Giant Scrabble

Talk about words with friends! This giant Scrabble game from Phoenix Amusements turns a classic board game life-size and makes it the perfect addition to any corporate setting, whether a company picnic, Friday breakout session, corporate retreat, or team-building occasion. This is the best lawn Scrabble rental you’ll find because unlike many others, it’s made from a giant board instead of a cloth that can trip people or blow away in the wind. Get ready to spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

  • Massive version of a longtime tabletop game staple that many people know and love
  • Ideal for outdoor events, team-building occasions, and company picnics and retreats
  • Four letter tile holders large enough to allow for two-person teams (eight players total)
  • Letter tiles measure five inches by five inches and help to keep game board grounded
  • Unlike most giant Scrabble game rentals, this lawn Scrabble won’t trip people or blow away in wind
  • One of seven life-size tabletop game rentals available from Phoenix Amusements
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.5’ L x 6.5’ W
  • WEIGHT: 35 lbs
  • Pairs well with other team-building games as well as interactive games, carnival games, and event accessories!

NOTE: This one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    78"l x 78"w
  • Weight

    35 lbs


This giant Scrabble game moves a longtime board game staple from the table to the floor and blows it up in the process. This is the biggest lawn scrabble board out there, spanning six and a half feet in each direction – a length taller than most people! That’s why this huge board game rental is a great addition to a busy outdoor event.

At your next company picnic, give your colleagues something to gather around with this eye-catching massive board game classic. It’s made of materials thicker than your standard giant cloth Scrabble, so it won’t blow away in the wind or cause people to trip over its wrinkles. Five-by-five inch letter tiles keep the board grounded during gameplay, and four large wooden tile holders keep your guests’ tiles easily accessible.

The holders and tiles in this Giant Scrabble game rental are also big enough to allow for two-player teams. With four tile racks included, this game can accommodate eight players in total, making it an ideal addition to your next team-building event. It’s certainly a more fun way to get your team members bonding than standard in-office team-building exercises that are often received with a sigh and a shrug. Between the novelty of a lawn Scrabble game and the childhood nostalgia that many people feel when they see a giant Scrabble game board, this lawn game rental is sure to be a hit at your team-building day.

Giant Board Games

This giant Scrabble game is just one of our many giant tabletop game offerings. Rent it alongside giant checkers, chess, connect four, dominoes, beer pong, or Jenga for a complete lawn game setup at your next outdoor event or team-building occasion. It pairs well with yard games such as cornhole and horseshoes, too, and you can even go the super ambitious route and rent 15-person and 40-person bleachers to give these games a close, captivated audience!

  • SCRABBLE COME TO LIFE: You sure don’t see this every day! Giant Scrabble takes a tabletop board game classic and makes it life-size. Rent this for your next corporate event to give your guests an eye-catching novelty they’ll be eager to play!
  • GREAT FOR TEAM-BUILDING: This giant Scrabble board and its large letter tile holders are so big that teams of two can easily work together with the same set of letters. You can get four duos competing in this game that couldn’t be better for team-building!
  • STURDY HOLD: Many giant Scrabble boards are made of thin cloth that can trip people who walk by or blow away in the wind. This Scrabble board is much thicker and sturdier, even when there aren’t square tiles holding it down!
  • GO BIG OR GO HOME: Giant Scrabble is only one of seven life-sized tabletop game rentals that we have available! Contact us to learn all about our other massive game offerings so your next outdoor event, team-building event, Friday breakout session, company picnic, or corporate retreat can go as big as possible.


Team-Building Activities

Team-building games allow you to forge bonds between your team members in ways that they’ll actually enjoy. Worried about the sigh of exasperation that often accompanies telling your employees that it’s time for a team bonding activity? Then forget the standard in-office techniques and rent a team-building game.

It’s not just that team-building games are more fun – they’re also quicker to complete. The average traditional team-building activity takes five minutes to run through, whereas one round of a team-building game takes at most two minutes (and sometimes as few as 30 seconds!). Plus, they’re so fun that your colleagues might want to play again when they’re over, and that’s a reaction you’re far less likely to get from a typical team-bonding activity.

Team-building games range from giant versions of beloved tabletop games to large table games often found at pubs and rec centers, and they can include sports games, interactive games, and yard games too. As long as a game is heavy on interaction and can involve many people, you can use it for team building! Contact us today to learn all about the many team-building game options available for corporate use and find the one perfect for your company.

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