is no clear winner by the end of the final round, then either the computer-controlled opponent will win by default in a single-player match or both fighters will lose in a 2-player match.

After every third match in the single player mode, the player will participate in a bonus stage for additional points. The bonus games include (in order) a car-breaking event similar to another bonus round featured in Final Fight; a barrel breaking bonus game where the barrels are dropped off from a conveyor belt on the top portion of the screen; and a drum-breaking bonus game where drums are flammable and piled over each other.

Street Fighter 2 arcade machine pairs well with other classic arcade games such as Pacman or racing simulators such as Fast and Furious. It even goes well alongside carnival games such as Horse Racing Bounce a Ball and event accessories such as our Sanitation Station!

  • FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT: Rent a Street Fighter arcade game — it’s a classic fighting arcade game that guests at your next event will be thrilled to play! This Street Fighter 2 rental will be a hit whether you use it at a holiday party, networking event, or trade show booth.
  • DRIVE INTERACTION: At networking events, team-building days, and holiday parties, Street Fighter 2 can help to drive interaction among your co-workers, employees, and other guests. This two-player game brings people together for direct (but virtual) competition that moves quickly and gets the adrenaline pumping!
  • BUILD CROWDS: This six-foot-tall arcade classic stands out from any trade show booth – and it does so while taking up not even eight square feet of your precious floor space! Watch as passersby in even the most crowded convention centers notice your booth from afar and swing by for a fun fighting match. When their game wraps up, you have an easy chance to introduce them to your brand!

 About Arcade Game Rentals:

 Arcade game rentals can elevate any corporate event! Whether you rent a classic shooting game, fighting simulator, or a franchise as iconic as Pacman or Frogger, an arcade game rental can make sure that it’s not just your co-workers, employees, and other guests who get a boost from your event – you will, too.

Rent an arcade game for your next networking event, trade show booth, or internal affair to drive interaction among attendees, build crowds of people whom you can educate more deeply about your brand, and forge bonds among your colleagues. Event extras such as merchandise, food and drinks, and product samples can make strides toward these goals, but a game rental has the unique advantage of neither appearing innately tied to a brand nor being a typical sight at corporate events. A game rental is a great trojan horse for your event’s ultimate goal!

There is one time, however, when a game rental might be tied directly to your brand. You can sometimes customize your game to display your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding items. At trade shows and other external events, branding your game rental can help to remind attendees that your company put together the event, and in spaces comprising mostly attendees from other companies, your customized game can help introduce your brand to potential new customers and business connections! Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA but delivering nationwide to learn more about how arcade games, customized games, and all our other offerings can help you meet your goals.

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