Giant Beer Pong

Make the party life-sized with this Giant Beer Pong rental that we designed to be the sturdiest massive beer pong game rental available! The cups in this huge beer pong game are better than flimsy, thin, blown-up plastic cups – we use oversized red trash cans that almost always stay upright but are just as light as the other giant beer pong rentals you might find. For our giant beer pong balls, we use regulation-size volleyballs, so renting Giant Beer Pong is a great choice for corporate events along the boardwalk or out on the field – or any sports-themed occasion.

Trash Can Beer Pong aka Giant Pong – Specs and Features

  • Take a classic party game from the tabletop to the floor
  • Giant beer pong cups stand a full two-and-a-half-feet tall
  • Oversized, sturdy red garbage cans used to simulate massive plastic cups
  • Huge beer pong game played without beer, unlike tabletop, so makes no mess
  • Volleyballs used to simulate massive beer pong balls
  • Use beachside, at the park, a company picnic, or other outdoor events
  • Perfect fit for sports-themed occasions and team-building events
  • DIMENSIONS: 20’ L x 8’ W x 2.75’ H
  • WEIGHT: 204 lbs
  • Pairs well with other sports games and team-building games as well as interactive games and carnival games!

NOTEThis one item does not meet our event minimum which is based on the delivery address.

  • Electricity

  • Dimensions

    20'l x 8'w x 33"h
  • Weight

    204 lbs


Our Giant Beer Pong rental is the best of its kind! We use oversized, sturdy red trash cans to simulate life-sized plastic cups and take a classic party game from the tabletop to the floor. Trash cans stay upright way better than the flimsy, thin plastic used in most mega beer pong cups, so when guests at your next corporate event play this game, they can toss the ball as hard as they want and be way less likely to knock over any of the cups. And you certainly don’t need the beer that helps the cups stay up in tabletop beer pong – giant beer pong is completely dry and, therefore, mess-free. You don’t need extra water cups for cleaning your giant beer pong balls either!

Speaking of giant beer pong balls, when you rent your massive beer pong game from us, you also get a set of volleyballs to use as beer pong balls, and you can easily use these for purposes other than huge beer pong when your game wraps. If you’re hosting an outdoor event of any sort, whether a massive outdoor company retreat or a product activation or other table at a summer boardwalk, then this game’s giant trash can beer pong balls open your event to the possibility of a full-on volleyball game. That’s why our giant beer pong rental is the perfect choice for any event under the sun.

Giant Beer Pong Rental

You can also use our Giant Beer Pong rental for sports-themed events. Between the volleyballs we use to mimic giant ping-pong balls and the novelty of turning a tabletop game into a life-sized tossing competition, this huge beer pong game for rent is the perfect choice for making your sports-themed event truly unforgettable. It’s also great for fostering team-building since it requires extensive interaction and encourages pairs of duos to face one another in competition. Use Giant Beer Pong alongside other outdoor team-building games such as horseshoes or ladderball for full effect!

  • AS BIG AS IT GETS: Chances are you’ve rarely seen beer pong games this big – and by that logic, guests at your next corporate event will probably say the same. That’s why this massive beer pong for rent will be a huge hit at your next event no matter the occasion.
  • STURDY BUT LIGHT: Many giant beer pong rentals use massive cups as thin and flimsy as standard tabletop plastic cups, but we use oversized red garbage cans instead to maintain the tabletop game’s classic look while ensuring a stable playfield.
  • VOLLEYBALL PONG BALLS: When you rent the giant beer pong game from us, you don’t just get a novelty party game – you get a couple of volleyballs that can be the perfect multi-purpose items for beachside tabling and product activations, outdoor corporate retreats, and company picnics. This game’s entertaining options are limitless!
  • MESS-FREE: If you think about the aftermath of the many beer pong games you’ve played in your life, you might remember sticky tables covered in spilled beer and water. This game is completely dry, so it’s mess-free, and breaking it down just requires you to stack the garbage cans and gather the volleyballs. Beer pong clean-up has never been easier!


Rent team-building games

For all manner of corporate events, team-building games are a great rental choice for entertaining your co-workers and employees while fostering their interaction and teamwork. Classic childhood and outdoor games such as Giant Connect Four and bocce ball take on entirely new purposes – and meanings – when used to bring your colleagues closer together.

Many team-building games are designed for outdoor use, so they can provide an excellent activity to add to your corporate retreat’s schedule. You can also rent team-building games for company picnics and set them up somewhere that your guests can easily reach – your attendees are likely to spontaneously flock to your game rental and begin playing, so you’ll have to put in only minimal work to achieve the exact team-building results you want.

Better yet, studies have shown that team-building game rentals are way more efficient than traditional team-building activities. Whereas most longtime in-office team-building activities take five minutes to complete, your colleagues can likely finish team-building game rentals in less than three minutes – and often, in as short as 20 seconds. This means that your co-workers just might want to play your game rental over and over again. Contact Phoenix Amusements in Atlanta, GA today to rent a team-building game for your next corporate event!

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