Love Tester Arcade

Is your love real? You, your co-workers, your employees, and other guests at your next corporate event can find out thanks to the classic Love Tester Machine. A longtime hit at carnivals, arcades, and other settings, this game is the ultimate novelty pick for occasions ranging from trade shows to activations for your company’s new TV series. No matter your setting of choice, this game’s customizable back graphic and wrap enable you to show off your company’s logo, slogan, or other visual branding and easily engage people with your products and services.

  • Classic love tester penny arcade game tells guests whether their love is built to last
  • Designed for carnival use and works well for product engagement at trade shows too
  • Replace standard the love tester game descriptors with thematically appropriate terms for your event
  • Customize game outer wrap to display company logo, slogan, or other relevant branding
  • Ideal game for TV series activations – decorate with show logo and relevant descriptors
  • DIMENSIONS: 22” L x 24” W x 84” H
  • WEIGHT: 125 lbs
  • Pairs well with other carnival games and trade show games as well as interactive games and arcade games!
  • Electricity

    120v; 5 amps
  • Dimensions

    22"l x 24"w x 84"h
  • Weight

    125 lbs


Is your love uncontrollable or clammy? That’s the question that you, your co-workers, your employees, and your other guests at your next event will have on their minds as they step up to the Love Tester Machine. Or maybe this classic love teller arcade rental will inform your guests that their love is TV legend or finale material – those are just two of the customized options we’ve previously provided with this game for a leading TV channel’s activation for a new series.  A great entertainment rental for a wedding too!

That’s the real power of this love meter carnival game for rent: You can change the back graphic to display whatever love descriptors you please. If you’re managing an activation for your TV channel’s new series about marine life, change standard love descriptors such as “passionate” and “naughty but nice” to “bubbling” or “swirling” to reflect your aquatic theme. Match the back graphic with a customized outer wrap that shows off your TV show’s logo, your channel’s logo, or any other relevant slogans or visual branding items. These customization options are great for any time your company, no matter its industry, tables a trade show or expo.

This love machine rental game is also great for your next fun corporate occasion such as a holiday party, corporate retreat, or company picnic. The Love Tester Game provides your co-workers, employees, and other guests with a light-hearted way to gently poke fun at each other and interact in ways that aren’t as easy to achieve in the office. You can also use it at your next outdoor carnival or indoor arcade event to offer your guests a different kind of game option than tossing rings or racing down the boulevard. Your best bet in these scenarios is pairing this love doctor game for rent with other carnival games such as Horse Racing Bounce a Ball and Chaos Strike a Light, and if you’re using it at a corporate event or activation, it pairs perfectly with other trade show games such as the Prize Cube Claw Machine or the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine. You have limitless options for your next big event!

  • FUTURE LOVE: This classic love meter rental will tell you, your co-workers, your employees, and your other guests at your next event whether the love in their lives is uncontrollable or just “poor fish, try again.” This game’s novelty value is unparalleled!
  • CHANGE DESCRIPTIONS: The value of this love tester game rental lies in its descriptions, which you can change to reflect your event’s themes or your company’s products and values. This feature is especially useful if you work for a TV channel and are organizing a new series activation – change the descriptors to reflect your new show!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE OUTER WRAP: Just as the interior descriptors can be changed, so too can this game’s outer wrap. There, you can show off your company or TV series’ logo, slogan, or other visual branding. It’s an unorthodox – and often more engaging – approach to TV promotion than a subway ad or a standard commercial.
  • ALSO GREAT FOR: carnivals, trade shows, interactive occasions, arcade nights, and so many more occasions!


Renting Trade Show Games

Trade show games are more than just a way to entertain people amidst the rush of crowded settings where so many companies are showing off a deluge of new products. They’re a way to draw people to your booth or table and then double down on that initial attraction with engaging materials that tell your guests all they need to know about your products and services.

Consider the Love Tester machine rental as a great example of what a trade show game can do for your company. When you order your Love Tester machine, begin by changing the game’s 10 standard descriptors to display words that are much more relevant to your products and services than what the game usually comes with. Then, expand on this customization by changing your game rental’s outer wrap to display your logo, slogan, or other visual branding. This way, when guests see your seven-foot-tall game from rows away in even the most crowded convention centers and head to your booth for the novelty of it all, they’ll also be engaged with your company and remember more about you than your competitors.

The Love Tester Machine isn’t the only game rental from Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta that has customization options. Choose from dozens of options, from basketball games to ring toss, that allow you to put your business, product, or brand on the sides for all to see. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to rent a trade show game and make the most of your marketing plan!

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