Event Rentals and 8 Trade Shows Traffic Builder Games

Ideas fro Tradeshow traffic builder games

Trade Show Traffic Builder Games:
8 Ideas For Your Next Event

Stand out, get noticed, and generate lots of excitement at your next trade show event with fun and interactive games! Give attendees something exciting to interact with -- and talk about -- by spicing up a ho-hum event with out of the box ideas.

Because trade show games are incredibly competitive, you will want to make sure to rent the best of the best to outshine rival companies. What are your options? In this Phoenix Amusements blog, we’ll take you through some creative ideas so you can amp up the fun at your next event with trade show traffic builder games.

Why are trade show traffic builder games a great idea for a trade show booth?

The best trade show booths are the ones that keep prospective customers engaged and entertained. Including trade show games at your booth is a unique way to get noticed. Consider the following reasons as to why you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to bring games to your next event:

  • Bring more people to the booth: What better way to entice visitors to check out your booth than with a game to break up the monotony? After all, the main goal is to get as many people to your booth as possible -- why not bring them to the booth with a game? Whether flashing lights are your style or a more subdued game is a better fit, offering something to “do” -- as opposed to being “talked at” -- is sure to build a crowd and grab everyone’s attention. Expo attendees will no doubt be curious about the buzz!
  • Increasing engagement: Once you’ve built a crowd full of prospective customers, your next mission becomes keeping them around long enough to hear your pitch. Trade show games give your visitors a reason to hang around, giving your staff more opportunity to distribute information about your company.
  • Standing out from the competitors: Trade shows are loaded with other companies trying to attract the same attendees you are. Instead of blending in with every other booth, why not strive to be the most talked about brand there? Gain exposure by offering a thrilling experience, and even consider offering unique and exciting prizes that attendees will remember you by.
  • Increasing branding opportunities: Games and prizes go hand-in-hand with one another. Whether your guests win a prize for a claw machine or from getting the high score, they will love the feeling of walking away with more than they came with. It is a win-win for both you and the customer. By giving away company swag or branded products, your business’ name will gain more exposure. Increase your booth traffic with branded activation activities with trade show traffic builder games.

Traffic Builder Ideas for Awesome Traffic to your Booth

Try these eight trade show games for your next event

Ready to turn your booth into the most exhilarating exhibition at the trade show? Here are some trade show traffic builder games you may want to consider renting for maximum entertainment:

Customizable Whac A Mole: Break away from the typical mole with a spin on this classic game. Instead of moles, whack whatever you want. Choose from objects such as ships, bottles, crabs, and more. Customize the game’s backlit panel and sides to show off your brand name and logo, and hand out prizes (how about a company T-shirt?) to the fastest mole-whacker!

Customizable Prize Cube: Everyone's a winner when they play the prize cube. Fill the cube with your company swag -- or even something more coveted, like headphones or the hottest new kids’ toy -- so each player will walk away with something they can use in their day to day life. From the heading down to the base, each machine is fully customizable to promote your company’s name and logo. We can even program the LED lights to match your logo or booth colors.

Customizable NBA LED Hoops: Visitors shoot and score hoops in this fast paced interactive game. With all of its lights and action shots, NBA Hoops will easily be spotted from across the room. Depending on the size of your booth, you can place more than one on opposite sides for improved traffic flow and distancing, or place two side-by-side for a head to head matchup. You can showcase your company’s slogan, logo, or colors on the backboard, sides, front scoring area, and even on the basketballs.  We do need ample lead time for the custom basketballs.

Grab N Go Claw Machine: Expect a long line (a good thing!) when bringing this claw machine to your event. Most of the Grab N Go Claw Machine are fully customizable to best represent your company. For extra awareness, add some branded swag such as t-shirts, water bottles, and plushes with your company name or logo on them to really connect guests to your business.

Football Pass Challenge: Step up and test your quarterback skills! This is the perfect game for outdoor shows or events with larger spaces. Attendees can step right up and try to land the football past defense -- and the winners can take home something special just for scoring! 20 second game for the highest participation.

Skee-Ball: Energize trade show attendees with the classic beloved game of Skee-Ball. Your potential customers can take a break from going booth-to-booth by spending time rolling their way up to a high score. Skee-Ball machines can also be customized on the sides, headbase, lane side panels, header, and the bottom front-lane area.

Custom Branded Money Booth: It’s hard to resist stepping into one of these machines for the chance to win big. This customizable machine can display your logo or branding on the LED sign, base, header, and on the front with your custom decal.  This fully interactive game leaves guests feeling like a million dollars. Add coupons, vouchers, and more to make your booth the most popular one at the trade show.  Some event rentals use real cash too!

Wheel of Fortune prize wheelOnce guests hear the sound of the clapper, they know what’s about to go down! This eye-catching wheel ensures all attendees have a turn to win something big or small. Add branded giveaways, discounts, free consultations, gift cards, and more as options. Maybe one lucky winner will take home a grand prize -- fully customizable panels let you add whatever prizes you want to the wheel. This is not a small table top verison, but the larger prize wheel with a floor stand.

How many games should you rent for your next trade show?

The short answer: it depends!

A smaller, 10 foot by 10 foot booth would not be able to hold more than one small game, and even then, you may not have ample space or an arcade game rental. Smaller games would include the Wheel of Fortune Prize Wheel, Whac A Mole or our Love Tester. At Phoenix Amusements, we recommend a 10 foot by 15 foot or 20 foot space to allow proper room for a game rental.

If you are building a booth larger than 10 feet by 20 feet, you could consider renting multiple games to avoid overcrowding or long lines. Many of these games pair well with one another and customers will love the variety in entertainment. Consider going in theme, such as two carnival game rentals or two arcade game rentals, for maximum effect.

Trade Show Booth Games to Drive Traffic to your booth


Elevate your trade show booth with games from Phoenix Amusements

At Phoenix Amusements, we want to help make your company’s booth stand out and shine at the next trade show event. Next time you return to the conference floor, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to pitch your brand to potential customers. Rent games to let visitors know what type of brand you are but let us do the hard part by setting everything up and breaking it all down. We understand how competitive trade shows can be which is why we want to provide you with the most unique and engaging games to really set you apart.

If you aren’t sure what games will be the perfect fit for your next event, contact Phoenix Amusements’ helpful customer service agents to ask any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you! Customer service is our top priority; we value your feedback and take it to heart.

Here at Phoenix Amusements, we want to help foster a healthy environment at your next event. We also provide Sanitation Station rentals which also can be branded with your marketing message or add a QR at top to send to your website or trade show landing page.

Deciding on how many games for your trade show booth