Here’s How You Can Rent Arcade Games For Your Home Event

Playing Foosball at Home Event

You may not be able to get to the arcade, but you can bring the arcade to you! Next time you throw an event at home, your family, and friends (or your “pod”) can stay occupied for hours on end without stepping foot into an event center. If you’re hosting a special event at home, deck out your den, playroom, or gaming garage with exciting interactive activities for all your guests.

This out of the box option for family fun and entertainment might be just the ticket for endless entertainment, but how practical is this option? In this Phoenix Amusements blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to rent arcade games for your home event and transform your space into the ultimate gaming center.

What to consider when you rent arcade games at home

Before you decide if renting arcade games is the right move for your private event at home -- and then selecting which arcade games to rent -- you’ll want to consider a few factors:

The size of the game: You don’t exactly have infinite space at home -- or at least the type of space a dedicated arcade offers. Make sure that the game comfortably fits in the space you want to place it. There should be enough room for the machine itself and for the players. Machines such as single player arcade games may be ideal for a smaller space, where an air hockey table would do better where there is more room for players to move around.

Installation: It’s important to plan ahead where you’re planning on having the arcade game rental installed. Once the trained staff sets up the arcade game rental, the machine can’t be repositioned. All games must be kept on the ground floor so ensure everything you need, including an outlet, is easily accessible. Renting Arcade Games - Things to Consider

Power requirements: Along with deciding what room you want to convert into a game center, make sure that your power source can handle the juice needed to kick some games into high gear. Many pinball machines, racing simulators, arcade game rentals, and games with LED lights require a power source, so be sure to plan accordingly. Many are compatible with a standard AC outlet, but it’s crucial that this is confirmed before making your reservation. For games that require some more juice, it is recommended that they be on a dedicated circuit to avoid an electrical shortage in your home. You may want to consider a surge protector as well.

Commitment: If the arcade rental is for an event at your home, the gaming rental company will handle setup and breakdown from end to end. Pick the game or games that are going to give the most enjoyment in your home. Think about the types of games you and your family or guests like to play, whether everyone loves to compete in Skee-Ball or you love an epic Dance Dance Revolution showdown. To keep everyone engaged, you may even want to consider renting two or more games so everyone can alternate which games they are playing.

Event Theme: Elevate your special event with games that pair nicely with your theme. Whether you’re having a retro themed birthday bash and want classics such as Pacman and Galaga, or a football party where you bring in UB QB Football Toss, there is a game that will fit your celebration. Fully immerse guests into the theme of your event to give everyone the best -- and most memorable -- experience.

Which arcade game rentals are great for your home?

Ready to rent arcade games for your at-home event, but unsure which ones may be the perfect fit for you? Look here for some inspiration:

Classic Arcade Games

Pinball: Bring this widely beloved classic to your at-home event. With themes such as The Beatles and Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone playing will be engrossed by the imagery, figures, music, and plotlines. Since each round is unique and challenging, your guests will never be bored, as they’ll find new ways to pump up their high score with each round.

Galaga: Your mission: don’t let the aliens get to your ship, and don’t get hit by enemy fire. Let missiles loose on the aliens and earn points for the scoreboard with each enemy you take down. This fast-paced space game will keep everyone laser focused as you and your guests take turns trying to keep the spaceship safe.

Pacman: This ultimate classic retro game will bring back a sense of nostalgia for adults and excitement for kids. The rules are simple and easy to understand: Gobble up dots while dodging ghosts in this maze, and don’t forget the bonus fruits that offer points and temporary immunity! Players will catch on quickly and battle against themselves and others for the high score around the clock.

For Sports Fans

Portable Mini Golf: Having an outdoor get together? Portable mini golf is the perfect activity to amp up your backyard. The game comes with everything you need for everyone to spend all day outside cheering on one another while celebrating a graduation, wedding, or birthday! With 9 holes, fun props, and unique designs, backyard parties will be more fun than ever. If you don’t have enough space for a 9 hole course, consider renting the 3-hole or 6-hole hole versions for a smaller course that is big on entertainment. For an unexpected twist, assemble the portable mini golf pieces to spell out the initials of someone special. It’s the perfect entertainment for a backyard wedding!

Air Hockey: Bring out your competitive side in this two player sports game. Just grab a pusher and start hitting the puck. With air flowing on the table, the floating puck will quickly zip back and forth in an attempt to score, energizing players and onlookers alike. If you are looking for a machine perfect for children, consider renting the air hockey table for kids: huge on excitement, small on size.

NBA Hoops: Basketball fans will go crazy for the NBA hoops rental game, especially as playoff time rolls around (or if you need some basketball to tide you over until Draft Day). The object of the game is simple: shoot the balls at the basket and score as many points possible before time runs out. The closer to the end, the more intense it gets. Even if you’ve never played basketball before, this game will keep you on your feet. With its LED lights, your event will look like a professional arcade.

Foosball: You have probably played it at carnivals, bars, lounges, and arcades; now you can play at your home event too. Control figures and score goals in this mini version of soccer. The game can be played by two to four people. Battle one-on-one or create teams. Everyone at your party will love taking turns trying to become the foosball champion.

For Movie Fanatics

Fast and Furious Racing Simulator: Step into the action-filled adventure movie and race through familiar courses and events with this arcade game. Choose your favorite car, customize it, and then take it out on a race without actually burning any rubber. Players of all ages will love the thrill of feeling like a pro-street racer.

Star Wars Trilogy: The force is with you as you protect the galaxy from evil in this popular shooting game. Players have the ability to choose their missions and reenact scenes from the famous trilogy. Star Wars fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters on screen and helping them defeat Darth Vader.

Big Buck Wild Hunting: Don’t let the animals hear you! In the Big Buck Wild Hunting arcade game, you can bring the thrill of hunting to your next event without actually hurting any wildlife. Whether played alone or against another person, players shoot deer, bears, lions, and cheetahs while embarking on new adventures and bonus games. You can even add zombies to your list of targets to make the experience more intense for your guests.

Create your perfect event with Phoenix Amusements

Here at Phoenix Amusements, we want our customers to feel valued and appreciated. Since 1959, our family-owned business has supported families in the Atlanta area and beyond with games that build family fun for all ages. With such a wide selection of games to choose from, you will be sure to find just the game you were looking for. All of our games are set to free-play, so no coins are needed-unlimited play for all!  Whether you want to rent a classic arcade game with a joystick and buttons, a table game like foosball or ping pong, or something to put outside such as mini golf, there will be a game to accommodate your wants and needs.

If you’re looking to rent arcade games for your home, whether it’s for a special event or long term rental from Phoenix Amusements, keep in mind that we have a few criteria:

  • Long-term home game rentals must be rented for at least three months and are only available in certain parts of the metro Atlanta, GA area.
  • Games cannot be delivered up and down stairs; they must be delivered at the ground level.
  • You must provide a photo of the front of your home along with a photo of the access points (front door and driveway) so we can determine if the game will safely fit.
  • You must have proper ceiling clearance in the room where the game will be installed.
  • Provide measurements for the width of the door our staff will be entering through along with height; this ensures we can fit all equipment safely.
  • For special events, please provide details of the event such as event start and end time, the desired location for the games, and the date of the event.

Contact the customer success team at Phoenix Amusements today to learn more about our in-home arcade game rental options.